Kokum Butter vs Shea Butter for Hair

Kokum Butter vs Shea Butter for Hair: Identify the Major Difference & Benefits

Both Kokum butter and Shea butter are very useful haircare products from old age. Usually, people get confused to differentiate between these two different items. Naturally, both are butter and look so similar, that creates confusion among general users. Well, let me help you to clear all your confusion. 

What is Kokum butter?  

It is a natural oil that derives from the seeds of a fruit-bearing tree known as the kokum tree. That Kokum tree is scientifically known as “Garcini Inica”. For many years the seeds of this Kokum have been using as culinary and cosmetic and beauty care products. Especially, many ethnic groups traditionally use this kokum butter.

What is Shea butter?

Shea butter is also a traditional beauty care item. This butter comes from the nuts of the shea tree. This is an oil cream traditionally used in African countries. But in recent times, the use of Shea butter globalized. For its amazing benefits on skin and hair, people from all over the world use this item as a top choice beauty care product. Many ethnic groups eat this low-fat butter as a healthy food item.   

Differences between KoKum butter and Shea butter 

Naturally, these two different variants items have so many differences. Although both items come with quite similar types of benefits. Let’s see the major differences and benefits of these two items from the box below.   

Specifications  Kokum butter  Shea butter 
Introduction  Extracted from the seed of the kokum tree.  Extracted from the nuts of the Sea tree 
Appearance  Light pinkish, white color  Ivory color in raw condition
Nutritions  Potassium, antioxidant and fatty acid  Linoleic, Palmitic, stearic, and fatty acid 
Vitamins  Vitamin E, B-complex, and C Vitamin A, E, and F 
Benefits  Skin treatment, eye, and good for the immune system Skin treatment, hair growth, and skin cell growth

Now you can make a difference from this cart. Let’s move to the next section to see the benefits of Kokum and Shea butter on natural hair. 

Top Listed Kokum Butter and Shea Butter

Kokum Butter Shea Butter
Kokum Butter – 16 Oz By SAAQIN OKAY African Shea Butter
Kokum Butter Refined Raw 1 Lb (16 Oz) Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey
Mango and Kokum Butter Cosmetic Bundle Raw Shea Butter Silicone Free Conditioner

Benefits of Kokum butter on natural hair 

Kokum butter has much usefulness as a health concise product. Many ethnic groups eat this product for health benefits. Apart from these products, it works well for the immunity system, skin tone, and hair care. Here we only focus on the haircare side of the kokum butter. 

  • Makes natural hair stronger 
  • Provides define looks to natural hair 
  • Makes hair wavy and natural 
  • Increases hair growth on a quick time 
  • Natural kokum butter can be used with other natural oils. 

Benefits of Shea Butter on natural hair 

Considering all those benefits of Kokum butter oil, Shea butter has some tremendous benefits too. Especially when it comes to the question of skincare, haircare, and nail care this magnificent product works very well. Let’s see some other defining benefits of the Shea butter on natural hair condition improvement.

  • Increases hair growth 
  • Makes natural hair stronger and wavy 
  • Fights against unwanted scalp diseases 
  • Makes hair so shiny
  • Adds moisture to natural dry curly hair 
  • Works for all types of hair  
  • Nourishes natural hairs 
  • Improves the overall condition of natural hair 
  • Protects hair from the effect of UV rays. 

Some negative aspects of Kokum Butter and Shea butter 

Although both items come with so many special qualities, these have some negative impacts too. Sometimes excessive use and irregular use can create problems. Knowing the proper way of using butter is very important. Without knowing the proper way of usability can come up with negative aspects.

Excessive use

Excessive use of any product is not a wise decision. In that way, butter can create problems for our scalp and hair. As it creates a natural layer on hair if you use so much butter on hair that may block the lines of protein of the scalp. So, excessive use must be avoided. 

Improper way of use 

You need to follow particular guidelines for using butter items. Because, this item contains a high portion of fat, which can be a dangerous choice without knowing the proper using formula. Also, if you miss the proper using method you will not get the beneficial result of using any butter on hair.   

Using method of butter on natural hair 

You can apply butter just before and after taking a bath. Both ways work better for natural hairstyles. Provides a very defined style easily. To have a good result, just take one teaspoon of butter on your thumb and properly massage it on your scalp. Then left out the hair for 10-15 minutes on this particular condition. 

After that wash out your hair, with shampoo and conditioner. Then dry your naturally curly hair, to see the better result. Also, you can use this butter, with a mixer of oil. Tea tree oil, Jojoba oil, and mango mixer with butter make a hybrid formula that can be used on natural hair. So, it is up to you how you want to use this butter.     


It is not so straightforward to pick one item and leave one item from here. As both types of butter come with a positive impact on natural hair, both types of butter are good for natural hairs. Obviously, users will not take both items at the same time. 

If you have already used any of these items and haven’t got the desired result, then try the opposite one. But if you are satisfied with the previous item, then you don’t need to alter the product. Because both items are good for naturally curly and all types of hairs.   


Knowing the pepper using method is very necessary. Also take expert advice, on the condition of your scalp to absorb this kind of product. 

Frequently asked questions about Kokum Butter and Shea butter 

  • Question: Is Kokum Butter better than shea butter? 
  • Answer: Both items are for good hair condition. But the Kokum butter comes with Vitamin E, B complex, and C. Whereas, the Shea butter comes with Vitamin A, E, and F. However, Kokum works well to make a strong immune system. Overall, Kokum butter makes a stronger case over Shea butter.   
  • Question: Is Kokum Butter harder than CoCoa butter? 
  • Answer: Kokum butter comes up with a similar firm texture to Cocoa butter. Whereas Kokum butter melts around 90 degrees to 104 degrees, the Cocoa butter takes more heat to melt. That’s why the CoCoa butter is slightly harder than Kokum butter. 
  • Question: What is the positive of Shea butter? 
  • Answer: Shea butter makes hair stronger, and kills scalp dandruff. Also, this butter used in African countries for skin and nail cares too. Overall Shea butter has many positive impacts. 

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