23 Magical Genie Ponytail You Must See

Do you guys remember our childhood fantasy animated cartoon Aladdin? Who is your favorite character? Mine is Genie. He is funny, friendly, and one more thing we cannot unsee is his ponytail. Do you ever notice how sleek his ponytail is? Our today’s article and hairstyles are inspired by his ponytail. Today you will have some awesome ideas and tips that will help you to create a sleek Genie Ponytail like Genie.

How to Do a Genie Ponytail


Product and Tools You Will Need:

  1. Hair Straightener,
  2. Wax Stick,
  3. Hairbrush & Rat-tail comb,
  4. Rubber bands,
  5. Serum Spray,
  6. Hair bond glue,
  7. Hair extensions.


  1. First, decide what type of genie ponytail you want to create, straight, wavy, or curly.
  2. If you want to do a full straight genie ponytail, use a straightener and straighten your hair completely. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray to avoid hair damage.
  3. Then, brush your hair nicely and use a wax stick to place every hair strand perfectly. make sure there is no flyaway.
  4. Next, make a ponytail with your natural hair. Then braid it and secure it with a rubber band.
  5. After that, wrap your ponytail braid with a piece of clothes. Then glued your hair extension on the braid. Place your baby hair on the forehead with a help of a rat-tail comb. Use a serum spray to make your hair sleek and shiny.
  6. You can also use your favorite accessories to make your ponytail more gorgeous.

Have a look at this video to get a better idea.

 Let’s Check out Our Top 23 Ideas for Genie Ponytail

  • Beyonce Blonde Genie Ponytail

genie ponytail

Beyonce is an idol for many of us, not just because of her song but for her hairstyles too. She always makes some hairstyles that leave a certain impression and creates a new trend for us. Here she has done a full blonde genie ponytail. This hairstyle is not fully curled or straight. It has more of a wavy pattern and curls at the edge. If your hair is long enough you will not need any hair extensions. This hairstyle is perfect for heart and round-shaped faces.

  • Braided Genie Ponytail


Our next choice for you is this beautiful braided ponytail. The process of doing this ponytail is the same as the previous style. After doing your ponytail make a braid. Don’t forget to set your baby hair on your forehead, neck, and side of your ears. This hairstyle is perfect for any fancy party and easily will grab people’s attention.

  • Wavy Genie Ponytail


A wavy genie ponytail is our next choice. If you are bored of doing regular ponytails, braids, and buns try this hairstyle out. Do a high ponytail and use hair extensions. Use a hair curler to achieve these beautiful waves. Don’t forget to use hair mousse to make your hair extra smooth. You can wear this on any occasion.

  • Curly Genie Ponytail


Our next genie ponytail idea comes with tight curls. First, tie your hair in a high ponytail, then attach long and curly hair extensions. This hairstyle is perfect for summer beachwear. This hairstyle is ideal for round-shaped and heart-sized faces.

  • Red Genie Ponytail


If you are already bored of black hairstyles and want to try something colorful then, try this one out. This is a red hot genie ponytail. You can use a long and straight red hair wig for this style. Make your style more impressive by using golden hair strings.

  • Cornrow Braid Genie Ponytail


At a first glance, this style looks a bit critical but it is actually not. First, make cornrow braids on two sides. Then follow the same process of doing a genie ponytail. I bet you will get tons of compliments for this hairstyle.

  • Black and Brown Genie Ponytail


Our next hairstyle idea is a combination of black and brown color. For this hairstyle, you are going to use your natural black hair and brown hair extensions. The process is the same and set your baby hair on your forehead beautifully. Use hair serum spray for having a shine.

  • Golden Blonde Genie Ponytail


This golden blonde hairstyle is a statement-making hairstyle. Your hairstyle is enough to speak about your personality. This hairstyle easily portrays your fashion sense. After doing your ponytail use rubber bands to create this style. You can wear this hairstyle with your party wears.

  • Super Long and Wavy


This hairstyle is super long and wavy. This hairstyle gives you a very straightforward look. Use super long extensions to achieve this style and curl the edges. It is unique and looks very different from other styles.

