50 Senegalese Twist Hair Styles Loved by Millions of Women

The twist is a popular hairstyle in the African American black community. The Senegalese twist is basically a synthetic and twisted braiding hairstyle. This hairstyle was introduced and invented especially for the dark women of African American black ethnicity. Senegalese twist, though it was innovated for the black women, is worn by women of many other ethnicities over Europe, America, and Africa. To be more precise, the Senegalese twist hairstyles are one of the most popular and most used hairstyles by black women all over the world. And today we are going to break it down for you.

If you are here in search of Senegalese twist hairstyles for your or your loved ones, you are welcome. You are at the right place where you will get categorize examples and information about the Senegalese twist hairstyles. Here we have managed to collect 50 must use Senegalese twist hairstyles for you with 9 different categories. Each of the categories contains 5 different images of the Senegalese twist hairstyle. So, in the end, you will be able to find the best one for you according to your demand and other characteristics.

Senegalese Twist Hairstyles with Glazing High Buns

The first hairstyle we want to discuss is the bun hairstyles with the Senegalese twists. The bun is a classic hairstyle used by women all over the world especially during social occasions. These bun hairstyles make the women classic and seductive. The Senegalese twists allow you to make lovely bun hairstyles too just like the images below.  When you will wear this hairstyle you will get a goddess looking appearance in you and everyone around you will fall in love with your hairstyle and appearance. Now, do try one of these buns.

Twisted High Ponytail with Multiple Color Concepts

Ponytail hairstyles are sexy, seductive and smart. Women of all ages are used to with the ponytail hairstyles with different types of braids and locks. But have you ever tried the ponytail hairstyles with the Senegalese twist? If not, its time, you should try it. First, look carefully at the images below and try to realize the beauty and effect of these hairstyles. And pick the one that suits you according to your face shape, color preference, and other criteria. In the end, ask your stylist to get that done for you. Trust me, you will be the center of attraction wherever you go.

Comfortable Updos with Twists

Updo hairstyles are made for festivals and occasions. That’s why the brides are normally seen with the updo hairstyles during the wedding ceremony. There is another side of these hairstyles, the updos can make you feel great relaxed and comfortable during the warmer seasons avoiding heavy and bushy hairstyles. Here we are going to discuss the updo hairstyles with the Senegalese twisted braids. No matter for what purpose you use it, you will be tremendous gorgeous in look and charming in nature. So, hurry up and try them as your next hairstyle.

Mohawk-Inspired Twisted Braids

Who does not love the Mohawk hairstyles? The Mohawks are crazy and wild. Mohawk has two simple rules. One is shaved, faded or tapered sides of the head and the other is the residual part of the head is covered with hair, locks or brads. Here you have to wear Senegalese twist according to the Mohawk rule to make a mohawk hairstyle with the Senegalese twist. Once you wear these hairstyles you will gain enchanting beauty and glamour in your hairstyle and appearance.

Longer Braids, Cuter Appearance

Many of the women of African American ethnicity loves to wear long hairstyles and many of the black men love women with long hairstyles. No other hairstyles enchant the men like the long hairstyle. So you make take advantage of these options. Among all other long hairstyles, the long Senegalese twisted hairstyles are remarkable for its extraordinary excellence and charm. If you wear these hairstyles, you will be able to spellbind the men around you. Moreover, This glamorous hairstyle will take you to another level of beauty and perfection.

How Twists Suit You in Wedding

During the wedding, African American people use a variety of hair, locks, and braids. But the Senegalese twist is less used in the black wedding. You can take this opportunity to look unique and heavenly in the wedding ceremony. Every woman tries to look beautiful, glamorous, glorious and of course unique in her wedding so that the crowd can not take their eyes away. We suggest you use the following hairstyles you are goanna a beautiful bride in the near future. The images below are collected through intensive research for the suggestion you to wear at the wedding ceremony.

Shortness in Twisted Braids

This one is for the shot of hairstyle lovers. There are some women, who always love the short hairstyles like the short brads, short dreads, short bob and so on. For them, the Senegalese twisted braids are presented hair. The short hair reveals the smartness and confidence of the women with the beauty and glory. Now, look at the images below and carefully examine the hairstyles in the images.  Aren’t they are beautiful. If yes, you should also give a try.

Multi-Colored Senegalese Twist Hairstyles

Here comes the color. Color is very important in hairstyle. The color you use in your hairstyle reflexes your taste, personality and other personal qualities to the others. So you should be careful while picking a colorful hairstyle. For you, we got these most used colorful hairstyles and you are free to pick the one that goes with you and your taste.

Senegalese Twists: The Bonus Ideas

Here are more. We have got these miscellaneous hairstyles too for you. These hairstyles are also widely used and most popular among black women. So you might like any one from them. DO not hesitate to pick the one you love.

How was our discussion and hairstyle today? Let us know rough the comment box. Your feedback inspires us to write something new. Besides, you can get yourself connected with us through Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to get regular updates and newer hairstyle ideas. Thanks for being with us. Stay beautiful and keep beautiful.

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