58 Trendy Jumbo Cornrows for Black Women

Jumbo cornrows are a part of the cornrows family which have been used by the black people of Africa, America, and Europe for many years. Cornrows have some mindblowing ideas that easily attract all ages of women. In some traditional functions of the hot Sub-Saharan African region, women are commonly seen with this kind of hair setup. Although this protective style can be used by both men and women. But the appeal of this hairstyle is increasing rapidly among African American women. That’s why we have accumulated some of the most gorgeous-looking Jumbo cornrows ideas for you. All those fascinating Cornrows ideas have been served below.  

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What are the cornrow’s styles?

Cornrow’s hairstyles are used by black people all over the world. You know the name is a little bit funny. These hairstyles are named after the cornfields. The rows created with the hair are similar to the rays or the rows of the cornfield. But the rows can be straight or curved.

What are jumbo Cornrows?

We already have introduced the cornrows hairstyles in the previous paragraph. There we have discussed the modified versions of the cornrows hairstyles. Actually, the jumbo cornrows are one of the modified cornrows hairstyles of recent times. In the normal cornrows hairstyles, the normal braids are used with the cornrows, but here, the large and giant braids are used with the corners hairstyles. That’s the one and the only difference between the conventional cornrows and the jumbo cornrows.

However, if you are here in search of jumbo hairstyles through an intensive search on the internet, we can assure you that you are at the right place where you will get all the answers to your questions with a bunch of cornrows hairstyles samples. Here, we have arranged 58 hairstyles of big cornrows hairstyles for you.

Back laying Feed-in Braids didi Cornrows

Visible Jumbo Cornrows in a Bun

Visible Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Jumbo Cornrows Hairstyles Inner Fade lines

Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles Inner Fade lines
Source: Pinterest

Shoulder Touching Cornrows Hairstyles

Shoulder touching Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Colorful Back Hooded Cornrows Hairstyles

Colorful Back hooded Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Gorgeous High Bun Braids Hairstyles

Georgios Ponytail Cornrow Braids

Georgios Ponytail Cornrow Braids
Source: Pinterest

4 Jumbo Cornrows Hairstyles

Jumbo Cornrows twisted hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Gorgeous Bun on Cornrow Braids

Gorgeous Bun on Cornrow Braids
Source: Pinterest

Jumbo Cornrows with Golden Beads

Back Laced Cornrows Hairstyle

Back Laced Cornrows hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Visible Edged Cornrows Hairstyle

Visible Edged Cornrows hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Ethnical Updo Cornrows Hairstyle

Ethnical Up do Cornrows hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Long Ponytail on Jumbo Cornrows Hairstyles

Long Ponytail on Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Identifying Ponytail on Cornrows Hairstyle

Golden Horse Tail Cornrows Hairstyle

Golden Horse tail Jumbo Cornrows hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Jumbo Cornrows Long Braids

Jumbo Cornrows long Braids
Source: Pinterest

Dark Brown Long Cornrows Hairstyles

Dark Brown Long Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Jumbo Cornrows Braids Updo

Blonde Snake Tail Cornrows Hairstyle

Blonde Snake Tail Cornrows Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Longer tail Jumbo Cornrows Hairstyles

Longer tail Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

The Color Ended Cornrows Braids

Traditional Bun Setup Cornrows Hairstyle

Traditional Bun Setup Cornrows hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Cornrows Hairs Setup

Jumbo Cornrows hairs setup
Source: Pinterest

Nice Wavy Box Cornrows Hairstyles

Nice Wavy Box Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Long Cornrows for the Black Women

Attractive knots Cornrows Hairstyles

Attractive knots Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Side placed Tails On Cornrows Hairstyles

Side placed Tails On Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Hairstyles for the Black girl

Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles for the Black girl
Source: Pinterest

Cornrows on Matured Women

Cornrows hairstyles on Matured Women
Source: Pinterest

Young Ladies Ponytail Cornrows 

Giant Knot with Cornrows

Giant Knot Jumbo Cornrows
Source: Pinterest

Nicely Placed Black Cornrows Snaky Tails

Nicely Placed Jumbo Cornrows snaky tails
Source: Pinterest

Dynamic Long Cornrows Hair 

Dynamic Long Jumbo Cornrows Hair setup
Source: Pinterest

Reddish Jumbo Banana Cornrows Long Braids 

High Hill Bun on Cornrows

High Hill Knot on Jumbo Cornrows
Source: Pinterest

Full Twisted Cornrows Hairstyles

Full twisted Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Golden Hair Rings Surroundings on Regular Cornrows

