Top 12 short natural hairstyles for black women

19 Cute Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair

There are several people like natural hairstyle. Some natural hairstyles are widely popular like as afro, natural short hair, medium hairstyle, African American hairstyle, natural Bob cut, hi-top fade, and more. We pick the best 18 short natural hairstyles for black women that are highly popular.

Every girl likes an easy hairstyle but short hair gets an extra advantage from others. Because it is easy to style. Today’s busy short hair women affection with easy natural hairstyles for short hair. African American women have different natural hair. And a majority of African American women like hair braid. As well as we make a shortlist of the best African American hairstyle braids for women.

Short Natural Hairstyles: Short Natural Hairstyles are worldwide famous. A large number of people(women) like this in the spring and summer seasons.

Tiny Curls:

Tiny curls short natural hairstyles for black women.

Tiny Curls natural hairstyles
Tiny Curls natural hairstyles

Pixie Curls:

Pixie with curls for short natural hair. Pixie curls haircut is very professional and classic black women.

Pixie Curls natural short hair styles
Pixie Curls Natural Black Hairstyles

Two Town Natural Hairstyle:

Two towns’ short natural hairstyle is comfortable during the summer season. Try for yourself and inspire others.

Two Town Natural Hairstyle
Two Town Natural Hairstyle

American Afro Mohawk:

if somebody wants different hairstyles during the present time the American Afro Mohawk hairstyle is best.

American Afro Mohawk
American Afro Mohawk

Top Mohawk with Small Carly:

Keeping Mohawk on top of the head with short natural hair. You can use color with this haircut.

Top Mohawk with Small Carly
Top Mohawk with Small Carly

Short Protective Natural Hairstyle:

Women can use short protective natural for summer And this is the perfect hairstyle for summer.

Short Protective Natural Hairstyle
Short Protective Natural Hairstyle

Fade Mohawk Short Hair Style:

Just a little bit of change from the Top Mohawk hairstyle. This hairstyle is the same as Top Mohawk hairstyles but undercuts in the bottom portion.

Fade Mohawk Short Hair Style

Large Pixie Natural Hairstyle:

Not only we all the natural hairstyle love it. Because this hairstyle has some extra facilities that are time-consuming. You can try it in your home.

Large Pixie Natural Hairstyle
Large Pixie Natural Hairstyle

 Colored Short Hairstyle:

Natural hairstyle lovers can try colored short natural hairstyle. The user colored on their short natural hair that gives her a unique style.

Colored Short Natural Hairstyle
Colored Short Natural Hairstyle

Short Curl with Gray Color:

Gray color  Natural Hairstyle with curly hair. And gray is one of the famous hair colors in the present time. So, you can try this.

Short Curl with Gray Color
Short Curl with Gray Color

Copper Haircut:

Short copper natural hairstyle is a popular hairstyle in recent time. If black women looking for some different and exclusive hairstyle cooper haircut is the of them.

Short Copper Haircut
Copper Haircut

Easy Short Natural Cut:

If black women with natural hair want some easy hairstyle this is suitable for them. Because this hairstyle is very time-consuming and easy to do.


Image: Easy Short Natural Cut
Easy Short Natural Cut

Short Blonde Curls:

Though it looks like a bob cut, this one is totally different than the bob. This style is only for those who have curly hair. Hair is mixing up with blonde and black. No braids nor beads. Most African American women have this kind of hairstyle naturally. You can also make this hairstyle happen by using the machines by following proper instructions.

Short Black Curls:

This hair looks like thousands of pinch buttons. Basically, it’s natural hair without any use of a machine. Totally curly black hair. No blonde or braid mixed.

Black Curls with Single Fade:

This one is also for curly hair holders. But this curly’s density is lower than the previous ones. And it’s also quite different because it has a single braid. But no blonde, only black. This one is also very short in length compared to other ones.

Weave Pixie for Short Hair:

During the hot season most women like short hairstyles. Weave pixie is the best for them.

Extra Short bob African American Hair for Women:

African American women can try this cute extra short bob hairstyle.

Braids Short Pixie Haircut:


Cute Girl Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair:


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