Maximum Hydration Method with Recommended Products

Maximum Hydration Method with Recommended Products

Nowadays we are living in an environment that is not suitable for us. Especially, our health condition, skin condition, and scalp condition are facing the extremism of the climate. Hair and skin get easily dehydrated due to the bad atmosphere. Hair gets directly impacted by our surroundings. That’s why people look for a different solution to save their natural hair. Due to a lack of knowledge and proper information, none of us find the right solution. Natural hair needs enough supply of moisture for proper growth. This only supplies moisture from our environment, lifestyle, and from ready hydration products. Only maximizing the hydrate facilities can save our hair. That may require product assistance and some proper methods. For that reason, our hair expert Adam Cole has decided to provide you complete guidance to save your natural hair with the maximum hydration method. Also, you will find selective product recommendations for maximum hydration.   

What is the Maximum Hydration Method?

The impact of the environment takes away the essential moisture from our natural hair. Which results in hair breakage, hair fall, and dull hair. Overall condition of natural hair gets from bad to worse. Whereas, maximum hydration is the systematic way of adding a moisturizer to your natural hair.

Even though all kinds of natural hair can be the victim of dehydration. But the porosity hair and 4c natural hair mainly face the worst-case scenario. For that reason, we will discuss the impact of maximum hydration products and methods on different types of products later.

What Are The Impacts of Maximum Hydration Products On Hair?

Some people may argue that products are mainly created with artificial chemical ingredients. That’s why general products can’t be a solution to natural hair condition improvement. Yes, we believe this kind of statement. However, the words are not the way of finding a proper solution. 

Good quality products are available on the market. You just need to know the manufacturing formula of that certain product. Without knowing the manufacturing formula you just can not take the decision on selecting any products. Rather than that some products are also made without adding any kinds of chemical ingredients mixers. Also, some natural handmade ingredients can be a great treatment for maximum hydration.    

Nourishes hair 

Actually, maximum hydration products are used on a specific method. Which is known as the maximum hydration method. Through these items, natural hair becomes more active. Daily sunburn and specks of dirt kill the moisture of our natural hair. As a result of that, hair becomes so dull. Sometimes results in breakage hair condition. However, all the maximum hydration products nourish natural hair in a short time. After this action natural hair gets the moisturization it requires. So, hair nourishment has the most positive impact on the maximum hydration product.   

Makes hair shiny 

When we become adults our natural hair becomes colorless. That is also known as glowless natural hair. All types of hair lose their glow daily. That’s why the main look of natural hair diminishes at a rapid rate. After using varieties of hair products, I am not able to find the actual solution. Natural hair loses the real glowing condition day by day. Even some chemical-made products arrive with more negative impacts. Whereas, hydration products are only made to provide solutions to these hair conditions. That product works against all the odds. And comes with positive results. Some hydration products take a little bit of time to make natural hair shine. 

Increases hair growth 

When our age increases our growth rates slow down. After reaching 30 years or so, our growth fully stops. The consequences of age-increasing go-to natural hair also. Natural hair growth rate can be pushed up even after 30 years with maximum hydration product application. Some people get that benefit by following the maximum hydration method.  

Provides nutritions 

Daily use of common hair products creates a layer on our scalp. Which can create blockage on our scalp. As a result, the supply of nutrition to the hair root slows down a bit. On maximum occasions, nutritions supply stopping can be stopped. Well, at that time the necessity of hydrating products increases. These products contain quality proteins, minerals, nutrition to natural hair. So, with the application of this product, your natural hair will supply essential nutrients. That is a great positive side of maximum hydrating products on natural hair.   

Makes hair soft  

This is a very common problem of natural 4c hairs. In extreme conditions, the hair loses its real softness. Natural hair gets hard by the impact of bad surroundings. Some people face the hair frizzing problem. So, making your natural hair soft is very necessary. Which can be done with the addition of natural hair. In today’s time, hydrating products can offer some time to make you softer than ever. 

Apart from all these impacts, the maximum hydration products have so much positiveness for natural hair. Also, the maximum hydration method can be a great solution. So, if you want to see the real impact of the maximum hydration method just keep your eyes on this post.   

Maximum Hydration Method Steps Analysis 

The maximum hydration method is a one-week longer treatment method. If you have lower porosity hair, or 4c natural hair you need to follow these steps to get the most effective result. Our hair expert, Adam Cole has found out six effective ways of maximum hydration. All those steps were briefly analyzed in the below section.   

Cleaning your hair and scalp 

To unleash any treatment you need to make your scalp clean. All the dirt inside creates an unwanted layer on the scalp. As a result of that all the supply of nutritions decreases. Only one way to get back the real hack of the scalp is to clean it. Many people have different opinions about cleaning their scalps. However, the best way to clean your scalp is to apply hydrating cleaning products. We are on to that part later. Now we are focusing on the main part. Don’t bother running on the wrong process. Just do the basics right. Which will provide you with a nice clean scalp. 

