Mousse Vs Gel – Choose the Best Styler for Curly Hair

If you want a better-defined styler for curly hair, Mousse will be a more preferable option to the gel. As both stylers produce quite a similar result, people usually get confused to choose the better one. Simply move on to the next segment to clear your confusion.

Why choose Mousse as the best styler for curly hair?

  • The major advantage of Mousse, it offers thinner curls and won’t draw your hair down. But some gels can make heavy hair curls with thick oily layers.
  • Comparatively easier usability of Mousse attracts more users than other gel stylers.
  • It feels so natural on hair. Whereas, the gel results in more artificial and leaves crunchy hairs.
  • Sometimes gel may cause some damage to your hair with its petroleum-based ingredients. As the Mousse is a spray-based item, it will not touch your scalp or other sensitive parts of your head. So, no chance of hair damaging.

All those specialties have made Mousse more preferable than gel. However, the gel has some advantages too. Here, both items are available at a cheap rate. Check the price value from here.

Quick Comparison of Mousse Vs Gel

Descriptions Mousse hair styler Gel hair styler
Item type Spray/Cream Liquid gel
Characterization Thinner curls Thicker curls
Lasting ability Long Medium
Usability Easy Delicate
Main ingredients Water (Aqua, Eau), Isobutane, Propylene Glycol, PVP Water (Aqua, Eau), Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate
Hair type Curly and dry Curly
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Mousse hair styler -PROS

  1. Will not draw hair down towards.
  2. Easier using process.
  3. Provides a natural feel to the users.
  4. Not causes any harm to the scalp and sensitive parts of the head.
  5. Makes softer hair with a more natural look.

Mousse hair styler – CONS

  1. Sometimes it lacks to provide the definite curl
  2. Very dry hair loses the setup in a windy condition

Gel hair styler -PROS

  1. It provides a definite hairstyle.
  2. Hair remains down toward a windy situation.
  3. Creamy oil provides a proper layer.

Gel hair styler -CONS

  1. Could cause damage to your scalp
  2. Liquid style doesn’t last so long


Defined hairstyle

Although both items have a few identical differences, the mousse will make your hair look more defined. After using this thing on your hair, it will not drag your hair underneath. The mousse will increase curl density than gel items. It is best suited for thinner type hairs. On the opposite side, the gel is more versatile. It allows you to do with your hair, whatever you want.


The user tends to enjoy using Mousse than using gel products on the hair. In Particular, Mousse is very easy to use. Simply push the switch button, to apply this item to your hair. Sometimes, you don’t need to use a towel. Just rub it on your hand and apply it to your hair. For a post-wash period, mousse provides better results.

As gel-made products are so oily, it is irritating for some users. Even though gel provides a defined look at a quick time, it takes more time to get dry. But the advantage of gel is its convenient usability for all conditions.

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Natural style

Usually, a user wants more natural-looking hair. Mousse makes your curl look so natural and soft. In a windy condition, hair gets life for a perfect wing. But the glycerin and oily gel provide stronger curls and drags down your hair underneath. Looks so unnatural, tightly holds your hair in a windy condition. But some users look for tight-rubbed hair on for a running time. It really depends upon your choice, which type of curl style you are really searching for.

Hair damage

Mousse doesn’t puts any bad impact on your hair. The foam nature diminishes in the air in quick time. Sometimes gel use can damage your hair. Ingredients of some gel can cause damage to your scalp as well as your hair. Although a good quality gel will not put any impact on hair. For that reason, the gel is the last option to use on your hair.


If you consider Mousse for permanent use on your hair, it will work very naturally. No side impacts are available in this thing. Easy to use, and provides a mind-blowing curl on your hair. Therefore, I found no alternative to Mousse for regular use.

Yes, some may argue that gel results on a definite curl. For quick using ability and definite curl, the gel has no alternative. So, it’s up to you which one you should go for.



  • Question: What is the smell of Mousse?
  • Answer: Mousse has a fruity fragrance, which is quite like the taste of fresh sliced apples. It makes natural curl hair and offers a nice natural fragrance.
  • Question: Can I use it on my colored hair?
  • Answer: Yes, Both items are preferable to use on colored hair. The mousse will look so shiny. But the gel provides a wet look.
  • Question: What is the fragrance of the Gel?
  • Answer: Gel comes with a spectacular fresh fragrance. Also, this fragrance lasts so long.
  • Question: Should I use hand gloves to use the gel?
  • Answer: No, Gel is made for quick use. Therefore, you don’t need to use any gloves or hand protectors.
  • Question: Which one lasts longer?
  • Answer: Both items have a lasting ability of a minimum of two days. But the Mousse lasts longer than the gel items.

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