Golden Hair Rings Surroundings on regular Cornrows
Source: Pinterest

Young Girls Jumbo Didi Cornrows Hairstyles

Young Girls Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Interlinked Faded Cornrows Hairstyles

New Invented Lays Black Hairstyles

New Invented Lays Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Moving Creatures Cornrows Hairstyles

Moving Creatures Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Star Way Black Hairstyles

Star Way Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Long Brown Lays Cornrows Hairstyles

Expensive Jumbo Cornrows with Extensions

Expensive Jumbo Cornrows hair setup
Source: Pinterest

In-Ring Cornrows Hairstyles

In Ring Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Front Drawn and Back Lays Hairstyles

Front Drawn and Back Lays Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Gorgeous High Hill Ponytail

Big Bonnet Rail line African Cornrows

Big Bonnet Rail line Jumbo Cornrows
Source: Pinterest

Eye-catching Jumbo Hairstyles

Eye-catching Jumbo hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Back Lined Braids Cornrows 

Back Lined Braids Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Blonde Rope Jumbo Goddess Cornrows

Dual Tail Cornrows Hairstyles

Dual Tail Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

Back Tail Jumbo Ghana Cornrows

Back Tail And Front Hand hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Blue Magnitude Braids Hair Setup

Blue Magnitude Braids Hair setup
Source: Pinterest

Inter Linked Red Braids big cornrows hairstyles for natural hair

Inter Linked Red Braids Jumbo Cornrows hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

On Processing Cornrows

Brown Rope On Plain Scalp Cornrow Braids

Brown Rope On Plain Scalp Cornrow Braids
Source: Pinterest

Why will You Do It?

Well, before using any kind of hairstyle, you may want to know about the benefits and reasons for using the hairstyles. Before using the style you should also know the benefits and special features of these hairstyles. Let’s point those out.

  1. You will have a neat and decent hairstyle.
  2. You will be able to use this hairstyle on various social occasions like parties, birthdays, weddings, and get-togethers.
  3. You can use this hairstyle for tours and travels too.
  4. In terms of beauty, jumbo cornrow is a great choice for you. These hairstyles can make anyone look like a heavenly angel.
  5. In recent times a lot of African American women have seen the jumbo cornrows. You can also use this hairstyle to enchant people around you like them.
  6. Once you wear these hairstyles, you will be the queen of beauty and the world will be ready to bow before you and your hairstyles.
  7. These hairstyles are never outdated hairstyles, if you want to have an updated hairstyle, this hairstyle will be a great choice.
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All of these hairstyles will be presented gradually in front of you in the form of images. You should know that we have managed to collect the most used jumbo cornrows in the whole world. Through intensive research and personal experience, all of these designs are collected. So, stay tight and enjoy.

 Over the year the cornrows hairstyles have been used with a lot of modified versions and till today the cornrows hairstyles are being modified to have a greater look and appearance. But you can say the cornrows as never outdated hairstyle because this hairstyle is still used today with great zeal and adore. If you are an African American, you know that there is hardly any substitute for the cornrows hairstyles.


The jumbo braids hairstyles are one of the versatile and flexible hairstyles for the African American people. With the jumbo cornrows braids, you can do whatever you like. You can make ponytails, topknots, side knots, buns, and many more with these braids. In that perspective, these braids are flexible enough to let you play around with it.

Drawbacks and Cautions

Like all other braiding hairstyles, the jumbo braids hairstyles have some drawbacks and cautions. You know the jumbo hairstyles are heavy hairstyles and in some cases, these hairstyles may not be perfect for all. Moreover, the jumbo braids hairstyles may be out of your purchase capacity sometimes.

All of you know that every braiding hairstyles have a deadline to undo. The same rules are applicable to the jumbo cornrows too. You should not use the jumbo cornrows braids for more than 6 weeks. In the meantime, you need to undo and redo the braids every week. So to prevent hair breakage and scalp infection you must have to follow the rules.

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How will you choose the best one for you?

Well, it is a confusing question. We have delivered so many jumbo cornrows for you and you need to select one of these.s We can suggest that you should select the hairstyles carefully. While selecting please bear in mind your hair color, eye color, personality, face shape, and personal opinion. If you can combine these factors, you will easily choose the best one for you.

Now it’s your turn, choose the best one from the displayed images and ask your hairstylist to get that done for you. In most cases, you will find the price of jumbo cornrows braiding under your purchase capacity. And before heading to the saloons or beauty shops try to gather some information about the braids pricing and installation charge from the internet. We are done for today. Do not forget to let us know about the feedback, suggestions, recommendations, and other ideas. The comment box below is all yours. We will be waiting for your response. Stay beautiful, keep beautiful. Thank you.

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