Interlocking Tools for Locs

Essential Interlocking Tools for Locs: How-To, Best Hair to Use

Interlocking hair setup is a lovey-looking protective hairstyle. That is quite similar to Sisterlocks hairstyle. This type of hair setup is a common practice of some ethical societies of West Africa and some parts of African American peoples. Mainly, Interlocking needs some special tools and cares to get the identified looks. Interlocking tools are not so expensive, which allows people to get their favorite hairstyle from home. In this article, we have provided a complete description of interlocking hairstyles. Also accumulated all the essential tools for completing interlocking from home.

Essential Tools For Interlocking Hairstyle 

An interlock hairstyle is a group of locs that are made with the help of some tools. This kind of hairstyle is mostly preferable for extreme weather conditions. Some exclusive tools are designed to provide the exact interlocking braids on your scalp. Mainly hair knot needles and holding hair products are a compulsory part of making locks. Sometimes, interlock hairstyles come with color variants according to users’ convenience. 

3PCS Dreadlocks Starting Needle Weaving Hook Needle Wig

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For making defining locks on naturally curly hairs, you need to use a needle or weaving hook. Some may use other hooks for hair locks, but this tool has so many positives. Let’s know some of the main characteristics of this locking needle. 

Instructions Manual 

For those who haven’t tried this style, this instruction manual will work for them. This needle comes with an instruction manual book, which has a step-by-step process of interlocking hairstyle. Also, you will find some essential tips and tricks to maintain interlocks properly.   

Easy & Simple 

This hair tool will make your interlocking easy and simple. Curly hairs will easily latch inside the hole of the needle. Then making loops gets so easy. Also, the arrow-type ending holds curly hairs properly. So that you can attach the hair braids with natural hair very easily. 

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No Hair Damage 

Hair loss is the main problem of any locking style. This needle is pain-free and doesn’t do any damage to the scalp. I would say it is a great choice for the beginner as they don’t know the proper way to hook hairs. Whereas, this hook will make the whole process easy and comfortable. 


  • Interlocking is so easy with this tool 
  • No hair damage for pulling 
  • Saves money and time with its efficient technology 


  • Slightly expensive compared with simple hair needles    

Foxy Fresh Double Sided Edge Control Hair Brush

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As interlock is a protective hair setup you need to have specially designed hair brushes to take care of your locs. Regular hairbrushes have closed teeth. That loses down the curls makes hair straight. Whereas, Interlocking needs separated teeth to work properly on locks.  

Size & shape 

This hairbrush amazingly works in both ways. Bristles are an important factor in choosing a hairbrush. This 7 inches long brush has nice space on the middle part. Users can use this middle as a proper handle. In this package, you will receive a combination of pink and black-colored two brushes.

Working efficiency 

Unlike regular hairbrushes, it has dual types of working ability. On one side it has soft bristles for brushing tight locks. On another side, it has hard bristles. This works to unlock the edges of your locks. So, you are getting dual working efficiency on this hairbrush.  


  • 7 inches long size 
  • Dual-sided working ability 
  • Makes hair smooth and helps to freezes out
  • Great for all types of hairs 


  • Lasting ability is low    

Rose Water Spray

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Use of Rosewater on any locks style is mandatory. Because rose water helps to frizz out hair locks and turns them into a natural shape. Also, this has a good fragrance that lasts for a long time. See some other qualities of this rose water.   

Calm & Hydrate 

Locking styles takes away moisture from natural hairs. Therefore, locks get dried and unhealthy in a quick time. To avoid this problem you need to supply nutrition to your scalp. With that hairspray, you can send proteins to densely placed places on your scalp. 

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It clears up skin dirt and uncovers holes in the scalp. Which increases the supply of proteins on natural hair. Easily irritated and works well on sensitive skin. This item is manufactured with Aqua, Rosa Rugosa Flower Extract, and some other natural ingredients.    


  • It is best for facial toner and scalp care 
  • Provides necessary vitamins and minerals on hair 
  • Frizzes out natural hair 
  • Long-lasting fragrance 


  • This liquid diminishes very quickly 

Cantu Shea Butter For Natural Hair Moisturizing Twist & Lock Gel

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For defining hair setup gel is an obvious option. As locking hairs needs proper setup, the gel works better than other products. Comparatively, people gel and mousse comes close in terms of ability. But gel has a satisfying result than mousse application.

Product description 

Cantu Shea Butter gel is mainly prepared for curly hair. The liquid volume of this hair gel is 384 militaries. Which is ideal for any locked hair setup. More importantly, this is a silicone-free item. Therefore, no chance of any rashing, itching on your scalp. 


Water, PVP, Fragrance, Polyquaternium-37, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter are the main ingredients of this hairstyle. These items contain important nutritions for natural hair. As well as this gel is the best choice for a defining look. 


  • Useful for a silky and smooth hold 
  • Controls frizzing of locks
  • Nice long-lasting fragrance 
  • Adds manageability to hair 


  • Not applicable to all types of hairs

Interlocking Hair Extensions 

Apart from those mentioned products peoples use hair extensions for getting defining interlocking hairstyles. Although using hair extension is a tough choice. As it can cause problems for some sensitive skins. However, some good quality hair extensions help to make an exclusive interlocks hair setup. Let’s do some of these hair extensions from the section below.  

Bobbi Boss Nu Locs Curly Tips 20 Inch Color

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  • The time-saving easy installation system
  • Amazing natural looks 
  • This hair extension is nice to touch 
  • Very soft hair braids 
  • Smell-free hair extension 


  • The package system has made it costly for some users 

Bobbi Boss 100% Premium Fiber Hair Nu Locs 18″ 

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  • Suitable for medium length of hair setup 
  • Easily installable process 
  • Hand-made finish 
  • Looks natural hair type 


  • Can cause problems to some sensitive skin 

Pros and Cons of Interlocking Hairstyle 

This protective hairstyle looks so amazing and nice. It is quite obvious that a dashing hairstyle will not always be a good option. Before turning on to a new hairstyle you must know the effects of it. Some hairstyles are not suitable for types of users. Also, this protective hairstyle can be a problematic choice for users. Here are the positives and negatives of the Interlocking hairstyle.  


  • Compared with other hairstyles, interlocking seems to have more defining looks in a short time
  • Interlocking hair setup is easy to wash 
  • To get proper locks styles only a few products are needed 
  • Easily transferable to other locks hair setup
  • Washing is so easy. Users will not have any fear of water 


  • Sometimes interlocking could create tight locks. That is so painful for the scalp
  • Could result in covering up the nutritions supply holes of the scalp
  • Can cause damage to sensitive scalp 

Proper Methods Of Making Interlocking Hairstyle 

To get proper interlocks on natural hairs you need to follow easy processes. It’s worth mentioning that, “take expert advice before going for any protective hairstyles”. 

Step 1: Firstly, make some different sections of your natural hair. Then use the needle to curve natural hair properly. Make curves defending on the natural curls of your hair.  

Step 2: Before making any locks use the Rosewater spray to make your hair soft. You can use any needles or above-mentioned needles for that defining look.

Step 3: Then use the needle to create a base for holding the exact separated sections of hair. When you have found that base, just starts to wrap your hair properly. Follow the simple strategy and don’t make any tight locks. 

Step 4: After finishing wrapping hairs, then start to make locks using the needle. Use one needle on single braids at a time. Do this simple thing over and over again. When you are fully done with all hairs move to the stage.   

Step 5: Finally, set up your locks hair properly by application of any hair gel. That will help you reduce frizzes from your locked hair. In that way, you will get a defining interlocking hairstyle.

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