39 Long Box Braids Master Collection

Braids have a great influence on the hairstyles of African American women. Among the most popular braided hairstyles, the Long Box Braids are one of the most wonderful creations of modern hairstyles. This braid gives flawless beauty and a stunning look. African American women are much fond of this beautiful hairstyle. In this article, we have brought the top 39 different designs of long braid styles. You can pick any of them and enchant others. So let’s dive into the master collection of long box braid hairstyles.

How to Do Long Box Braids?

Doing long braids may take a long time as you will have to create many braids, but it is an easy and repeated process. It can take several hours. So, it is better to have 5-6 hours of free time in hand before you start braiding. You can do it by yourself or can take the help of others. By following some easy steps you can do your braids.

You will be needed-

  • 7-10 packs of natural human hair or synthetic hair.
  • Rattail comb.
  • Hair gel or cream.
  • Water spray.
  • Clips.
  • Strings, beads, or other accessories ( if you want).
  1. Use a comb to section your hair. Hold 1/4 hair and clip the rest of the hair and secure it.
  2. Hold a tiny portion of hair and start braiding. Don’t make it too tight, otherwise, it may hurt your scalp.
  3. Use hair gel to make the braids perfect and clean.
  4. Continue braiding until you reach your desired end.
  5. Tie the ends with a small strand of hair.
  6. Repeat the process to braid the rest of the hair.
  • Reddish Point low Box Braids

    Look at these lovely red twists. Red is an announcement shading that is accessible in an assortment of shades. We love hues like this one since it is beautiful and strong. Twists like these will look shocking to everybody. You can pick a lighter or more obscure tone as well.

    Reddish Pointlow Box Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Long Braids with Beads

    These are very thick long box braids. Braids are nicely accessorized with beads and strands. These box braids will make any girl beautiful and boost her confidence.

    Long Braids with Beads
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Top Knotted Golden Braids

    Like the blonde twists? At that point, you have to look at this thought. Here we have light blonde box braids. We love this haircut because the crates truly stand apart which makes an in vogue look. You can reproduce plaits like this in any blondie conceal from warm blondies to cool ones.

    Toplnotted Golden Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Side Box Braids

    These box braids are very nicely formed with cool brown extensions. Set them on one side. use golden strands to make them prettier.

    Side Box Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Golden Beads in the Box Braids

    These braids are not chunky. They are thinner than previous ideas. Golden beads are making great chemistry with the braids in this look.

    Golden Beads in the Long Box Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Pixie Side Braids

    This look is very amazing and unique. The braids are made in pixie style with micro box braids. Blonde color is always beautiful to create braids.

    Pixie Side Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Colorful Box Braids

    These jumbo braids are made with golden-orange hair extensions. You can choose the same color or the different shades.

    COlorful Box braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Beads and Color

    There are thousands of choices of colors. You can pick your favorite one. How about this burgundy one? These braids are nicely formed and accessorized with beads.

    Beads and Color
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Thickness for Braids

    These are the ultimate thick braids with nice patterns. If you are a thick braids lover, this one is for you.

    Thickness for Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Ash as Color box braids

This is a very nice color to male long box braids. The braids are very thin. It may take you hours, but the result is mesmerizing.

  • Nice Blue

    This one is breath-taking. Your long box braids will look fantastic with this dark blue shade.

    Image Source: Pinterest
  • The Golden Beauty

    Box meshes can work for various hair lengths. This look gives us how it’s finished with these platinum blonde long box braids. To switch up the look, take a stab at wrapping them into a bun. You can even maneuver them into a bigger mesh in case you’re feeling extra gutsy.

    The golden Beauty
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Top Knot with Thick Box Braids

    You can also make a top knot with your long box braids and can casually wear them.

    Top Knot with Thick Box Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Sky-blue in your Hair

    This is another shade of blue. this one is neon blue and easily catches the light. Make it more interesting with beads.

    Skyblue In your Hair
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Giant Bun on the top

    Make a giant top bun with your long box braids. This is super casual and cute.

    Giant Bun on the top
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Wild Box Braids with Top Knot

    this hairstyle is like the previous one but with a small twist. The extensions have made the braids look wild.

    Wild Box Braids with Top Knot
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Decorated Braids

    These braids suitably show the adaptability of box braids. She looks mind-blowing here with her side-cleared large fishtail braids, a complimenting haircut when you need to switch things up.

    Decorated Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Centered Box Braids with Beads

    These braids are so beautifully designed. You will need a professional hair artist to buildup this hairstyle.

    Centered Box Braids with Beads
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Sexy and Colored

    This one is a very sexy shade of brown. With winged eyeliner, you will look bomb with long box braids.

    Image Source: Pinterest
  • The Enthusiasm

    Need a hairdo that will goodness? At that point, you have to see these meshes! The interlaces highlighted here are excessively long, perfect, and smooth. We love this hairdo in light of the length of the interlaces, they look astonishing. You don’t have to include any frill as the hair is upscale all things considered, yet some hair sleeves would look ravishing as well.

