Trendy 10 Short Box Braids Hairstyles

Box braids hairstyles are one of the most famous African American protective styles. This hairstyle is so much trendy that it goes for any season and occasion. 

Box braids are very easy to maintain and easy to style. It gives you a pretty look and protects your hair as well. It is a less time-consuming hairstyle. So, if you are in a rush you can easily box braid your hair and look fabulous. This style suits for any function or occasion. There are so many box braids hairstyles out there. In this article, you are going to be introduced with 10 trendy short box braids. Here are the trendy 10 short box braids styles.

Bob Box Braid

Source: Pinterest

It’s a very simple and beautiful look that fits every woman. In this style braids end below your cheeks, so, you can wear necklaces. You can wear this style in any function. You can also use temporary hair colors or beads in your hair to add more fun.

Box Braid with Beads

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In this hairstyle dress up your braids with your favorite beads. This is an adorable style. You can wear this at your school or college. This style will give you a very lovely look whole day.

Bun Box Braid

Source: Pinterest

This is a pretty and cute style. You can wear it with any dress. It also will give you a secure hair day. Just make a bun with your braids and you are ready to go.

Double Gray Top Knot

Source: Pinterest

If you are feeling extra and want to do something funky with your braids then it is a perfect hairstyle for you. Braids your hair with gray hair extensions and make two top knots like this picture.

All Purple Box Braids

Source: Pinterest

Purple is my all time favorite color. It is a color that is not very childish or very moody. To me, it’s one of the classiest colors. You can color your short hairs with purple hair color or just can use purple hair extensions.

Side Shaved Colorful Box Braid Bun

Source: Pinterest

Girl, you have to be brave enough to carry this look. Undoubtedly this is not an everyday look. The girl in the image is outstandingly carrying this two side shaved pink and blue bun with this metal thorn jacket.

Electric Blue

Source: Pinterest


These deep blue box braids with beads are giving a very electro vibe. You can wear this look with a very minimal makeup in any night party.

Yellow-Pink Ponytail 

Source: Pinterest

Oh, I just love this look that I cannot keep my eyes away from this look. It will be a very appropriate look for the upcoming spring. For being extra cute add a pink bow in your ponytail like this picture.

Mustard Yellow Box Braid 

Source: Pinterest

This is a very stunning hair look. If you go for a day party with this hair look people will look at you at least once for this fabulous color. Braids your hairs with mustard yellow hair extensions and don’t forget to use colorful rubber bands.

Red and Red 

Source: Pinterest

Last but not least. Red is all time edgy color. This shade of red just suits anyone. It’s a scorching style and so pretty alone that you don’t need to add other accessories to make it prettier.

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