Rice Water for Natural Hair

Benefits of Rice Water for Natural Hair: How to Make & Use It

Have you tried lots of chemical ingredients on your naturally curly hair? But didn’t get the result you were looking for. In these circumstances try some natural ingredients that will not only provide you better results on your natural hair but also increase hair growth in many ways. Rice water can be a natural product to provide you the best solution for your natural hair. 

What Is Rice Water?

Rice water is starchy water left over after rice. From a very ancient age, this water from rice has been used as a hair treatment item, in southeast Asian countries. Especially in Indian-subcontinent rice water has been a useful beauty care treatment product for centuries. 

Benefits of Using Rice Water  

Rice water has various types of benefits. This water can have a beneficial impact on your skin, digestive upsets, eye problems, and Eczema, and other skin problems. However, these natural ingredients only have minimum side impacts. Here we only focus on the benefits of rice water on natural hair.     

Benefits Of Rice Water On Natural Hair 

  • Rice water makes hair soft and smooth. But it is not possible with some other regular products. Whereas, rice water comes up with this benefit, without any side impact. 
  • It increases hair growth. Sometimes women suffer from very low speedy hair growth. After using many chemical ingredients they are not satisfied with the hair growth. Where you can find a solution using this natural item. 
  • Quickly make your hair shiny and provide natural healthy looks. Non-other items can make such a difference as this one. Because the rice water has the ability to work from inside. Make hair so wavy. Reduces the frizz look from natural hair. 
  • The last benefit of natural hair from rice water is its dandruff killing ability. Fights against skin diseases, scalp bumps other problems. Also, reduce the rate of unwanted hair fall. 
  • Rice water comes with amazing UV rays protection to hair. It creates an extra layer over hairs. That way it saves hairs from being dull too early. Also prevents hair from being damaged by heat in the sun. 
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Also, you will find some more benefits of using rice water on natural hair. Sometimes people forget to find it easy to make rice water. You can follow the section below to learn quick ways of making rice water.    

Easy Process Of Making Rice Water At Home

Here we will provide two different methods of making rice water. You can apply any of those procedures to get the desired mixer of rice water. Don’t hesitate because methods are useful and easy to make. 

Normal Rice Water 

To make rice water, firstly take half a cup of organic rice and add one cup of water with it. Remove unwanted dirt and dull rice from the mixer. Simply clean up the rice properly before making the water.  

With half cup of clean rice, add two cups of water to make proper rice water. Mix the rice and the mineral water properly. Then left the mixer for at least two hours.

Then strain out the water from that mixer. You can use clean clothes or nets to complete this task. After completing your task you will get proper rice water for using it on your hair and skincare. 

Boiled Rice Water     

Two make boiled rice waters, firstly clean the rice with mineral water. Then put half a cup of rice and add two cups of water with it on a stove. Boil the rice for almost 15-20 minutes. When you will the cloudy liquids are coming out from the heat, boiling will be completed.    

Then stop boiling water. After completing your work strain the liquid or water properly from the mixer. You will get properly cleaned-up water from that mixer. All completing all those kinds of stuff left the water for a proper cool down. Which will provide your proper clean rice water for using it on your skin or hair. That way you can use the cooked rice water for your hair.  

How to Use Rice Water for Natural Hair Growth

If you want to get a better result, you need to apply this natural product properly. Take some portion of water on your hand and gently massage your scalp and hair.  Then left out hairs for 10-15 minutes for the best outcome. 

After applying the rice water to natural hair, wash out hair with shampoo and conditioner. Then dry up hair fully to see the better result immediately. After your hair gets dried up you will see fresh wavy curly hair. 

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If you have found some unwanted rice smell on your natural hair, you can use some hair spray to get the best fragrance out of your hair. The way you find the best possible result from applying the rice water.  

Coconut Oil vs Rice Water: What is better for natural hair? 

Yes, sometimes users get confused to find the better product between coconut oil and rice water. Although Coconut hair oil provides better results for natural hairs, it is not better for lower porosity hair. As lower porosity hair doesn’t have proper moisture absorbing capability, coconut oil doesn’t provide better results. 

