Trendy 12 New Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

The Black Women are the beauty of natural hairstyles.  And their hairstyles are dashing. For this beauty, we build a short list of 12 new natural hairstyles for black women.

01. Natural Weave:  women can style their hair like as picture. Women have natural can try this style.

Solange Knowles Natural Weave
IMG: Solange Knowles Natural Weave Haircut


02. Faux Locs: You can Make some portion of hair faux locs and other stay remaining short.

IMG: Faux Locs for Black Women



03.  Natural Bob Cut: Natural hair women can try these natural bob hairstyles.

Natural Bob Haircut
IMG: Natural Bob Haircut

04. Natural Curly:


 Natural Curly
IMG: Natural Curly for Black Women


05. Afro Puff:

Afro Puff
IMG: Afro Puff


06. Short Natural HairstylesShort hairstyles has a good popularity to women. Women can style her hair like as picture.

Short Natural Hairstyles
IMG: Short Natural Hairstyles


07.  Hair Bun Twist:

Hair Bun Twist
IMG: Hair Bun Twist


08. Short Natural Twist:


Short Natural Twist
IMG: Short Natural Twist


09. Medium Twist:


Medium Twist
IMG: Medium Twist Hairstyle for black women


10. The twist for Long Hair:


Twist for Long Hair
IMG: Twist for Long Hair


11. Curls for Extra Short Hairstyles:


Curls for Extra Short Hairstyles
IMG: Curls for Extra Short Hairstyles



12. Red Short Curly:

New Natural Hairstyles for Black Women
IMG: Red Short Curly

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