How to braid your hairs for women

Step by step how to braid hair for lovely women. Here we teach how to braid your hair in a perfect way. So follow the sequence. The picture’s hair is blonde totally. Long in length and straight also. So first you divide your hair into three different parts like the first picture. One is tied with a small rubber band, the other two is open with end loose. In the second step, you work with your tied hair. Just fold it or spire it as you want. Then put a clip into the tie part and fix it hardly. After the total fix, you drag out your clip from the tie part. Keep it, this will work at the end. Now you work with your two open parts. Drag them one after another and spire it around the tied one. Tie or spire until the endpoint. Then free the endpoint to the ground or as you like. And lastly put that hair clip again to the tie part to fix the whole hair and there you find your braid hair.

How to braid your hairs
Picture: How to braid your hairs


How to braid hairs quickly for women

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