Long Hairstyles For Black Women

69 Cute Long Hairstyles For Black Women

Do you know that long hairstyles are the most trending topic of today’s world for beautiful black women?  Because, long hairstyles improve your looks, styling sense, appearance to the society. Long hairstyles make ladies so appealing compared with other hairstyles. That’s why we have decided to bring top 10 ideas of long hairstyles for females.


Box Braids Hair Styles

Box braids hairstyles are much more popular among women. The lovely box braids are providing her a queen look.  The box braids are available in different colors and sizes.  Here we have managed to find the 5 best and popular long box braids for you below. Look at the images below and try to select the best one for you.

Long Black Box Braids:

Long Dreadlocks

Stylish people love to have dreadlocks hairstyles. Dreadlocks are basically long and huge. These wild and crazy hairstyles can make your day more stylish, crazier, and enjoyable. When you will wear a long hairstyle with dreadlocks, you will certainly rock. For women, long dreadlocks are a great choice for the outing, partying, and other related occasions. Consider the dreadlocks hairstyles below to find the perfect one for you.

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Dread Locks Hairstyle On Lower Colored Section

 Long Dreadlocks Hairstyles, beads, and Curls

We will start with the dreadlocks hairstyles. This classic hairstyle is one of the most used and demandable hairstyles among African American women. This wild hairstyle can make you different from the others surrounding you. The hairstyle you see below is a modified version of the dreadlocks hairstyle. The braids are colored natural and the extensions are curled. Normally the dreadlocks become wild and aggressive. But here we present the decent and sexy style made with the dreadlocks braids. Long Dreadlocks, beads and CUrls

Color Decorated Dreadlocks

Here come the dreadlocks hairstyles again. But these hairstyles are comparatively wild than the previously discussed hairstyle on the top. Here the dreadlocks braids are decorated with some accessories. Moreover, the dreadlocks braids are flexible enough to let you design and modify according to your will. You can see the ribbons and hair guarders are used to make these braids wild and crazy. These braiding hairstyles are one of the most used hairstyles by African American women in the present decade. Decorated Dreadlocks Decorated Dreadlocks

Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids are synthetic braids with lovely curls. The addition of crochet braids is a revolution to the hairstyles industries for people. The women are very much addicted to these lovely braids. Crochet braids may be both shot and long but most women love them. Now, Consider the images below and select the best one for you. And one more thing, you can choose the colors too. The crochet braids are of various colors and designs.

Amazing Coil Crochet Braids


Colored Faux Locks

I would say shinning dazzling locks are the faux locks. These locks are also synthetic and demandable hairstyles. The faux locks are thick and glittering. You can use beads and other accessories too with them. But, we are here to talk about the long faux locks hairstyles for females. As per our promise, we have displayed the top 5 long faux locks hairstyles for you. These locks are comparatively low in price and perfect for females of black ethnicity. So you are free to choose the best one for you.

Thick Layard Faux Locks Hairstyle


Well Placed Sister locks Hairstyle

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Pretty Twist

Havana twists hairstyles are the best option for women who love the twists in their hairstyles. The twists are basically braiding hairstyles for women of African American ethnicity. So as glorious long hairstyles, we would like to recommend the Havana twists for you. It will make a stunning effect on your hairstyle. The long Havana braids also make you noticeable among the other women around you.

Havana Twists For Corporate Young Lady

Long Afro Hair Styles

Women cannot think of making hairstyles without classic afro hairstyles. We are familiar with the round afro hairstyles conventionally. But here, we have arranged some afro hairstyles which are long in nature. If you are willing to have a hairstyle with afro and uniqueness, you have this great option for you. Now look at the images below and find your hairstyle among the five. Trust me, you will look gorgeous and seductive.

Afro Hairstyles For Lovely Models

Silky Straight Hair

Here comes the straight hair. Straight hairstyles are used by millions of women all over the world. So, women are also free to wear long straight hairstyles. Look at the images below and select the best one for you. Straight hairstyles are one of the most classic hairstyles and still on the go. No man can ignore the appeal of straight and long hair. So, it’s time to choose a long straight hairstyle to have a killer look.

Full Brown Long Straight Hair

Jumbo Braids

The thick jumbo braids are very much popular and demandable to African American women. These thick bands are abnormally long and cute. So, long hairstyle lovers can use these thick braiding hairstyles as their upcoming hairstyle. So now, you can choose your jumbo braids hairstyle form below and ask the stylist to get that done for you.

Box and Jumbo Braids Combination

More Long Hairstyles for Black Females Ideas

These hairstyles are basically Uncategorized. We have made 9 categories above and put the relevant hairstyles in them. But here, you will get various types of hairstyles with heavy lengths. The lengthy hairstyle; less will be perfect for women and girls of African American ethnicity.

