12 Inspiring Twist Styles on Natural Hair

Twist is the first-rate hairstyle for natural hair women. Most of the African American women have an attraction to it. These are the 12 inspiring ideas for twist styles on the long, medium, short natural hair.

#Shoulder Length Brown:

This hairstyle gives you the knowledge about twisted hair. You can also see the picture for better view. Hair is fully twisted with center parted. No beads or braids, as it’s not match able with the twisted hairstyle. Another thing to tell is about is about this kind of hairstyle is basically suits teenagers and hair length should up to the shoulder or shoulder length hair with brown color.

Shoulder Length Brown Twist
Image: Shoulder Length Brown                 Source: Instagram

#Long Twist with Feed:

This is interesting because here twist hair is mixing up with feed. Hair length should belong. You can see the feed in front or just up to the forehead. The hair goes bottom smoothly and the whole is in twist form with feed.

Long Twist with Feed
Image: Long Twist with Feed                                                      Source: Instagram

#Black Brown Medium Twist:

This is a hairstyle for the medium length hair holders. You should think that the starting point of the hair is in feed, but it’s not. It’s a natural shape of hair of this women. The hair color is mix up black and brown both color. This makes it more unique. And of course, as you can see the hair is in the twist.

Twist Styles on Natural Hair
Image: Black Brown Medium Twist                                                      Source: Instagram

#Short Twist Cut:

Short twist natural hair is fully focusing on your natural hair. No artificial color, braids or beads to be needed. The hair is some kind mix of puff and curly hair. And the length of the hair is very much short. As you all know that twist is very much applicable to the long and medium hair. But here the hair is so short, that it is very difficult to give it to a twist shape.

Short Twist Natural Hair
Image: Short Twist Cut                                               Source: Instagram

#Red Black Twist:

The red-black twist is very common. Mixing up with the red and black color hair makes it more stylish. Whole hair is in twist form with a semi-medium length hair.

Red Black Twist
Image: Red Black Twist                                                      Source: Instagram

#Usual Long Twist on Natural Hair:

This is also a usual natural hairstyle. Hair length is long and fully in a twist. No notification about the center or any parted in the head. Just as normal as the hair goes naturally up to the bottom. No further things can be needed or seen in this picture.

Usual Long Twist on Natural Hair
Image: Usual Long Twist on Natural Hair                                                  Source: Instagram

#Twist to the Side:

Short twist slide hairstyle is pretty much for those who have curly hair. Hair is one-sided as you can see in this picture. Other or opposite side contains very low hair just those attached to the head. And the big hair side is twisted without any artificial combination.

Short Twist to the Side
Image: Twist to the Side                                                      Source: Instagram

#Parted Twists Chin Length:

By looking at this picture you understand that it’s short length hairstyle. But the length of the hair must be up to the chin, not less or more. Without the chin length hair, this hairstyle may be a disaster. This is also a side-parted and twist hairstyle mixing up black and little much of brown color.

Twist Styles on Natural Hair
Image: Parted Twist Chin Length                                   Source: Instagram

#Twist Bob:

This twist is made of a natural hair. No braids, blonde, beads, or any kind of color mix. It’s fully natural hair with twist bob style.

Twist Bob on Natural Hair
Image: Twist Bob                                     Source: Instagram

#Furrow Feed Shoulder Length Twist Hair:

Furrow means a long narrow trench made in the ground by a plow, especially for planting seeds or for irrigation. Now how can be it is related to the hairstyle. It is related because after applying this hairstyle it looks like an irrigated land. This hairstyle is very much popular in Nigeria and Uganda. The hair is shoulder length and infeed style.

Furrow Feed Shoulder Length Twist Hair
Image: Furrow Feed Shoulder Length Twist Hair                              Source: Instagram

#Spiral Twist Medium Density Hair:

Lovely twist cut with medium density hair looks women beautiful.

Spiral Twist Medium Density Hair
Image: Spiral Twist Medium Density Hair                                       Source: Instagram

#Black Blue Long Twist:

Black and blue color mix twist with Marley hair.

Twist Styles on Natural Hair
Image: Black Blue Long Twist                                                           Source: Instagram 

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