12 New Natural Hairstyles Braids for Black Women

Black Women are the beauty of natural braids hairstyles.  And their hairstyles are dashing. For this beauty, we build a shortlist of 12 new natural hairstyles for black women.

01. Natural Weave Braid:

women can style their hair like a picture. Women who have natural can try this style.

new natural hairstyles
IMG: Solange Knowles Natural Weave Haircut

02. Faux Locs:

You can Make some portion of hair faux locs and other stay remaining short.

IMG: Faux Locs for Black Women
Face Shape Round, long, oval Hair Type: Curly
Age 20 to 30 Hair Length: Short
Styling Time 10m Hair Style:  Foux Locks
Hair Density: Medium Hair Color: Brown, Black

03.  Natural Bob Cut:

Natural hair women can try these natural bob hairstyles.

Natural Bob Haircut
IMG: Natural Bob Haircut

04. Natural Curly:

This is a very natural curly hairstyle. Tennis player Serena Williams used to do this hairstyle frequently. Hair length is long and deep.No braid or beads. Simply natural. 

new natural hairstyles
IMG: Natural Curly for Black Women

05. Afro Puff:

This is a very interesting hairstyle and looks very much cute & funny. No braids. Just divide the whole into two parts and then wrap that hair like a paper.

Afro Puff
IMG: Afro Puff

06. Short Natural Hairstyles:

Short hairstyles have a good popularity for women. Women can style hair like a picture.

Short Natural Hairstyles
IMG: Short Natural Hairstyles

07.  Hair Bun Twist:

This is a braided hairstyle. Braids are very much strong, look like linen rope. Fasten hair has also slight brown color with black. Head hair not shaved totally, it’s like forty to forty-five percent shaved.

Hair Bun Twist
IMG: Hair Bun Twist

08. Short Natural Twist:

This short natural twist hairstyle looks like a boy cut hairstyle. Length is similar to boy cut but not the style. This style is very much suitable for Afro-American women.

Short Natural Twist
IMG: Short Natural Twist

09. Medium Twist Natural Hair:

Hair length is semi-long. Suitable for teenagers. No beads to control or arrange the hair. It’s pure natural. Like the length, hair twist is also medium. Head is also semi-shaved we can say.   

Medium Twist
IMG: Medium Twist Hairstyle for black women

10. The twist for Long Hair:

It is the hairstyle only for the long hair holders. Without long hair, this style can’t happen, cause there is a lot of twist in the hair. The whole hair is twisted and spire-shaped. It is very much difficult to find out the start and endpoint of the twisted offshoot hair.

Twist for Long Hair
IMG: Twist for Long Hair

11. Curls for Extra Short Hairstyles:

This hairstyle is very suitable in places like Nigeria where the weather is too much hot and very much difficult to maintain long or medium hair. So, women, there are prefer this type of short hairstyle. And those who have curly hair can definitely try this Curls For Extra Short Hairstyles.

Curls for Extra Short Hairstyles
IMG: Curls for Extra Short Hairstyles

12. Red Short Curly:

This hairstyle is very much similar to the natural curly hairstyle. No braids or beads. But the difference is here hairs are very splattery. Hair sometimes covers the forehead or sometimes the upper part of the face. And this red color in this hair makes this style is very much dashing to watch. This style is pretty much for the light or slight black women.

New Natural Hairstyles for Black Women
IMG: Red Short Curly

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