18 Incredible Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair is a trend nowadays. Women around the world is searching for newer ideas about Natural hairstyles for short hair. Many of our women are now fond of short hairs due to several reasons. And Among the African American Black women, this trend is high and still on the go. Women love short hair because of their profession, business, and choice. Another group of women thinks that short hair can make you look aged and ugly.  But in fact, short hair can make you smart, confident and more beautiful than you with long hair. All you need is some stunning short hairstyles. Today we will talk about the most popular 18 short natural hairstyles for African American women. So let’s get started.

  1. Curly Tapered Natural Hairstyles

Whatever your age, you can try this curly tapered hair. Women around the world wear this unique hairstyle for a newer look. Look at the picture carefully.  Here the beautiful short curls are tapered effectively. This is so simple to prepare but so gorgeous when others see it. Maybe it is the natural hairstyles for short hair you are searching for.

Curly Tapered Hair
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Polished Curls

This is also one of the topmost used hairstyles among African American Black women. The Hair here is made curly and a hairband is used at the front of the head. You need not much time to make this hairstyle. You can get yourself ready for anything whenever you like with this natural short hairstyle.

polished Curls
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Crochet Braids

If are seeing this hairstyle for the first time, then you should know that this is a very simple and gorgeous short hairstyle called Crochet Braids. This hairstyle is made of some beautiful colored curls shaped as crochet. Home, work or tour- this hairstyle can take you anywhere with confidence and smartness.

Crochet Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Divided Curls

The women in the picture is actually a medium-short hairstyle. She is spreading a heavenly beauty with that type of natural short hairstyle. Her hair is colored partially and divided into two parts in the middle of the head. And the two sides are beautifully curled and allowed to go downward. Besides, these hairstyles are widely popular as natural hairstyles for short hair.

Divided Curls
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Beautiful Flat twist out

You can judge this hairstyle of your own. There is something in the world which do not need any explanation and description. This lovely natural short hairstyle is also beyond any comment and suggestion. Flat twist oust hairstyle has made her a center of cuteness.

Beautiful Flat twist out

  1. A Pop of Color

Yes, this is also a natural hairstyle. The color of her hair is dazzling, isn’t it? This beautiful natural short hairstyle is called a pop of color where the woman who wears it emits a heavenly beauty around her.

A Pop of Color
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Simple and Smart Short Hairstyle

She does not need anything to increase her beauty. She has lovely short hair which is placed as wavy on the round of the head. Simplicity is the best fashion. And she is the example of that statement.

Simple and Smart
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Unique and Dashing

This hairstyle is shaped as semi afro. There is a line on the right front corner which is adding extra cuteness to the women. Moreover, the color on the natural short hair has made her sexy, unique and dashing.

Unique and Dashing
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Undercut for Natural Hair

Her hair is undercut inspired by Mohawk hairstyle. And the colored hair is curled on the top round. The beautiful curls and the undercuts combinedly have presented a smarter look to this woman.

Undercut For Natural Hair
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Rod set & finger coils

Hello, these are rod set and finger coils hairstyle applied on the short hair. People can hardly imagine this type of amazing and stunning hairstyle available for the short hair.

Rod set & finger coils
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Kinky Curly

Kinky curly can be an attractive choice for the short-haired African American black woman. Here the kinky curls are only colored and the leftover of the hair is of natural color.

Kinky Curly
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Afro inspired updo

You have short hair and it does not mean that you cannot have an updo. Look at the girl in the picture. She has shaped her hair like Afro hairstyle and made an up with that. All you need is a hairband which will be hidden in the curls and an afro cut.

Afro inspired updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Undercut with Curls

Undercuts are much more popular this time. The bold woman often uses this smarter hairstyle to make them look advanced and stylish. This undercut hairstyle consists of the undercut and strong short curls on the top.

Undercut with Curls
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Purple for Short

Whenever you have hardly any time to look after your hair but you need a natural beauty of your curls just leave them wavy and apply the purple on the curls. Without wasting any time you are awesome.

Purple for Short
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Black Shortness

Like this wow hairstyle? Or you like to be a wow? Then try this one. Simple black short wavy hair. Nothing else is necessary to look you stunning and sexy.

Black Shortness
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Pretty curls

This is a Mohawk inspired curly short hairstyle. A hairband is used on the front and the curled short hair is pushed from the front to the center of the head. So simple and gorgeous at the same time huh?

Pretty curls
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. The Baldie Revolution

Now this one is a little bit different from the others. This a brand new and trendy hairstyle in 21st century designed for the short hair. Here the round of the head is bald and the top of the head and the leftover is blonde.

the baldie revolution
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Fade Haircut

Fade is a very common and stylish method of decorating your natural short hair. All you have to do is make shades on the sides of your head and the backside of your head. This hairstyle is common among the bold and beautiful. Besides, the athletes and filmstars are wearing these hairstyles to a great extent today.

Fade Haircut
Image Source: Pinterest

So, we have these 18 Natural hairstyles for short hair. If you really need a hairdo with short hair and you like these designs and styles, you can get one of these. Trust me, anyone of these hairstyles has the power to make you look like a smart and confident 21st century. Moreover, if you have any questions please leave it in the comment box. Additionally, you can follow us on social media to get regular updates.

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