7 Eye-Catching Hairstyles for Natural Curly Hair

Natural Curly Hair has a good image of hairstyle lovers. And natural hair people get extra facilities for curly hair. Here I make a list of 7 new trendy natural curly hairstyles.

#1. Medium length curly hair with glasses: 

This one is an example of curly hair. Usually, we know that curly hair is long or short in the terms of length. But here this curly hair is in medium length, where no braids beads are being used.

Medium length natural curly hair
IMG: Medium length curly hair with glasses       Source: Instagram

#2. Afro Curl: 

This is a mixture of Afro with curly hair.  Hair density is very high but the length of the hair is very short. It is not noticeable, as all the hair is upward form. The smart part of this hairstyle is it never cross your ear in length, so it’s very much easy to maintain this hairstyle.

 Afro Curly hair
IMG: Afro Curl Black Women       Source: Instagram

#3.Shoulder length Pretty Curly Hair: 

This curly hair looks like the twist but it’s not. It’s a naturally curly hair. Hair length is up to shoulder and all other styles like braid and beads are absent in here.

Natural Curly Hair
IMG: Solder length Pretty Curly Hairstyle       Source: Instagram

#4. Weave Patten Two Part Curl: 

This is definitely a weave patten two-part hairstyle. And it’s a lovely which is easily recognized by the other people for it’s unique looking. The Part is in the center, so it’s a center-parted hairstyle. And the style of this hair is weave patten. This suits mostly teenagers.

Natural Curly Hair
IMG: Weave Patten Two Part Curl       Source: Instagram

#5. Blonde Medium curl Black Women: 

This hairstyle is also similar to the previous one but the difference is in color. This hair is slightly center-parted, but not that much. The side-parted hair is totally in brown color including the center-parted hair.

Natural Curly Hair
IMG: Blonde Medium curl Black Women       Source: Instagram

#7. Medium Curl Black Natural Hair: 

Medium Curly black hairstyle with bang  Make girls Pretty.

Natural Curly Hair
IMG: Medium Curl Black Natural Hairstyle       Source: Instagram

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