The baking soda formula 

Rather than that, some may use baking soda formula. You must be so careful about the portion of the formula. With a mixture of three tablespoons of baking soda with water. The formula gets on the top level with the mixer of natural conditioner. As it is a handmade formula, you must be very careful with that mixer. Also use of oil can be a problematic ending. It is not permitted to be used. Generally, it can create absorbs on natural hair. The condition can go from bad to worse.   

Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo


Product description 

This cleanser shampoo is manufactured by the Nioxin brand. The package comes in a dimension of 3.39 x 2.87 x 10.63 inches. And the weight is nicely carriable. This shampoo was preferred to take care of natural thin hair. Let’s know some of the greatest benefits of this cleaning shampoo on your natural hair.   


  • The application method is very easy. You just need to apply two drops of shampoo to your wet hair. Then leave your hair for 1 or 2 minutes to get a quick result.  
  • DERMA PURIFYING SHAMPOO deeply cleanses the scalp and provides thicker, fuller-looking hair.
  •  It helps remove sebum, fatty acids, and other environmental residues from the scalp and hair
  • This cleanser shampoo has won the best solution award many times. 


  • Well, some users can raise their eyes on the price value of this cleaning shampoo. 

Co-wash & Detangle 

After completing the cleaning stage, we are moving on to the second stage of the hydration process. On the other hand, we just want to remove all the specks of dirt and detangles from our scalp. Just a quality product to remove all dried hairs. On this part, users will remove the frizzes from their hair. Co-washing is the responsible part of removing detangles from the scalp. Increase the energy of natural hair.  

Gold Series from Pantene Sulfate-Free Deep Hydrating Co-Wash


Product description

To continue the maximum hydration method, you need to use co-washing products. And this is the best co-washing hair product for your curly hair. It is mainly preferred for both dry and damaged hair. Pantene sulfate-free deep hydrating co-washing shampoo is made with a mixer of Argan oil. The liquid volume of that item is 15.2 fluid ounces. View the main effects of this product on the later part. 


  • The formula is made with scientific reachers. It can be a great choice for natural moisture hair. 
  • The ultra-rich cleansing conditioner is gentle on hair for a moisturized feel and ultimate softness
  • More importantly, this product doesn’t have a touch of chemical ingredients like paraben, sulfate, and alcohol. 
  • On the contrary argan oil has been used as the second additional ingredients to make the recipe  


  • Overall this product offers so many things at a lower price. So, we have received complaints about it. 

The Cherry Lola treatment

Well, come to the real part of the maximum hydration method. You need to create a mixture that comes with the cherry Lola. Which is mainly known as the cherry Lola treatment. Cherry Lola treatment mainly comes in two different types. At that stage, adding ingredients well makes you healthy from the inside. 

You need to have a mixer with greek yogurt, honey, and amino acids. To get the accurate mixer just blend these items properly. whether you make it slowly, and accurately you will get the proper benefit. Also, you also have two or items with that formula. Which may turn into a non-negotiable instrument. Let’s recommend these names, for making proper cherry Lola formula. 


  • Raw honey
  • Organic apple cider vinegar 
  • Coconut amino acids 
  • One or two drops of avocado 
  • Egg 

This formula is also known as the apple cider vinegar formula. After your formula is fully ready you are ready to apply it. Add the mixture from up to the bottom of your washed hair. But before using the formula, your hair must remain dry.    

Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner


Product description 

The use of a deep conditioner is a mandatory part of maximum hydration. This hair product is preferable for dry, curly, damaged, and straight hair. Water, jojoba seed oil, linseed oil, lactic acid, fragrance, soda, sunflower seed oil, and some other ingredients were used on this product. You will get a touch of natural and cruelty-free touch with that conditioner.    


  • This intensive deep conditioner works to repair damaged hair. Many people use it as a nourishing therapy for natural hair. 
  • It has the ability of advanced frizz control and long-lasting ability. Also, the nice fragrance comes with longer effects. 
  • The safe weightless formula will provide you with weave curly hair in a short piece of time. 


  • On the price value, competitors offer similar advantages like this deep cleansing mask. 

Bentonite clay rinse 

Now move on to the bentonite clay rinse formula. Many people use ready-made products of bentonite clay. Before adding oil mixtures you can use this product on the hair. You just need to bring 1 cup bentonite clay, with 1 or two cups of warm water. Add 1 spine of honey and 1 spoon of olive oil. Then blend ingredients properly. To make your bentonite clay rinse formula ready. Clay masks can result in mass hair. See the main ingredients from the below part. 