  • Genie Ponytail with Bangs


I personally love bangs a lot. I used to have Chinese bangs for a long time. If you don’t have natural bangs, you can use fake bangs available on market. Bangs help to make your face smaller and cute. Bangs also help to hide your real age and make you look much younger. You can use golden strings to make your style more eye-catchy.

  • Puffy Ponytail


This ponytail is very easy. Brush your hair nicely and use a wax stick to smooth everything out. After tying the ponytail uses rubber bands to get small puffs like this style. Use serum spray if you want to have this shine on your ponytail too.

  • Rihanna’s Messy Ponytail


Rihanna also makes trendy hairstyles along with Beyonce. She is enough to take everybody’s breath away with her appearance. This ponytail suits her perfectly. Use a hair straightener or curler to create this messy look. Tie your hair into a ponytail by following the instructions. It is not very hard to get celebrity hairstyles. This style will definitely make you careless yet charming.

  • Boxes Ponytail


We always love to play with a different types of hairstyles and try to make them more appealing. This hairstyle is something that comes from only a creative mind. It looks complicated but if you focus and give a little bit of time to it you will easily get this hairstyle. Make boxes with a help of a rat-tail comb and secure them with rubber bands. Then make a cross pattern with two strands of hair. Keep repeating them and you will get this style. then do a classic genie ponytail.

  • Medium Genie Ponytail


If you want to have a medium genie ponytail try this idea out. This is a classic genie ponytail, but the fun part of this style is the setting of hair on the forehead. You have to use wax sticks to set your hair on the forehead on point.

  • Genie Ponytail with Strings


Strings are the favorite hair accessories of most African American women. You have also used strings in some of our previous styles. An accessory makes your hairstyle sexier and it reflects your fashion choice and it helps to make your ponytail not look dull.

  • Wrap with Braids


For this style, you can use an additional braid extension. This style is my personal favorite for her beautiful baby hairs. A good wax stick is doing justice with her baby hair and making it lovely by setting it perfectly.

  • Red Brown Ponytail


This is a red-brown colored short ponytail with a curl at the edges. You can achieve this look by using the wig. Synthetic wigs are usually shiny. But if you want to use a natural hair wig then use serum spray for having shine.

  • Golden Brown Wavy Ponytail


This is a sleek and sassy ponytail hairstyle. This color goes very well with dark skin tone. Use a hair curler to get beautiful curls. If you have a casual date or special party, this hairstyle is a great option for you.

  • Genie Ponytail with Two Strands Out


You can have this hairstyle as an alternative to a bangs ponytail. This ponytail is very adorable. That gives a different aura than other styles on our list. This style will look perfect on any young girl.

  • Brown Braided Ponytail


This style is a combination of cornrow braid hairstyle and wrap-up braid hairstyle. First, you have to make cornrow braids on two sides. Then, make a high genie ponytail. Use an artificial braid extension to wrap up your ponytail. You can have this brown shade or any other shade you prefer.

  • Puffball Ponytail


This hairstyle looks like it straight out from any fantasy story. Make a cornrow braid on the side. Then, tie your hair into a genie ponytail. Use rubber bands to make little puffballs. Decorate the puffballs with beautiful golden cuffs. With nice eye makeup and dark lip color, you will look fantastic with this hairstyle.

  • Baby Pink Ponytail


This hairstyle reminds me of cotton candy. This color is so pretty and adorable. It looks so natural for the smoother hairline. After, tying your hair into a ponytail makes a ring curl on the edges.

  • Half Hot Pink Genie Ponytail


Our last but not least choice is a half knot pink ponytail. If you don’t want to do a ponytail with your whole hair then you can try this style. Part your hair into two sections. Make a genie ponytail with a front section. Then make big wavy curls with a hair curler. This look is suitable for the oval and round-shaped face.

How Much Genie Ponytail Cost?

It depends on the stylist. Usually, a genie ponytail costs about 6o dollars to 125 dollars.

I bet you cannot resist trying at least one style from our choices. Don’t forget to share your thought about the genie ponytail with us.

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