Natural Hairstyles For Long Hair

A lovely hairstyle is cherished by every single woman in this word especially the African American women. Long hair represents beauty, confidence, and smartness at the same time. Most of the time the black women crave the best natural hairstyles for lengthy hair on the internet, magazines or other sources. For those people, we have brought the best 18 natural hairstyles suitable for the long hairstyles. These hairstyles are easy to wear, less time consuming and of low maintenance. As a result, women of all ages and profession can adopt these lovely hairstyles. So let’s dive in.

# Ponytails With Long Hair

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Ponytails are widely used hairstyles by African American black women all over the world. These ponytails hairstyles are most suitable for the long straight hair like the picture. This will sharpen your look and build the confidence to the next level. Use this hairstyle for having a hassle-free hairstyle.


# Curls

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Simple Curls is one of the most used and popular hairstyles used for long hairstyles. In this hairstyles, your lovely curly locks are presented beautifully by the backside of the head and let them free to hang around. This is so simple and standard hairstyle. But its effects are uncountable.


# Straight Blonde Hair:

Straight Blonde Hair
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When you have long lovely hair you can let them remain straight. The simpler you are, the more gorgeous you are. All you need to do is make your hair blonde colored and let them hang freely. Your blonde long hairstyle will make others bow before you.


# Wavy

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Weaves is a great choice for African American thick hair. This hairstyle costs almost nothing but prepares you as a princess. You do not have to feel the disturbance due to the maintenance and preparation of this hairstyle, but you will certainly look great in this awesome hairstyle.


# Beads with Braids Corn

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When you are craving for a long hairstyle, you can try this long cornrows braids to make a gorgeous hairstyle this time. Cornrows hairstyles are thousand years old hairstyle but still in high demand with some significant or insignificant modification. You can also try this classic and trendy long cornrows braids as your next hairdo.


# Golden Cornrows

Golden Cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest

Previously we have shown the natural colored and most conventional hairstyle of cornrows. But you cannot ignore this golden long braiding hairstyle if you are a long hairstyle lover. This hairstyle will make you dazzle in the parties or occasions you attend. You can try this hairstyle for an outing or tour too.


# Braids, Ponytails, and Curls

Braids, Ponytails and Curls
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, here, the braids, ponytail and the curls are combined with the highlighted blonde long hair. Women of young ages like this type of hairstyles most as they can enjoy multi-styling in a single hairstyle. This super cool hairstyle is one of my favorites too and I highly recommend to use this hairstyle as a hairstylist.


# Floral Curls

Floral Curls
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Long hairstyles can be designed in any way you like. You can shape them of anything you can imagine. The most popular shapes made by the hair is the floral look like the girl in the picture. This girl has made a hairstyle like a flower petal and the edges of the hair are curled. This blonde hairstyle is in great demand this day.


# Blonde Topknot

Blonde Topknot
Image Source: Pinterest

Topknots and Curls have a very pretty combination. Women who love the long hairstyles will love this hairstyle very much. Here the hair is highlighted with blonde color first and as the next step a beautiful knot is positioned on the top of the head and the leftover of the hair is let free.


# Side Knots

Side Knots
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This hairstyle is also about knots. Here the blonde colored hair is used to make two beautiful knots positioned by the two side of the top of the head. This trendy hairstyle will make you the magnetic part of any party or gathering and will compel anyone to look twice towards you.


# Dreadlocks

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Dreadlocks can be a great choice for stylish long hair. Dreadlocks hairstyles are mai9nly braiding hairstyle. And here the lovely wild long braids have been presented beautifully. This crazy hairstyle will make anyone fall in love with it. So wear this long hairstyle to look like a princess.


# Yarn Braids

Crochet Braids
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Maybe Yarn Braids are the hairstyle you are just searching as long hairstyle. This long smooth braid looks just like heavenly and they make you look like a heavenly angel. Many of the African American women choose this soft long hairstyle for outing, party or tour nowadays.


# Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids
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When we are talking about long hairstyles, we cannot just ignore the long and curly crochet braids. This curly braids can be fitted with any type of face shapes and age range. When you wear this sexy hairstyle the world will bow in front of you for your limitless beauty.


# Exceptional

Image Source: Pinterest

This long exceptional hairstyle is a long knotted hairstyle with natural color. Previously we have shown the topknots hairstyle with blonde color. But this one is of natural color and anyone will just love this super awesome hairstyle.


# Box Braids

Box Braids
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Need Long hairstyles? Try the long box braids. These braids are one of the most wonderful inventions in the world of beauty. The African American black women are very much popular with this stunning hairdo.


# French Braided Ponytails

French Braided Ponytails
Image Source: Pinterest

French Braided Ponytails are also considered to be a great example of long-haired hairstyle among black people. This neat and clean hairstyle will make you look like a heavenly angel and give you the look of a goddess. Try this French braids and ponytails for the newer and more stunning you.

# Highlighted Box Braids

Natural Hairstyles For Long Hair
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, this one is the last one. This is also a box braiding hairstyle. And you know, we have previously shown the box braiding hairstyle with natural color. But this one is the blonde colored and highly wanted hairstyle across Africa, Europe and America.

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