Updo Locks Hair choice on Brown Color

Goddess Braids Hairstyle

Midway lining on Goddess Braids Hairstyle

Pixie Long Braids with Curly Extensions

Lengthy hairstyles can be made with any kind of braids or straight hair. In this case, we will use the braids again to make a long hairstyle for African American black women. In this hairstyle, you will notice the thin box braids or the pixie braids are being for a long hairstyle and the extensions are the fun part of this hairstyle. As the first hairstyle of this article, this hairstyle uses curls too for adding extra beauty and stun in your hairstyles. Pixie Long Braids with Curly Extensions

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Highlighted Long Hairstyles For Black Women

Highlighted Long Braids are almost the same as the previously discussed hairstyle. In the previous hairstyle, we have shown the thin braid and extensions. Here, the same braids are highlighted with blonde color and the extensions are spiked and colored blonde. Highlighted Long Braids

Highlighted Long Braids

Dreadlocks Ponytail

In the long hairdos, ponytails are great options. And when you make the ponytails with the dreadlocks braids, you will just rock the party. Yes, this one is the party hairstyle. Any kind of social gathering and tour can be rocked with this wonderful ponytail hairstyle. Anyone near you will fall in love with the long dreadlocks ponytail hairstyle for sure. Use this hairstyle and be the queen of the beauty world. Dreadlocks Ponytail   Dreadlocks Ponytail  

Gray Box Braided Topknot

Some of us always think that gray is the color of the aged and old women. But you must know that gray styles are tremendously beautiful and sexy than any other hairstyle designed for the African American people. Here we present the long box braided topknot hairstyle with the lovely gray color. This braiding hairstyle will make you look like a heavenly angel descended from heaven. Gray Box Braided Topknot

Long Golden Box Braids

Well, we are not finished with the box braiding hairstyles yet. Finally, we have picked the best long hairstyle with the box braids for you. Here we present the golden bo0x braided hairstyle for you. These braids are available to your nearby beauty shops and female saloons. With almost low or no maintenance you can use this breathtaking hairstyle to increase the heartbeat of your beloved one. Long Golden Box Braids   Long Golden Box Braids   Long Golden Box Braids

Natural Colored Box Braids Long

In the same way, the box braided ponytails can be used as the most stunning hairstyle for black women. The natural colored long box braids with a lovely thick ponytail will make you the talk of the town at any party or gathering.   Natural COlored Box Braids Long   Natural COlored Box Braids Long

Wild Dreadlocks

In this article, this one is the last long hairstyle made by the dreadlocks braids. We have literally very little to say about this hairstyle. This is a wild hairstyle made with the dreadlocks braids. And tourists and travelers always choose this type of hairstyle to add some extra joy to top their journey or tour. Wild Dreadlocks

Purple Weaves

It’s time to look at a different long hairstyle for African American women. This girl is decorated with lovely straight locks and numerous weaves on her hair. The color hair has made the weaves look purple. These hairstyles are easy to make and easy to maintain. Moreover, you will get the most classic and modern look with this hairstyle only. Purple Weaves

Wavy Long Straight Locks

The weaves are not finished yet. In the former hairstyle, you have seen the purple weaves in the straight hair. And now the same hairstyle is presented with the natural black color. Around the world, women feel most comfortable with this wavy black straight long hair. In the case-of-the African American women, this hairstyle makes them look like an angel. Wavy Long Straight Locks

Long Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are the most wonderful addition and invention in the hairstyle industry designed for African American black women. The crochet braids are made with synthetic curls in various colors and sizes. In this topic, we will discuss the long crochet braids to make along with the hairstyle for the beautiful black women. As you can see, the crochet braids are curly in nature and stunning in effect. The women who wear these braiding hairstyles look just like a princess ruling the whole world. Long Crochet Braids   Long Crochet Braids   Long Crochet Braids

Long Hair Ponytail

We have previously mentioned straight hair for the long hairstyles for black women. Here another great option comes for you. You can make this lovely ponytail with you naturally colored long hair. You will look like this beauty in the picture. Long Natural hair Ponytail

Reddish Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids are inspired by the French braids, the cornrows hairstyles, and the box braids. So when you wear the goddess braids are actually wearing these three elements too. That’s why you are so beautiful; with the goddess braids. Goddess braids are normally long and used as the long hairstyle by African American women. So if you want you want to look like them just use these braids and you are done. Reddish Goddess Braids   Reddish Goddess Braids

Long Hairstyle with Bang

This one is the most used hairstyle by all sorts of women around the world. And I have particularly nothing to explain about it. And from my point of view, maybe you have made this hairstyle at least once during your lifetime. Long Natural Black Hairstyle

Red Hair Ponytail

This one is nothing different. Here the hair is colored red and a lovely Ponytail has been made with the red hair. The fun part is that, here, the two parts of the ponytail are brought front from the backside to make them look gorgeous. Red Hair Ponytail

Crochet Long Afro Hairstyle

In the meantime, we have reached the end of our discussion. In the end, we have the most beautiful surprise for you. And the surprise is the hairstyle you can see below. Actually, this long hairstyle is a combination of crochet braids and the classic afro hairstyle. You will be astonished that this afro-inspired crochet braided long hairstyle is currently trending in Africa, North America, and the USA. Crochet Inspired Afro Long Hairstyle

Now, you take your decision. Pick the right hairstyle for you and ask your hairstylist to get that done for you. Shine your world with these long hairstyles. Make a mind-blowing appearance with these styles to get more crowd attraction. Stay beautiful and keep beautiful.

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