These are My Favorite Shaved Sides Haircuts

Have you ever tried shaving the sides of your head as hairstyles? Shaved sides haircuts are popular among the African American black men and women than at any time before. The beauty conscious women and the stylish women are very much fond of these trendy hairstyles nowadays. These hairstyles are mostly adopted by the black women aged 20 to 35 years. In this article, we will drive you to the session of discussion about 17 trendiest and cool haircuts of the African American black women. So let’s dive in.

#. Mohawk: Formal Shaved Sides Haircuts

mohawk formal Shaved Sides Haircut
Image Source: Pinterest

The side shaved hairstyles have been derived from the Mohawk hairstyles, as a result, we have also started the session with a decent hairstyle. Among all other Mohawk hairstyles, this one is the most decent and formal one. The top hair is also groomed beautifully. As a hairstylist, I am pretty much font of this cool haircut.

# Side Shaved

Side Shaved
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This haircut offers to shave the whole side of your hair. This is a super cool hairstyle and very much popular among the youngsters. Here, the shaved part is completely shaved and the other part is covered with beautiful natural straight hair. This haircut is presentable for any kind of party and gathering.

# Shaved and Weave Blonde

Shaved and Weave Blonde
Image Source: Pinterest

It’s time for blonde. Blonde color is so much appealing to African Americans. The presented haircut is an on the go haircut among the black women nowadays. One side is shaved and the other is covered with beautiful wavy locks with a bright blonde color. And for this haircut, she is looking like an angel.

# Bun

Image Source: Pinterest

The bun can be a great option for the side shaved haircut lovers. When one of your side of the head is shaved, you can try a bun. This beautiful girl has tried the same. The blonde colored bun on the backside of the head is gorgeous enough to make anyone fall in love with it.

# Shaved Sides Haircuts with Box Braids

Shaved sides box braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Here come the box braids. Box braids are very much suitable for the side shaved Sides haircuts for the female African Americans.  Here the braids are made tiny and short. This haircut will give you a sharp look as well as a dazzling effect on your head.

# Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love ponytails? Actually, ponytails are one of the most used hairstyles by black people. And here, the ponytail is made with the beautiful and thick box braids, besides the side of the head is shaved beautifully.  Such beauty is only possible with this haircut only.

# Updo

Image Source: Pinterest

During summer, updo hairstyles become more popular. At the same time, the side shaved haircuts are also popular most in the summer. So, when you combine these two hairstyles together during summer, you will certainly rock. Try this hairstyle as your next hairdo and be the magnetic part of your surroundings.

# Blonde Bun

Blonde Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

We have previously presented a small bun in front of you, but this bun is gigantic and effective. Here the sides are shaved as usual, but the leftover of the head is covered with the lovely blonde colored floral bun. The beauty of this haircut is unimaginable. When you wear this hairdo, you have a whole world to rule.

# Long Box Braids

Long Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

We have shown some short box braids with the shaved sides on the top. But you should also consider this long box braiding hairstyle with shaved sides too. Box braids are always awesome and when you combine the shaved hairstyle with it, it will just rock.

# Pixie Braided Bun

Pixie Braided Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

I love this wow hairstyle and thick you do so. This girl has worn some colorful tiny braids with the saved sides hairstyle. In the last phase, the beautiful braids are pulled up into a giant bun. I can challenge that this hairdo can make anyone turn his head twice towards you.

# Shaved and Short

Shaved and Short
Image Source: Pinterest

This is simple. The shot hair lover is commonly seen with this fabulous hairstyles. Here you need hardly anything like maintenance and extra care. Once you do it, you do not need anything within 4 weeks. Busy and stylish women are pretty much fond of this super sexy hairstyle.

# Highlighted Short Hairstyles

Heighlighted Short Hairstyles
Image Source: Pinterest

This none is also a shot hairstyle with shaved sides. The difference is the highlighted color on the hair in front of her. This hairstyle is one of the dominating hairstyles among the hairstyles for African American women.

# Fade

Image Source: Pinterest

Can you judge this heavenly beauty? I think no. Even I am unable to describe her in words. This blonde curly faded hairstyle, when you will wear it, will blow out the minds of others. If you want to be a lovely princess like her, try this wonderful haircut.

# Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots shaved sides haircut
Image Source: Pinterest

Hassle free and cute looking hairstyle is this. The shaved sides Haircuts will make you smart and sharp looking. At the same time, the lovely tiny Bantu knots will give make you the center of attraction among all other people. As an African American women, you must try this wonderful hairdo.

# Simple and Beautiful

Simple and Beautiful
Image Source: Pinterest

I would rather say nothing about this hairstyle. You decide the beauty and effect of this side-shaved Side haircuts and put your marks. But I must say that this haircut is one of the top 10 wanted haircuts among the African American women.

# Cornrows Shaved Sides

Image Source: Pinterest

Wherever you go and whichever hairstyle you choose, you cannot avoid the cornrows. Cornrows hairstyles are everywhere and in every type of hairdo. This is also a cornrow inspired side shaved hairdo specially designed for the Black Beauties.

# Afro Bun

Afro Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

And the last one must be the Afro inspired bun. This classic hairstyle has been modified for years and now it can be used as a bun with the side shaved haircuts.

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