Shaved Sides Haircut Male for This Year

Shaved sides Haircut are pretty much popular among the African American black men in nowadays. But most of the time, they cannot decide the perfect hairstyle for them as per their face shape and hair category. For these reasons, we have brought you the best 14 shaved sides hairstyles for a male. In this article, we are gonna show present and discuss the hairstyles just what you wanted so far. SO let’s dive into the main section of this article.


# Shaved Side Haircut with Cornrows

The first hairstyle is cornrows. Cornrows hairstyles are the classic hairstyle used and modified for thousands of years.  In the present time, cornrows hairstyles are modified often and this shaved sides hairstyles with cornrows are one of these modifications of the present time. This hairstyle will give you a sharp and smart look and present you as a wonderful personality.

Side Shaved Cornrows
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# Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks with shaved sides is a great hairstyle for the black men. This wild hairstyle can make you’re surrounding crazy about you. Dreadlocks hairstyle is commonly used by the film stars and the rock stars but nowadays, this hairstyle is also being used by the youngsters also. Be smart and be wild with this awesome hairstyle.

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# Fade and Weave

Well, this one is a little bit different than the other hairstyles. This is a gentle hairstyle used today by the African American black men. In this hairstyles, the sides of the head are shaved like fade and the top of the head is decorated with the curls in wavy nature. This super cool hairstyle can make you the king of the world with a world to rule.

Fade and Weave
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# Ponytail

Ponytails were used by the girls in the past but with the passage of time, the men are also get used to with this ponytail hairstyle.  Moreover, the fades by the side of the head are added recently to add some effect to it. As a result, this combined hairstyle is much more popular among the African American people.

Shaved Sides Ponytail Haircut
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# Topknot

Topknots, the hair beauty is mainly used by the stylish men among the African American people to have a sharp look as well as a confident look. The artist, singer and the film stars are often seen with this super sexy hairstyle. You can also prepare yourself for any kind of party or occasion with this great hair fashion.

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# Curls

Curls can be a great choice for the African American black people for their next hairdo. These back curls are presented on the top of the head and the sides of the head are shaved beautifully to add fade effect on the hairstyle. Many of the black people are nowadays uses this hairstyle as a formal and informal hairdo. And now it’s your turn to make this wonderful hairstyle.

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# Braids and Topknot

Braids, Topknots and shaved sides are the main elements of this unique hairstyle. The braids are beaded and presented as short braids. The braids are now pulled back into a topknot on the backside of the head. And finally, the shaved sides by the head is the final touch of this hairstyle. And as a combination, this hairstyle is super sexy and cool one.

Braids and Topknot
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# Braids

Now, it’s time to show you the braiding hairstyle with the shaved sides. This man in the picture has worn a box braiding hairstyle on the top of the head and the sides are shaved clearly to have a sharp look. This hairstyle will make anyone loom twice towards you when you are at the public places.

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# Bantu Knots

Many of the modern and trendy hairstyles can be combined with the shaved sides haircut. The Bantu knots is one of the most popular hairstyles used by7 the African American Black people. And here we will show you how this Bantu knots hairstyles are combined with the side shaved hairstyles. Here the Bantu knots are presented on the top of the head and the sides of the head are shaved beautifully like fade. And the effecter is super awesome.

Bantu Knots
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# Puffy

This is an Afro inspired hairstyles used as shaved sides hairstyles. These puffy hairstyles are named as Afro thousands of years ago by the African people. With the passage of time, these Classic Afro hairstyles have been modified according to the demand of modern tome. Here the sides are faded and the locks are groomed beautifully to give a puffy look.

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# Blonde Mohawk

While talking about shaved sides hairstyles, we cannot just avoid Mohawk hairstyles. Because the side shaved hairstyle are derived from this classic Mohawk hairstyles. Now we are presenting the side shaved Mohawk hairstyle with the blonde locks on the top of the head. Specialists say that this hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles used by the African American Black people.

Blonde Mohawk
Image Source: Pinterest

# Blonde Shaved Sides Haircut

This hairstyle is more or less the same as the previous one. The main reason to present this hairstyle twice is the style of the fades by the sides if the head, Here the shaved sides are designed with the black color which has made this hairstyle unique.

Blonde Mohawk
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# Eclipse

Shape your hair like eclipse. Try this awesome hairstyle as your next hairdo to make a unique and awesome hairstyle.

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# Spiky

Well, this one is the last one. Here the spiky hair is the magnetic part of this hairstyle. But the shaved sides and the galaxy looking design is no less important.

Image Source: Pinterest
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