Purple and Black Box Braids

Are you looking for purple and black box braids then this is the right place for you. This post is about braids with purple and black color mixed, box braid bun, long box braids and much more.

A Last of eye-catching 9 Purple and Black Box Braids

Purple Black Braids Bun:

Black and purple color mixed bun. That makes you more professional.

Purple Black Braids Bun
Image: Purple Black Braids Bun                          Source: Instagram

Light Purple Long Braids:

Purple end of the hair and black first for long hair. This makes you simple and cute.

Light Purple Long Braids
Image: Light Purple Long Braids                  Source: Instagram

Jumbo Braids with Purple Black Mixed:  

Single jumbo braids and bun top of the head. And the braids are mixed black and purple-black color that’s are fantastic.

Single Jambo Braids with Purple Black Mixed
Image: Single Jambo Braids with Purple Black Mixed              Source: Instagram

Deep Purple with Black Box Braids:  

Deep Purple with Black Box Braids
Image: Deep Purple with Black Box Braids                Source: Instagram

Jambo Braids with Bun: 

Jambo Braids with Bun
Image: Jambo Braids with Bun                        Source: Instagram

Purple Black Braids Bun Back: 

You may style your hair like this Black – purple color braids with Bun

Purple Black Braids Bun Back
Image: Purple Black Braids Bun Back                  Source: Instagram

Feed-in Braids:

Black women can try this purple feed in braids.

Feed in Braids
Image: Feed-in Braids              Source: Instagram

Half Purple Half-Black: 

Half Purple Half Black
Image: Half Purple Half Black                                     Source: Instagram

Box Braids with Two Bun:

If you are long hair woman you can try this box braid with two hair bun.

Box Braids with Two Bun
Image: Box Braids with Two Bun                     Source: Instagram

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