Picked 5 Natural Hairstyles Ideas for Medium Length Hair

People with natural hair faced some problem and get some benefits.  This hair does not settle with you want to do them. Here are the trendy 5 natural hairstyles ideas for medium length hair Black Women to try for this year.

“Medium Length Natural Hairstyles”

Headband Rope Braid:

The best idea for curly hairstyle is headband rope braid. The style is cutest and familiar to all.  This style makes you more beautiful and you do not need to touch your hair in a day.

headband rope braid
Image: Headband Rope Braid                    Source: Instagram

Natural Curly Loveliness:

Natural curly hair can easily control during the summer season. But major of women don’t know how to style it. You have beautiful black hair but don’t know how to style it? So we recommend you use natural curly loveliness hairstyle.

Natural Curly Loveliness
Image: Natural Curly Loveliness                    Source: Instagram

Cute Curly Twist:

Curly twist is another popular hairstyle for the people with natural hair. The style works well with medium length hair.

Natural Curly Twist
Image: Natural Curly Twist                    Source: Instagram

Bridal Crown for Medium Hair:

the Bridal crown is one of the best natural hairstyles for medium length hair. Actually, people with natural hair face some challenge to control it. But if you use bridal crown hairstyle for medium length hair then you can easily control it.

Bridal Crown for Medium Hair
Image: Bridal Crown for Medium Hair                    Source: Instagram

Twist and Burn:

Twist natural hairstyles for medium length hair is common to all of the women who have natural hair curly hair. Here the easiest idea to make your hair twist and burn.

Twist and Burn (Natural Hairstyles)
Image: Twist and Burn                    Source: Instagram


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  1. Although I’m not black, I do have curly hair. I really like the rope headband braid. I believe that it could be adapted to ‘white hair’. I do have a question. Should I go to a stylist that specializes in braiding & ‘black hair’?

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