Frontal vs Closure Difference & Pick the Suitable One for You

Frontal vs Closure Difference & Pick the Suitable One for You

Frontal vs Closure is not only the talking point of difference between two types of hair wigs. Because both these separate hair extensions come with separate identities and options. Although both extensions have lots of opportunities and styling abilities, they are not recommended for types of users. It really depends upon the user’s requirements. 

Most of the time users get confused about the choice of the appropriate one for them. It is very important you can identify the offerings of these hair extensions. Which way you will be able to pick the right one for you. In this article, we will provide you with a complete analysis of frontal vs closure hair extensions.  

Well, the first thing is first. Many people don’t have a clear concept of this subject. Therefore look at the definitions from the below part. Which will make your ideas clear about frontal and closure.   

What is Frontal? 

The frontal is a long hair extension that is extended ear to ear. Which will be able to cover up your entire scalp part. Generally, people use the frontal to get a more versatile hair lining compared with some other extensions. It has a  measurement length of 13 inches long and 4 inches wide. Based on the characteristics, closures are of two types. 

  1. Lays frontal 
  2. Silk and lace combination
  3. Full silk frontal 

However, it is your preference which type of frontal hair extension will be suitable for you. Basically to love the silk frontal. Because it covers the whole scalp with silk-made hairs. Which provides a natural look. 

Fabeauty Brazilian Body Wave Hair

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Product description 

This frontal hair extension is a great choice for the user. Many users have come out with a positive analysis of this product. It is manufactured with virgin human hair. You will get the ideal size of (13×4) inches of frontal hair wig.

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  • It is made with 100% unprocessed Brazilian human hair.
  • Users will not suffer from any kinds of tangles and itching from this hair application.
  • You can easily curl this hair extension according to your convinance.


  • For being a virgin human hair, it can be quickly damaged by rough use.

Cranberry Hair Peruvian Straight Hair

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Product description

Do you know human hair contains proteins? It is a great difference between human hair and synthetic hair. And this Cranberry hair extension is made with 100% pure Brazilian human hair. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this amazing item.


  • It is a tangle-free natural hair extension
  • You will get the benefit of total human hair from the extension
  • It is made without any chemicals. Also, this hair wig remains smell-free all the time.


  • Compared with all other items it is slightly higher in price.

What is Closure? 

Identifying closure hair extension is comparatively easier than frontal. Because closure appears with an exact measurement of (4X4) inches. Well, some closure comes in (4X3) inches. But these are rare and not exactly an ideal closure hair extension. The closure has two different types. 

  1. Lays closure 
  2. Silk base closure     

Now we can see the different identities between frontal and closure. But to know which one is more preferable you need to know information about these hair extensions. 

Brazilian Loose Deep Wave Bundles with Closure

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Product description 

Are you in search of virgin hair extensions? Without any hesitation just pick this one. Because this hair extension has come up directly from the Brazilian girls. You will get a proper wavey look from the use of this hair extension. Now see the positives and negatives of this amazing hair extension.


  • It is directly made from humans hair. So, you will not find any artificial hair with this package.
  • By using the hair wig, you will get an amazing curly look.
  • Users will remain away from smells.
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  • Well about this hair extension we haven’t found any complaints yet.

Blackmoon hair Brazilian Virgin Straight Hair

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Product description 

Are you looking for a natural straight hair extension? Then it will be the best option for you.  For more, the manufacturing company is providing a 7 days money return assurance. If the users are not get satisfied with this one. This type of assurance shows the confidence level of the manufacturing brand on this product. The package comes with a dimension of 10.5 x 6.7 x 2.1 inches.


  • Users will get the experience of natural black color hair.
  • A very easy installation system allows users more styling time.
  • You can experience the taste of having silky black hair on your shoulder.


  • This hair extension is not preferable for rough use.

Differences Between Frontal And Closure 

Specifications  Frontal  Closure 
Definition  The frontal is an ear-to-ear extended hair extension layer.  The closure is a middle part covering hair extension. 
Measurements  A standard Frontal can be extended to (13LX4W) inches  A standard closure will exactly be (4LX4W) inches
Types  3 types (lays, lays and silk mixed, silk)  2 types (Lays, Silk) 
Cost  Expensive  Less expensive 

Which One Should I Take Between Frontal And Closure? 

As these are different types of hair extensions both have different types of benefits. If you want a less expensive hair extension then go for the closure. While it is not as versatile as the opposite one. Closure only provides fixed values at a lower price.

Whereas, frontal has a higher cost value compared with closure. More importantly, frontal offers you versatile stylings. Also covers up the scalp fully. The hair density rate is also much higher than the opposite one. 

Therefore, it is up to you. For simple styling, the closure will be an appropriate option. With its limitations and fewer expenses. However, for versatile range styling frontal has no alternative. Which is very standard and productive.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Frontal VS Closure

Question: Can you use the frontal as a closure?

Answer: Closure works on a smaller margin comparatively frontal. That doesn’t mean it is replaceable by frontal. You can adjust with the frontal in absence of closure. But that is not a great idea. The Closure Frontal effect is a Free Part Closure that mimics a Frontal. 

Question: Which type of Closure hair is better?

Answer: The full silk version of the closure is the better option. The (4×4) inch closures that are silk-based look more natural. It is especially suitable for curly hair holders. The Silk Base manufacturing creates a scalp for this closure that can be parted and styled in various ways. 

Question: Is frontal too costly? 

Answer: Frontal is comparatively costlier than closure. But that doesn’t mean it is too expensive. You can say comparatively it is slightly expensive. 

Question: Is 2 bundles and closure enough? 

Answer: To get a standard hairstyle 2 bundle closures are sufficient. However, if you want to have a dense hair solution, then you may require 3/4 bundles. These bundles can be used for an extremely thick bob closure look. 

Question: How long does a glowless closure last? 

Answer: In glueless conditions the lasting ability rapidly reduces. However, if you take proper care, the closure will last up to 4-5 days. But you will see hair breakage and dullness in later days. 

Question: How do I maintain the front? 

Answer: Actually maintenance of frontal hair extensions is very easy. When you compare it with closure, I would say the frontal has easy maintenance. Just keep the frontal in a dry place. While wearing a scarf to provide protection to the hair edges. You remove dangle hair and brush slowly and gently. That way you can keep your frontal hair protected.  

Question: Can I reuse my old frontal? 

Answer: Is it not appropriate to reuse hair extensions. But in the case of frontal, you have the opportunity of reusing it without any side effects. So, you can reuse your frontal hair. You’ll just need to retouch them a few times


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