12 New Natural Hairstyles for This Year

Black women often search for good natural hairstyles. They frequently fall in trouble for their hair. Here I collected 12 new natural hairstyles that you can style yourself for this year.


  • 01.Short Curls with Clipped: You can cut your black curly hair short like as the picture with clipper.
Short Curls with Clipped
Image: Short Curls with Clipped     Source: Pinterest


  • 02. Black Hair Bun Natural Hair: Black natural hair bun with hair clips. This is pretty to look at.
Black Hair Bun for Natural Hair
Image: Black Hair Bun Natural Hair     Source: Pinterest
  • 03. Feed-in Braids for Long Hair:  You can style your hair like as the picture. The is one of the attracting hairstyles now.
Feed in Braids for Long Hair
Image: Feed-in Braids for Long Hair     Source: Pinterest
  • 04.Natural Curly Hairstyles: Natural curly hair girl can try this if you want to keep your hair short as shoulder length.
Natural Curly Hair
Image: Natural Curly Hairstyles     Source: Pinterest
  • 05.Black Afro with Clipped: This is another new natural hairstyles now. You can keep your afro short and make a small clipper on a single side.
Black Afro with Clipped
Image: Black Afro with Clipped     Source: Pinterest
  • 06.Bridal Bun For Long Natural Hair: This is the most lovely bridal hairstyle for natural hair I was seen. Long hair black women can try this.
Bridal Bun For Long Natural Hair
Image: Bridal Bun For Long Natural Hair     Source: Pinterest
  • 07.Afro for Short Hair: Short hair women can style her hair like as the picture afro short hairstyles.
Afro for Short Hair
Image: Afro for Short Hairstyle     Source: Pinterest
  • 08.Natural Black Curly Hair: Natural curly hair women can try this semi braids curly hairstyles.
Natural Black Curly Hair
Image: Natural Black Curly Hair     Source: Pinterest
  • 09.Black Natural Hair with Short Feed in Braids: This is another trendy new natural hairstyle right now.
Black Natural Hair with Short Feed in Braids
Image: Black Natural Hair with Short Feed in Braids     Source: Pinterest
  • 10.Exclusive Braids for Black Girl: The Black girl can style hair like as the picture.
Exclusive Braids for Black Women
Image: Exclusive Braids for Black Women     Source: Pinterest
  • 11.Chin Length Afro Curly: Chin length afro curl is another popular new hairstyle present time.
Chin Length Afro Curly (new natural hairstyles)
Image: Chin Length Afro Curly     Source: Pinterest


  • 12. Small Braid with Beads: Women or girls who wear beads look like more pretty than others. Here is new natural hairstyle small braid with beads picture below.
Small Braid with Beads (new natural hairstyles)
Image: Small Braid with Beads      Source: Pinterest

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