Picture: Olive Oil & Eggs Mask for Hair

Grow Hair Fast in Natural Ways

Grow Hair Fast in Natural Ways: There is no shortcut way to grow hair fast. It grows about one and half-inch every month. If you are physically fit then it affects your hair growth. But you may take some healthy foods, use castor oil, olive oil & eggs mask for hair.

Top 3 Ways to Grow Hair Fast:

Eat Healthy Foods:  Healthy foods mean that foods contain vital nutrients for health. It has a positive effect on your hair. Take this food that contains vitamins A, B, C, E  copper, magnesium, and selenium, Vitamin B-complex, iron, zinc. Vitamin B-complex is most important for your hair to grow fast. And take a variety of foods like fish, milk, eggs, vegetables and drink fresh food juice.

Picture: Healthy foods grow hair fast
                               Healthy Foods

Olive Oil & Eggs  Mask for Hair:  Eggs & Olive oil are highly beneficial for grow hair rapidly. Because they are packed with high protein and calcium. You can take an egg hair mask in the morning. After washing your hair be clean and fresh water.

Picture: Olive Oil & Eggs Mask for grow hair fast
                                           Olive Oil & Eggs Mask

Usage Castor Oil: Castor oil is a colorless or very mild yellow color oil that flails from castor beans.  It contains high vitamin E. At first mix castor oil with coconut,  olive, and almond oil. Secondly, massage it in your hair 30 to 40 minutes. And finally, wash your hair.

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Picture: Castor oil for hair treatment (grow hair fast)
                                            Castor Oil

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