  • Bentonite clay 
  • Warm water
  • Olive oil
  • Honey

Plant Therapy Calcium Bentonite Clay


Many of us have already heard about clay therapy. The package comes in a dimension of  ‎4.09 x 3.62 x 3.27 inches. Also, the weight of this item is 1 pound. The plant therapy essential oil is the manufacturing brand of this bentonite clay. Calcium Bentonite Clay helps draw out dirt clogged in pores all while helping calm itchy or irritated skin. Let’s know some other benefits of this bentonite clay.  


  • The Calcium Bentonite Clay has detoxifying properties that help treat your skin and hair in multiple ways
  • The manufacturing company claims their product is made with 100% pure calcium bentonite clay 
  • The mask easily gets rid of unwanted dirt from your scalp. 
  • The application method of this hair mask is very easy. Compared with all types of hair products. 


  • Many users complain about the purity of this product. But we have no issues with the pure bentonite clay. 

Leave-in conditioner 

Then comes the final stage. At that stage, you need to wash your hair properly. Also, keep sure you’re using normal water. Some people use different types of products. But can use the available leave-in conditioner on the market. Good quality conditioners are there to buy. See the suggestion from here. Just add some water to your natural hair. Then with your thumbnail properly message through the conditioner on your scalp and hair. Try to properly use the product on all hairs. Then wait for 2 minutes before washing down the conditioner. After that hairstyle part appears. 

SexyHair Healthy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner


Product description 

This lightweight conditioner is suitable for all types of hair. Provides healthy natural hair in a quick time. It also works to reduce the breakage from natural hair.  Infused with mimosa Flower extract comes with extra nourishing effects. This hair conditioner is also known as a red spray treatment.   


  • A sexy hair conditioner is made with a great natural ingredients mixture. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the recipe for this item.
  • Also, that quality product makes your hair soft from the inside. 
  • Plus you will get the benefit of long-lasting fragrance from this item. 


  • Although you will get total benefit from this leave-in conditioner. But the price value of this item is so high. 

Keratin Express Hydration


Product description 

Keratin Express is the manufacturer of this hydration conditioner. It is suitable for dull, dry, and all types of hair. It comes with a liquid volume of 8 fluid ounces. This leave-in repair treatment targets stressed hair by using our hydration cell complex. Let’s see some other benefits of this hydrating conditioner. 


  • The keratin express hydration conditioner removes the frizziness from natural hair within a short time
  • With the help of its mixer, it provides a quick supply of moisture to your natural hair. 
  • Reduces the chances of detangling and breakage of natural hair. Works for the development of the overall condition. 


  • The product diminishes very quickly. You can only talk about the downside of this item 

Hairstyle products application

Finally, you come to the stage of a little bit of styling. You can use hair cream to have a different styling product. After washing your hair, you can add oils or gel for quick styling. Just take some portion of oil on your hand and properly put it. Try to use the oil on all the hairs of your scalp. The same thing doesn’t go for hair gel. Because hair gel can be a damaging product of your natural hair. But using maximum hydration gel can be a great choice. 

Instead of oil or gel, many people use hydration cream on their hair. Which makes natural hair soft and smooth. The cream has the ability of nourishing hair in a quick time. The cream can be a great choice for natural 4c hair. Because of different different types of hair textures. Natural 4c hair can become so dull in extreme conditions. Therefore, making hair soft will be a great thing for the users.  

Qhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream


Product description 

This cream is the best solution for Perfect for 4C- 4B hair. The formula is manufactured with Amla and an olive oil mixture. The cream package comes with a dimension of 2.75 x 2.75 x 3 inches. Also, the weight value of this item is quite low. Therefore, you can travel with it. More positives are listed down there. 


  • Intensively moisturizes natural hair within a quick application. 
  • Strengthen natural hair from deep inside. And increase hair growth from the beginning days. 
  • Nourishes scalp to make healthy hair. More than that the quick relief from itching and bumps is the main action of this product  


  • Actually, the packaging is very normal compared with its competitors. 

SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil


Product description 

This coconut oil is made with so many natural ingredients. Grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, Avocado oil, Argan oil, Rosehip oil are the main mixers of this shea moisture oil. The recipe helps to make your natural hair shine by adding moisture to it. The shea moisture oil doesn’t contain any parabens, sulfate, and other dangerous chemical ingredients. 


  • The Organic Shea Butter combines the lightness of milk with the potency of a hair growth oil. 
  • This virgin oil provides flyways and healthy-looking natural hair within a few days.
  • You will get a 100% pure virgin oil mixer and sulfate-free, paraben-free ingredients mixer.  


  • The product comes with very normal packaging. According to the price money, the packing is not acceptable. 