Rice water comes with a much better result for naturally curly hairs. It makes hair wavier and provides a more defining look. It provides UV rays protection and saves your hair by adding an extra layer. Rice water works as a head cap and protects natural hairs.

In conclusion, I would say rice water works better to protect your natural hair. And keeps hair from unwanted damage. On the other hand, Coconut hair oil increases hair growth, also adds moisture. Although Coconut is a better choice, it can be a problematic selection for lower porosity hair.

Side impacts of using Rice water on natural hair  

Being natural hair care, rice water does have some negative impacts on natural hair. Here in this section, we will warn you of some negative impacts of rice water on your natural hair. 

  • Rice water is not suitable for all types of hairs. Sometimes the scalp suffers from unwanted bumps and itching diseases. Which comes from using natural rice water use.   
  • Also, rice water creates an extra layer on your natural hair. Although it works to fight against UV rays, it creates blocks on the scalp. Which prevents proteins and other essential minerals to enter the scalp directly.
  • Sometimes heavy layers of rice water make hair dull and unhealthy. Damages the natural growth of your hair. So, just consult with a hair expert before using this product.    

Can I add Castor oil and Grapeseed oil With Rice Water?

Generally, Castor oil and Grapeseed oil mixers create a highly useful formula for natural hair care. Because it creates a heavy layer to protect your hair from UV rays and dirt. However, when you add rice water with the formula of Castor oil and Grapeseed oil it will be a very oily layered formula. Which can cause a block on sensitive parts of your scalp. That way your scalp will not be able to benefit from the outside sun proteins.   

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When the scalp is unable to supply essential proteins to your hair it will cause great damage to natural hair. That could result in dull hair, unwanted hair falls, and even lead to itching problems of your scalp. Therefore, to avoid all those problematic conditions, avoiding the formula of Castor Oil and Grapeseed oil with rice water will be the right decision. 

Essential Information On Using Green Tea And Orange Peel With Rice Water

If you want to increase the working ability of rice water, green tea and orange peel mixers will work positively. The addition of a green tea mixer increases hair growth rapidly. It also prevents unwanted hair fall. Sometimes this mixer makes hair softer and provides a very natural look, than all other natural products. 

Whereas, the addition of Orange peel adds more important things with rice water. Sometimes rice water smell doesn’t get the favoritism with its incredible fragrance. The orange peel mixer also helps to provide a more natural and defining look.

Frequently asked questions about Rice water use on natural hair

  • Question: Is rice water good for washing hair?   
  • Answer: Yes, Rice water is a good choice for washing your hair. Because, it has the ability to clean your scalp and hair, from the inside. It also provides many necessary ingredients for your natural hair. Increases hair, alternatively reduces hair growth in a short time. So, washing hair with rice water is a great decision. 
  • Question: Are Rice water and Onion juice increase hair growth?  
  • Answer: Yes, onion juice in particular increases hair growth. Also stops unwanted hair fall. So, a mixer of onion juice and rice water is surely gonna increase your natural hair growth.  
  • Question: Can I spray rice water daily on my natural hair? 
  • Answer: Daily use of rice water spray on natural hair, increases hair growth quickly. Also, rice water helps to frizz out your natural hair. But avoid excessive use, because it can damage the hair in any way.   
  • Question: How often should I use rice water on my natural hair? 
  • Answer: Don’t need to use rice water frequently on natural hair. Also don’t need to change your scheduled hair washing routine. Just keep using the rice water simply, and maintain a regular routine to get a better result.     
  • Question: Is rice water good for low porosity hair? 
  • Answer: As lower porosity hair is protein-sensitive hair, you need to avoid rice water on this type of hair. Generally, low porosity hair has extra-moisturizing problems. To avoid this problem and save your low porosity hair, from the unwanted heat of the sun, you can apply rice water to your low porosity every 6-8 weeks. Because 1-month break way duration helps to get the proper condition of the low porosity hair. 

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