    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Multi-directional Braids

    These are micro long box braids with loose ends. You don’t have to follow any direction to make braids.

    Multidirectional Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Ancient Look with Box Braids

    This is a very wild shade of blue and ash. These messy long box braids will give an ancient vibe.


    Ancient Look with Box Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Stunning Braids

    Searching for a simple to wear hairstyle? At that point look at these twists. The meshes highlighted here are cleared back, long, perfect, and smooth. It is a stylish look that is straightforward however affects. Hair like this can be worn for any event, from work to an extraordinary occasion.

    Stunning Braids
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Multi-Colored Braids

Regular looking tones like dark and blonde are consistently well-known decisions with regards to hair, however, have you pondered attempting brown? Here we have two beautiful box braids in a warm brown colored shade. A shading like this will switch up your look yet it isn’t as splendid and striking as a blonde. Plaits like this are stylish and will suit everybody.

  • Color and Combination

    Our next idea is an ombre style. This long box braids are a very good combination of black and neon blue.

    Color and Combination
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Thick and Thin Braids for Princes

    Some braids are thick and some braids are thin. This is a very nice combination of thick and thin braids with a beautiful golden color.

    Godess Braids for Princes
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Awesome Top Knot

    These long box braids are very amazing. This top knot with a colorful scarf and two blonde braids are a nice combo.

    Image Source: Pinterest
  • The Colorful

    Another stylish color is red. Here is a gorgeous example. The braids here are long and red. A hairstyle like this is bold and unique. It is perfect for ladies who want to try something completely different. This is a trendsetting look.

    long box braids hairstyles
    Image Source: Pinterest
  • Blue Long Box Braids

Our next thought is another blue ombre long box braids look. Rather than the splendid shades we highlighted before, this one has hazier tones. The plaits utilized here are naval force and afterward mix into illustrious blue. This blue look is staggering and it is ideal for the women who need to stand apart from the group.


  • Half Ponytail

Next, we have another half-up hairdo. This one uses thick, long box meshes and looks very stylish. You can reproduce this look or attempt plaits in an alternate shading. Red would look astonishing and ombre would as well. It is anything but difficult to wear a haircut that will suit everybody.

  • Long Box Braids Ponytail

Our next idea includes a stylish box braid. The plaits are long, smooth, and have been placed into a high-up, half-down style. Save the plaits straightforward like this for a tasteful and sleek look. On the off chance that you are searching for something stylish and extraordinary, at that point include some hair frill.

  • Blue Ombre Box Braids

Another must-have hairdo is blue ombre. Ombre braids look astounding. In addition to the fact that they are in vogue, it is an extraordinary method to attempt another shading as well. Here is a ravishing model. The plaits start dim and afterward slowly mix to splendid blue shades. This is an in vogue haircut that is ideal for somebody who needs to say something.


  • Jumbo Braids with Strings

Searching for popular hair ideas? At that point, these braids are for you! For this hairdo, the case plaits are stout and long. There is likewise a trendy hair rope as well. As the twists are thick, it makes an announcement making haircut. You can reproduce this look or have braids recently like these in an alternate shading. Red would look astounding.

  • Braided Box Braids

Another cool method to style your crate twists is by placing the hair into two interlaces this way! As should be obvious, the twists look so popular and charming. A haircut like this is ideal for when you need to look jazzy yet easygoing and loose as well. This hairdo will suit anybody and any mesh shading.


  • Blonde Box Braids

Next, we have another blonde look. These twists are somewhat lighter than the plaits we highlighted before which makes a summery hairdo. The hair utilized isn’t only one blonde tone however a couple, which makes a characteristic looking arrangement of twists. Blonde meshes like this will light up your look and give you one in vogue hairdo.

  • Long Box Braids Ponytail

A ravishing method to style your long box braids is into a ponytail. Here we have a dazzling side interlaced ponytail with beautiful hair sleeves. This is a lovely and in vogue style that can be spruced up or down. A braid is ideal for the hot seasons and excursions as well.

  • Beautiful Blonde Box Braids

Next, we have a wonderful blonde braid. These braids are not the typical light blonde but rather are a warm, up-to-date caramel blonde. This hotter tone looks ravishing with interlaces and will suit any twist length and style. A shade like this is incredible for the women that need to attempt blonde without being excessively brilliant.

  • Accessorized Long Box Braids

Box braids look astonishing when accessorized. Here we have an incredible model. These long meshes have different tones going through them and are decorated with lines, dabs, and then some. By utilizing hair adornments like this, you can make any case interlace style novel.



  • Purple Long Box Braids

For the last hairstyle idea, we need to show you is this perfect purple hairdo. The hair has braided into long box braids in a splendid purple shade. There is a polished hair rope as well. A purple shade like this is great on the off chance that you need an intense new look that will make you stand apart from the group.

The hairstyles you have viewed in this article are designed to make anyone around you fall in love with your hairstyle. So now, it’s your turn to pick the right one for you.

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