Natural Hair Updos for Weddings

Natural Hair Updos for Weddings

Natural Hair Updos for Weddings. Updos are most used hairstyles among the African American people. During weeding the women wants to be hustle free and gorgeous at the same time. For this, there is no other congenial way to present yourself in a wedding rather than the Updos. In this article, we were discussing the pros and cons of the natural hair Updos for the weeding bride. So if you are looking for a dashing and stunning updo hairstyle for weeding, you are cordially invited to join our discussion. So, let’s get going.

  1. Beautiful Natural Hairdo

Let’s start with a simple one. This bride is wearing an updo made of natural hair. The sides are groomed beautifully and the hair is piled up on the top of the head with wavy design. Nothing complicated, beautiful and sexy. Try this one for saving your precious weeding time.

beautiful natural hairdo
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Updo with Snowflake

Well, this one is simple too like the previous one. But there is a little difference between the top hairs. The design is not wavy here rather it is curled and piled up. The fun part is the snowflake looking stone clips which are dazzling and adding beauty to the hair.

Updo with Snowflake
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Braided Weeding Updo

It’s time to do some braids. It is said that no other hairstyles can compete with the effects of braids. Now, look at the bride in the picture. She has worn several thick braids and an updo for her wedding. And that’s the fact which has made her a heavenly angel. Less effort but a gorgeous look.

Braided Weeding Updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Nigerian Braids

We want to discuss something more about the braided Updos during the wedding. The hairstyle in the picture below shows the Nigerian braids shaped as updo for a wedding event. The thin braids are puller over and decorated beautifully on the top. And of course, she has worn a beautiful white colored hairclip for achieving additional beauty.

Nigerian Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Lovely and Gorgeous

This is one kind of twisted updo. The whole of the hair is positioned on the top and the whole pile is twisted in a wavy manner. There some white colored star clips on every weave of the hair.  This is so cute and lovely.

Lovely and Gorgeous
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Ultimate Beauty

This one is an example of updo which can reveal the ultimate beauty with only the natural hair. When you will wear this fantastic hairstyle, you will be amazed to hear the admiration about your hairstyle from the surrounding or maybe even from you’re would be husband.

Ultimate Beauty
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Nice and Unique

Everyone wants uniqueness in their hairstyle, especially for a wedding event. If you also want that, you can try this stunning hairstyle. The updo is shaped like the petals of a flower. Moreover, there is two flower-like buns on the front and on the top gradually.

nice and unique.
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Bun, Beads, and Updo

Want to charm everyone in your wedding with your natural hair? Just combine updo, beads and bun technique. It will cost you a very short time but will return you a flawless reflection of beauty. You can make the surrounding just looking at you in the wedding event.

Bun, Beads and Updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Big bun updo

This one is about the bun too. A beautiful big bun can show an amazing charisma just like the picture. When you are wearing a big giant bun with some insignificant accessories, you are the most beautiful women in the world.

Big bun updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Updo and Extensions

Well, what about two buns of hair in the wedding event?  The picture will clear your confusion out. There are two buns, one is positioned at the right front and the other is at the back side of the head. And of course, the back sided bun is decorated with a beautiful white colored hair band. Awesome and Splendid isn’t it?

Updo and Extensions
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. The classic, The gorgeous

The classics are always gorgeous. Nothing else should be said about this. You are the one to judge the flawless beauty of this stunning hairstyle.

The classic, The gorgeous
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Afro Updo

Afro updo can be also a great decoration for your hair for the wedding event. The classics are gorgeous. That’s why the classic afro updo with a front hair band can be your wedding hairstyle.

Afro Updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Front Bun

This is simple and gorgeous at the same time.  The lovely locks are shaped like updo and a beautiful bun has been created in the front part of the head. Now nothing can challenge this beauty.

Front Bun
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. lock Petal Hair Style

Now you to judge. What about the tiny braids designed over the head? What about the beautiful pendant on the head? And what about the overall combination? I think it’s marvelous, what about you?

loc petal hair style
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Pin Curl Updo

Pin Curl Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

This is pin curl updo. Try this with some accessories and start looking beautiful in the wedding event.

  1. Splendid and Stunning

Here are another one, simple bun and a beautiful hair band. That’s what all you need to design your hair for the wedding.

Splendid and Stunning
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Updo with accessories

This updo is even simpler than the previous Updos. But the accessories are adding some extra beauty here.

Updo with accessories
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Decorated Bun

When you are making a bun for weeding, you need to decorate it too. But don’t worry, the bun takes a band to be decorated beautifully.

Decorated Bun
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Angel Looking Updo

Angel is an angel and nothing else. You can be an angel too with this hairstyle.

Angel Looking Updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Asymmetrical Positioning of the Floral Accessory

Asymmetrical Positioning of the Floral Accessory is the main part of this hairstyle. Try this at your wedding too.

asymmetrical positioning of the floral accessory
Image Source: Pinterest

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