Sheamoisture Daily Hydrating Conditioner


Product description 

Now we are reviewing the daily hydration conditioner for you. Shea moisture is the mother brand of the item. This hydrating conditioner is suitable for curly hair care. The liquid volume of this product is 13 fluid ounces. Rosehip oil, argan oil, coconut fruit extract, Coconut acid, Fragrance are the main ingredients of this item.  


  • Just apply the cleansing conditioner to your wet hair. Stay for 1 minute. Then you will see the best possible result after washing it up.
  • This hair conditioner creates an extra layer on natural hair. Which saves hair from the UV rays. 
  • You will get daily hair treatment with this product. 


  • This conditioner is not preferable for the kids. So, you must be careful about it.  

MopTop Curly Hair Custard Gel


Product description  

You will get multiple benefits from this product. Which works to control the frizziness, shine, and moisture of your natural hair. It is made with custard gel, Aloe, Sea Botanicals & a Honey mixer. Also doesn’t contain any silicone, paraben, and sulfate-like chemical items. This is well known for its junk-free formula. 


  • Moptop curly hair custard gel works to activate natural curls. MopTop’s Curly Hair Custard revitalizes wavy, curly, and kinky-coily hair with definition and shine.  
  • You will get defined curly hair, after a few days of application.
  • The custard hair gel is free from all kinds of dangerous chemical ingredients. So, you will get a tension-free hair solution. 


  • The package size is too large. Which is a nice thing to carry with your traveling accessories. 

Avoiding Ingredients on Maximum Hydration Method

Some ingredients dry natural hair quickly. Whereas, in extreme conditions, people want to nourish their hair. Therefore, methods like maximum duration were introduced. Specialty, for the natural porosity hair, and the natural 4c hair. These types of hair don’t have the ability of moisture absorption. On such hair using some chemical ingredients will cause more harm. That’s why the maximum hydration method doesn’t include these chemical ingredients. 

Use of Alcohol 

Well, some people don’t know the damaging side of alcohol. For deep fragrance some lower quality products use alcohol. As a result that, hair strands get quickly dried out. The use of alcohol can damage the attachment of natural hair to the scalp. So, avoiding those products will be a brave decision for you.  

Common hair oil and jelly

On previous occasions, we have mentioned the negative impact of hair oil. Some hair does not have the ability to absorb moisture. This type of hair is well known as lower porosity hair. When you use heavy liquid volume oil on your scalp, it can be very harmful. Also, the same negative result can come out of hair jelly. Creates blocks on the supply of nutrition from the scalp. So, your natural hair growth will be stopped forever.  


For quick hair transitioning use of silicons is mostly seen. But that quick transitioning comes with a heavy penalty. Silicon is a chemical that can create long-term damage to your natural hair. It will prevent the supply of moisture to your natural hair. But rather than using silicone products, you are suggested to use silicone-free products.  


This chemical ingredient is commonly seen on some lower-quality shampoo. Which helps to quickly dry out your natural hair. Also provides the defining wavy curl. But that is not a great decision. Sulfates are not good for natural hair in the long-term process. Day by day it can make hair weak. As a result of that, natural hair becomes so dull over time. So, if you want to avoid these unwanted problems. You need to give sulfate-containing hair products. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Maximum Hydration Method?

  • Question: How long does the maximum hydration method last?  
  • Answer: It is a long hair treatment process. It will take up to 1/2 hours to complete the whole process properly. But you have to collect and make all the ingredients before using the products. 


  • Question: Does the maximum hydration method work on 4c natural hair?  
  • Answer: This process works very well on natural porosity hair and natural 4c hair. As these two types of hair have low texture or volume they get damaged quickly in an extreme environment. Therefore, hair masks and treatments like this can come with a better solution. 


  • Question: Does the Maximum hydration method grow natural hair?
  • Answer: It is a long-lasting and effective formula for growing your natural hair. Because the process is done with natural ingredients. These natural ingredients make your hair stronger from deep inside. Also, increase the supply of nutritions. Therefore, natural hair growth increases.  


  • Question: What is the most effective cause of using the maximum hydration method?
  • Answer: Those who have naturally curly hair, get the most effective result. Because this method helps to define curls on your natural hair. Also, the effect of this method makes natural hair live and weave. The defining result is the most positive effect of this process. 


  • Question: Is the cherry Lola treatment a safer option for the users?    
  • Answer: According to hair experts’ analysis the cherry lola treatment is a safe option. But the amino acid can cause some problems with the allergenic skin. Otherwise, honey, egg, Avocado, and vinegar don’t cause any harm to the hair. But mostly proven the cherry lola treatment is a safe option for all kinds of users. 


  • Question: How many times should I take this hydration treatment?  
  • Answer: Actually the safer option is not to over-optimize the process. Just use this formula once or twice every week. When you will do the process for the first, have a break of at least 7 days on each term.


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