Gorilla Snot VS Gorilla Glue: Clear Your Confusion & Avoid Gorilla Glue

Please, don’t think of using Gorilla glue in your hair instead of Gorilla Snot hair gel. Before going to the real story, we are very sorry to the Louisiana woman who mistakenly used the glue spray on her hair, when her gorilla snot was not available. 

You may have seen the viral video of a Louisiana woman using gorilla glue on her hair on the internet. Wow! That’s so ridiculous. How can glue be used in hair? Are you mocking that innocent woman? Don’t make fun of her, Just know the dark secret of using gorilla glue.

By the way, the only preferable option for hair care is the Gorilla snot gel. Don’t think of using glue on your hair which is made for other purposes. Either you will be mocked and socially face tremendous harassment. Don’t get confused, Let me help you to remove your confusion.

Consumer Awareness

Before buying or using any product you must be aware of the certain product. Sometimes people use unknown products on their skin, scalp, and other sensitive parts of the body. Here the doctrine of “LET THE BUYER BE AWARE” of consumer law can be applied.

A buyer must have proper knowledge of the product he is using. As that Louisiana woman named Jessica Brown wrongfully understood the product, she finally ended up her sad story to a plastic surgeon. She got rid of that irritating glue from her hair, after wrongly using the glue instead of gel. I know there was a filed suit in the court against that manufactured company. But that will not regain her lost social status. Because that viral video was viewed 22 million times on TikTok and more than 3 million times on Instagram.

Quick comparison of Gorilla snot vs Gorilla glue

Descriptions  Gorilla Snot Gel  Gorilla Glue 
Product type   Hair gel  Wood glue 
Product quality  Good  Medium level 
Usability  All types of hair  Woods, ceramics, foam, glass, etc. 

Why should you use the Gorilla snot gel only in your hair?

Regardless of that story, Gorilla snot gel is really a great choice for your curly hair. This super Gel has tremendous demand from various types of users. Especially, you can use this amazing gel to properly lining up your curly hairs.


Gorilla snot hair gel was manufactured by the Moco de Gorila brand. This gel is preferable for all types of hair. It is especially used to hold up the curled hair for a longer time. Gorilla comes with a dimension of 9.25 x 3.35 x 3.35 inches. This product appears on an orange-colored packet.

Hairstyle with Gorila gel

You can make the desired hairstyle with the Gorila gel. It has a long-lasting holding ability. With proper fragrance users enjoy using this gel on their hair. After using some water, you can apply this gel. Then brush down your hair and apply the gel to properly balance the holding. Making a colorful style is possible with that gel.

It comes in a mild color. Which is visible on the hair for a longer period. The main advantage of this gel, it will make a soft hairstyle. Also, Gorilla gel removal is easy.

Low price value

This gel is available at a reasonable price on Amazon. The manufacturing brand recently developed a formula to reduce the bad effect on the environment. Furthermore, any side-impact and bad impact on the skin is not an issue of this gel. So, you can use this gel with great confidence.

Easily gettable

You can get this product from here with just one click. Also, go to the nearest shop to get this hair snot gel. With its thick layer, the user will get a proper hold hairstyle. Even in a windy situation, your hair will not distract.

Gorilla Snot Gel Pros

  • Superior holding ability 
  • Supports high fixation of hair 
  • Easily usable with water 
  • Peach and pineapple fragrance 
  • Easily removable 

Gorilla Snot gel cons

  • Moisturizing effect on hair 
  • Coloring effect 
  • Effect on sensitive scalp 

Where to Buy: Amazon


To sum up the whole story, we have recommended the Gorila snot gel for your hairstyle. But let’s not make any mistake like that woman of Louisiana. Before using any product directly on your skin take expert advice.

The manufacturing brand must discover all the hidden secrets of a product before unveiling it. Follow the frequently asked questions to get more information about Gorilla snot gel and Gorilla glue.


  • Question: How to remove the Gorilla gel from my hair? 
  • Answer: Removing the gel is very simple. Just use warm water with a mild shampoo to remove the gel. 
  • Question: What are the uses of the Gorilla Glue?
  • Answer: Gorilla glue is a useful product to bond up different materials. Such as wood, stone, metal, and glass, etc. 
  • Question: What should not use the Gorilla glue for? 
  • Answer: It is not preferable for polypropylene or polyethylene plastic and rubbers. Also, don’t make the mistake of using it on your hair.   
  • Question: What is the fragrance of the gorilla snot gel? 
  • Answer: This super gel comes with a natural fragrance of peach and pineapple. Also, the Gorilla snot was manufactured with natural ingredients.

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