Is Coconut Oil Good for Low Porosity Hair

Is Coconut Oil Good for Low Porosity Hair?

Before answering your question you need to understand the nature of lower porosity hair. There is a huge difference between higher porosity hair and lower porosity hairs. Depending upon the porosity, hairs can be classified into two categories. 

  1. Lower porosity hair 
  2. Higher porosity hair 

What is Low Porosity Hair?

This is a type of hair, which doesn’t have the wet reducing ability. That’s why this type of hair always gets overwhelmed with moisture. Some using common hair products are not suitable for this type of hair. Because heavy oil or heavy wet products take lots of time to diminish on the scalp. In extremely hot weather conditions, this hair type can’t properly hold. So, having any desired style is not easy with lower porosity hairs.   

What is High Porosity Hair?

Most of them have higher porosity hairs. That’s why we don’t understand the pain of having lower porosity hair. Higher porosity hair comes with great holding ability. This means higher porosity hair doesn’t have the heavy moisturizing ability. It dries up very quickly and moisture diminishes in a short time. That’s why applying any heavy hair oils works very positively on higher porosity hair. People consider hair porosity hair as an ideal type.    

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But Both conditions are not the most suitable conditions for hairs. Because another porosity nature is available. It is the medium porosity hair condition. In this condition, hair’s porosity stays in a balanced position. Which is an ideal situation for applying different types of products. Everyone is happy with this hair type. But over-moisturizing and lower moisturizing are not good for a hair product. Both hair conditions work negatively.       

Problem with Lower Porosity Hair 

Sometimes lakes of understanding are a reason for using coconut oil on lower porosity hair. Understandably that the lower porosity hair is unable to hold high volume liquid on it. Because low porosity hair takes wet very slowly into the scalp than regular hairs. Well, let’s see some great problems with lower porosity hairs. 

  1. Takes lots of time to get dry. 
  2. This type of hair always looks very wet and thin 
  3. Hair doesn’t come with proper style holding ability 
  4. Making convenient hairstyle is not possible with lower porosity hair 
  5. Using witty products will not work on this type of hair. 
  6. The hair root is too breakable. 
  7. Hair losing rate is so hair as it is so soft 
  8. Regular hair products don’t work effectively on this hair 
  9. Wetness makes scalp layers hard. Which leads up to many dangerous scalp problems. 
  10. Holding and protective style are not possible with lower porosity hair. 

That’s why our hair expert Tomas Moore has done practical researchers on lower porosity hairs. Although he had lots of knowledge on hair and scalps-related subject matter, he gained lots of amazing information from those reachers. A survey was done on his 500 patients. The subject matter of that survey was to find the answer to the question “Whether Coconut hair oil is good” for lower porosity hair?  

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Result of That Survey on Lower Porosity Hair

What Tomas found from the survey was so shocking to us. Most of the patients and clients of us got astonished with that unwanted result. Here, the lab reports suggest that Coconut hair oil is not good for lower porosity hairs. Sometimes Coconut hair oils or any type of heavy hair oil could have a negative impression on lower porosity hair.   

Reasons why Coconut Hair Oil is Bad for Lower Porosity Hair?

Scalp layers are a very important factor in deciding the hair proper product. Another defining factor is the porosity condition. Sometimes thick layers and lower porosity hair tend to make you user’s in a dilemma. So, see the reasons that make coconut hair oil is not a suitable option for lower porosity hairs.  

  •  Coconut oil has a heavy layer  

Generally, the liquid volume of most of the Coconut oil is very heavy. That’s why it takes a longer time to get mixed up with hair. Whereas, the lower porosity hair doesn’t have heavy oil diminishing ability. For that reason, heavily layered coconut oil will not work on this type of hair. 

  • Coconut hair oil stay long on hair 

As coconut oil stays too long on your scalp. Even in a dry situation coconut oil stays in the upper layer of your hair. That’s why it is not suitable for your hair.  

  • Makes a heavy layer on the scalp 

Yes, applying coconut oil creates heavy layers on the scalp. Protein and other important ingredients are unable to enter the inside scalp directly for heavy layers. Sometimes, scalp problems can lead you to bump and some other diseases. So, coconut hair should be avoided. 

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Frequently asked questions about lower porosity hair? 

  • Question: How does lower porosity hair look?   
  • Answer: Water resistance nature provides witty looks to lower porosity hairs. Even after drying up hair, it looks fluid with heavy moisture. 
  • Question: Which type of products are suitable for lower porosity hair? 
  • Answer: Light volume and natural light oils are suitable for this hair type. Also, easy drying up conditioners and shampoos can be used for that condition. Try to avoid heavy hair oils. 
  • Question: How to dry moisture hair in a faster way? 
  • Answer: You can use hair drying tools to dry up hair in a faster way. Also can use a soft towel or traditional way to clean up water quickly from your lower porosity hairs. 

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