Medium Box Braids Styles & Caring

If you have medium hair and been waiting for some fabulous box braids styles then this article will help you. Box braid is one of the most popular protective hairstyles. Box braids are elegant and full of versatile style. This hairstyle is very popular among African women since ancient time. Later we can see that this style is carried by many television, movie stars and band members. Now, you can decorate your braids with colors, extensions, beads, metallic wire, and so many accessories. You will find hundreds of Youtube videos and Instagram pictures on box braids. There are from simple to gorgeous box braids style. Sometimes, you might face difficulty to find out the best style for medium hair box braids. In this article, you will learn about some simple yet pretty box braids style for medium hair.

Double Top Knots

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Double Top Knot is always a chic and cute hairstyle. You cand it also with your box braids. It is incredibly easy to do and maintain. This a trendy style since the ’90s.  It was very popular among girls’ bands of the ’90s era. You can follow this makeup style too. Vibrant blue eyeshadow with the nude lip. Definitely, you will be a ’90s doll with this style.

Double Ponytails  

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Box braid is so protective and you can make it a more protective if you do simple double ponytails. Don’t forget about baby hairs. Set them nicely on your forehead. Use beads to make your braids extra attractive.

Simple High Bun

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Buns always add a simplicity to any face. Wear this style with any type of dresses in any days. You can add flowers or other accessories if you want. Although buns look good all alone. Set your baby hairs and you leave some hair untied behind ears.

Mushroom Bun  

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A very funky style for the weekend. Funny name but looks quite adorable. Do a bun with the middle-front braids. Leave the other braids on sides.

Blonde Braids

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Who does not love blonde hair? Blonde suits very nicely some African women face. And sometimes it is boring to have black hair. You can color your hair or use extensions. Blonde always puts a sassy vibe in any looks.

Ponytail with Bandana

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If you are bored with just ponytail then use a bandana to get a different look. Wear a bandana like this picture and make a ponytail by covering the braids. It will protect your hair too. You can use a white bandana or match the color with the dress.

Single Ponytail

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Simple and edgy. It will take probably a few minutes to do. When you are in rush and don’t know what to do with your box braids simply tie them into a ponytail. Decorate braids with beads and golden or silver wire.

Ultra Violet

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All black women have a common thing in their lives and that is box braid. Ultraviolet rocks any look. You can color your hair or use extensions, it will little flair to your box braids. You can also wrap braids with a scarf like this for styling.

Curly Ends

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Just get out of traditional box braids ideas. Do half braids and curl the ends. You can do it with your natural hair or can use hair extensions like this picture. You will rock any night party with this style.


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You have already understood that you can use a lot of hair accessories to decorate your braids. A thread is one of them. It is easy and you can create many patterns in your braids with threads.

Frayed End

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I love this frayed ends with classic braids on Amandla Stenberg. You can wear this style for a unique look. You can braid your hair with extensions like this color if you are feeling daring.

 Half Back Bun

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Another easy and simple style for buns lovers. Imagine just with a bun you can create multiple styles. This back bun style will go with your any casual dress on a casual day.

Beads Ends

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Stunning box braid style with golden beads. You do not need to stick on one style with beads. Change the pattern and position and you will get many different styles. Put all the beads on the end of the braids to get a different look.

Colorful Extensions

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Go crazy! Braid your hair with colorful extensions. This look will go with summer and spring both. And the best part is you don’t need to color your hair.

How to Take Care of Box Braids

Caring is more important than styling. There is a chance that your hair will be damaged by styling. So, it is very important to take care of your box braids.

  • Wrap your braids with a silk or satin cloth at night to prevent frizziness.
  • Rub out your braids with witch hazel 2-3 times a week to keep them clean.
  • Wash the scalp with shampoo and water to prevent itchiness and stickiness.
  • Massage oils into your scalp once a week to keep it hydrated.
  • Take the braids out within 2 months or it will cause hair damage.

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