Gorgeous 49 Head Wraps for African American Women

Head wrappers are awesome accessories like hairstyles to make your appearance more attractive, strong and aristocratic. Most of the time in recent times, the head wraps are used as a beauty enhancing accessory by the African American Black women. Like the gorgeous hairstyles, the head wrappers are treated as a gorgeous element of covering and decorating the head of the black women. However, I think, you are surfing on the internet in search of lovely head wraps ideas and finally reached here.

Ok, we assure you that you are in the right place where you will get a large number of headwraps for you or your close ones. These styles and ideas are collected through intensive research on the internet and a massive professional experience. All of these head wrappers will be presented in front of you in the form of images. In the meantime, we will discuss something important about the head wraps. So, if you are a lovely African American woman reached here for the glamorous and gorgeous head wrappers you are most welcome. So, let’s start out a discussion.

The head wrappers are mainly denoted as  ‘scarf’ or ‘kerchief’ which are generally used for covering the head of the women of African American ethnicity. Though these head wraps are used today as a beauty enhancing element, the history of these scarfs are much more than that. The head wraps are originated in Africa. There these elements are called as iduku in isiZulu, dhuku in Shona, duku in Chichewa, and gele in Yoruba, the headwrap is a gorgeous and glorious African statement. It was initiated in sub-Saharan Africa and has a rather glorious history.

The Head Wraps in the USA

In the History of the USA, headwraps were obligatory for the black women as a symbol of enslavement by white masters. In this way, the head covering was used to distinguish between black people without power from those who held it. Yet the endured, instead later acquiring significance as a form of self and communal identity and as a badge of resistance, proudly and publicly worn.

This history, however, never diminished the ancient cultural and spiritual significance of headwraps, consistently held in African communities over generations.

Difference Between the Wearing Pattern of Head Wby the African and Euro American:

The most significant difference between the Euro-American and Afro-centric manner of styling the cloth is that rather than tying the knot under her chin, the African American woman usually ties the knots somewhere on the crown of her head, either at the top or on the sides, often tucking the ends into the wrap. Although the African-American woman sometimes ties the fabric at the nape of the neck, her form of styling always leaves her forehead and neck exposed; and, by leaving her face open, the head-wrap visually enhances the facial features.

The African head-wrap thus works as a regal coronet, drawing the onlooker’s gaze up, rather than down.In effect, African women wear the head-wrap as a queen might wear a crown.In this way, the head-wrap corresponds to African and women’s manner of hair styling, wherein the hair is pulled so as to expose the forehead and is often drawn to a heightened mass on top of the head.

Where to Buy and How to Use?

Well, this question may seem to be a silly one for many of you but, many of may need this. These accessories are found in super shops, clothing shops, cosmetic shops and from the online market place. And to wear this product is easy and light. You can choose your favorite product and do that yourself by yourself.

There are a variety of uses of the head wraps many of the cancer patients uses this head was to cover their shaved head. Apart from these, the normal shaven head can be covered with the head wraps. And from the perspective of beauty and glory. The head waps will give you a royal identity. When you will wear this head wraps you will be noticeable and gorgeous.

We are finishing the discussion up to this discussion for today. But you can write us back to. You can contact through the comment box with questions, feedback, suggestions etc. Your feedback helps us write something new and excellent. Stay beautiful keep beautiful. Thank you.

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  1. These head wrappers are simply gorgeous and the beautiful models complimented them. Thank you for the historical information also. Barbara

  2. The wraps are beautiful. Where can you order them and this may sound silly but do they come as one piece or do I have to learn how to wrap them? I’m 84 and I don’t think I could learn how to wrap.

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