Fulani Braids Hairstyle for Afro-American Women

“Fulani Braids”, a lovely hairstyle for African American women just like it sounds. Many of you are already familiar with this type of hairstyle but I think, not all of the styles we are going to show you. Whatever, in this article we are going to focus on the summer hairstyle called Fulani Braids? Women with long hairs often feel boring during the summer season. So to give them some relieve we are here to take you on a tour of some beautiful, sexy and stunning hairstyles. So, let’s start.

  1. Glam Beaded Braids

Glam up your appearance this summer with a Fulani flair like this one! The braided locks are full of beads and decorations. This is a gorgeous hairstyle that will wow this summertime. It would be a prodigious choice for the women who are going on vacation or who have a distinctive occasion.

Glam Beaded Braids

  1. Honey Blonde Ombre Fulani Braids

The summer is the perfect period to try a new hair dye. Why not try a honey blonde like the hair presented here, the braids start off shady and then ombre into honey blonde. Garb your new hair color with Fulani braids and you will have one on the fashionable hairstyle.

Honey Blonde Ombre Fulani Braids

  1. Beaded Fulani Inspired Long Braids

First up we have these stunning extensive Fulani braids. The braids have been ornamented with wood beads and a golden auxiliary. A hairdo like this is a trendy choice for the summer. You can reconstruct the look with dissimilar beads to make the hairstyle exclusive.


  1. Fulani Braids with Afro

If you want your afro to feature, all you have to do is braid the facade and grasp the open locks up. Remember, it is not over until you pop some beads to the braids.

Fulani braids with afro

  1. Wrapped Ponytail with In-Front-Of-the-Ear Braids

Tactically-located bronze hair manacles near the cheekbones are the way to go. Associate them with proportioned curled head braids and extra-long golden blonde additions that pop out of the enfolded ponytail. It’s like your curls are saying: “Check me out! Here I am!”

Wrapped Ponytail with In-Front-Of-the-Ear Braids

  1. Super-Long Dark Braids with Cuffs

If you’re a Fulani braid pro, you won’t vacillate to obligate to a heavy and juicy headful of braids. Wine-colored extensions and a menagerie of hair manacles throughout the texture will show the world you’re a woman to be figured with. A single dropped jewel at the forehead is a perfect way to accent the hairstyle.

Super-Long Dark Braids with Cuffs

  1. Classic Fulani Braids with Loose Cascading Plaits

Indulgent, modest, and well-ordered, a cascade of medium-width braids is just what you require if you want a specialized Fulani hairstyle. The slack and constant extensions are a light golden brown, which means that they’ll match flawlessly with any color of corporate suits or spontaneous outfit.

Classic Fulani Braids with Loose Cascading Plaits

  1. The Classic Bun

You unconditionally cannot go mistaken with a bun, irrespective of the hairstyle. It’s commanding to style Fulani braids with decorations, no matter how nominal as per you don’t want to look basic.

The Classic Bun

  1. Yemi Alade’s Faux-bang Style

In case you didn’t know, we’re here to tell you that Yemi Alade’s hairstyle is actually Fulani-inspired. We can’t wait to see other Nigerian celebrities joining this trend.

Yemi Alade’s Faux-bang Style

  1. Bo braids

The girl in the picture is wearing a hairstyle called Bo Braids. This is a classic, well-groomed and trendy hairstyle for the chubby girls to look a little bit more sexy and stunning. You can Try this style too if you have long curls and hunger for the additional beauty of you.

Bo braids

  1. Row Braids

This is beautiful. I know you cannot differ with me. The backside of the head is decorated with the curls only in an artistic way. Want to charm someone with the charismatic beauty of your braids? Just try this Fulani braid and do nothing. The braids directed towards the bun will cast a magic spell on your surroundings.

Row Braids

  1. Braids with Knots

Well, This is little different visually. The main difference is the knots and the golden goddess braids. Here the braids are colored golden that is adding additional charm to your hairs and the two side knots are spreading it away. So, let’s try this in this summer and spread out your beauty.

Braids with Knots

  1. Goddess Braids

And finally, the golden goddess braids are here in front of you in the image. This style is most popular among the Fulani braids hairstyle. There is nothing new to say about this gorgeous hairstyle. We only want to say that if you want to look like a goddess, just wear this hairdo.

Godess Braids

  1. Flower Pattern Braids

There some significant modifications in this kind of Fulani Braids Hairstyles. The attractive part of this hairstyle is the flower petal shaped braids in the front and on the top of the forehead. So you have no complications to start looking beautiful just now.

Flower Pattern Braids

  1. Medium Short Braids

Of course, you know her. She is Khanyi Man. I know she is gorgeous and stunning. But her hairstyles have some credits for the adjectives used for her. She has worn a Fulani Braid inspired hairstyle with beautiful beads at the edges of the braids. And thus she is simple and gorgeous at the same time.

Medium Short Braids


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