38 Short Box Braids: Boost Your Next Hairstyle

Box braids hairstyles are called the royal braiding hairstyles. So, short box braids are a symbol of excellence, wise taste, and aristocracy. That’s the reason, the use and popularity of small braids are increasing in a wide number. African American women are the main user of the small braids hairstyles. Apart from these the people of other ethnicities also use these hairstyles in a significant manner. To be more specific, the small braids hairstyles are one of the most popular and trending hairstyles among the people of African American ethnicity.

As there is a high demand for small braids designs among people, we expect, you have reached here in search of unique, gorgeous, and enchanting small braids for you or your close ones. Well, you are in the right place. We have managed to collect 28 small braids hairstyles which will enchant you. So, let’s start the discussion and select the best small braids hairstyle for you.

Since the invention of hair braiding, women all over the world are doing numerous number of braiding with their hair. The Box Braids, especially the short box braids is the most widely used technique to make the braiding more outstanding and more gorgeous. Basically, the short box braids hairstyles are just the shorter versions of regular box braids hairstyles.

Box braids are very easy to maintain and easy to style. It gives you a pretty look and protects your hair as well. It is a less time-consuming hairstyle. So, if you are in a rush you can easily box braid your hair and look fabulous. This style suits any function or occasion. There are so many braided hairstyles out there. In this article, you are going to be introduced to 10 trendy box braids. Here are the trendy 10 box braids styles.

38 Stunning Short Box Braids


Enchanting Blue with Beads:

I know some of you are very fond of colorful hairstyles but don’t wanna go too crazy with it. You should try this style out. It is a very subtle blue and the gold beads are complimenting the color perfectly. Blue braids like this will suit anyone. You can also choose your favorite shades of blue. 

 Braids Hairstyles

Pink Braids with Golden Rings and Strings:

Another cool way to make your hair standing out in the crowd. You can choose a cool shade of bright pink. Braid your hair with pink color hair extensions and finish the look with golden strings and rings. You can also wear it without any accessories because the color is enough to be noticed alone. 
Braids Hairstyles

Thick Short Box Braids:

If you are not a fan of tiny braids try out these thick short box braids. These jumbo box braids are simple and beautiful that will look amazing on any occasion. You can also wear it with colorful extensions and add beads. 

Braids Hairstyles

Accessorized Short Box Braids:

Glam up your braided hairstyle with accessories. This hair look is styled up with golden big chunky rings. These are making the classic long bob to look more stylish. You can choose different colors too and buy them online. This hairstyle is simple, classy, and easy to carry.   

Box Braids

Mini Braids with Red Extensions and Beads:

Don’t want to overdo with colors still want some of it? How about this look? Here one red braid is making the whole look glamorous and unique. Every tiny braid is decorated with small golden beads. If you don’t want to use red color go for your other favorite colors. 

Short Hairstyles

Half Cornrow Braids:

Try out this half cornrow bob braids. The bob hairstyles are the most popular hairstyles with the box braids. Bob is a popular form of hairstyle among women all over the world. You will see them using the bob hairstyles with different types of locks, braids, and straight hair. As the bob hairstyle is flexible, you can make lovely boob hairstyles with the small braids. These are called the braided bob. These bobs increase your smartness and confidence in both formal and informal situations. These brown braids are best for any day. 

Braided Updo

Micro-Box Braids:

These tiny braids are so cool, cute, and must-try for ladies who want to frame their face shape. This hairstyle may take you 6-7 hours to build, but its beauty is totally breathed taking. These braids are easy to wear and will suit anyone. 
Braided Updo

Golden Short Box Braids:

Golden blonde is a classic color among African American women. It complements their skin tone beautifully and makes them look more gorgeous. This bob style golden blonde short box braids are easy to wear in any situations.  
Braided Updo

Classic Short Box Braids:

This is a super simple bob style short box braids. The hairstyle is effortlessly stylish and it will give you a glam look every day for any occasion. Recreate this look or you can have similar braids with a longer length. Either way, a bob hairstyle like this will look stunning.

Braided Updo

Chic Short Box Braids:

This is a super chic braided bob. The hair features simple and trendy box braids in a length that sits just below the chin. These braids are easy to wear and don’t take so much time to create. Any girl and women can wear this style. You can recreate this look or try using thicker braids, you can try different hair colors too, and use your favorite accessories.

Braided Updo


Braided Up-do:

The up-do hairstyles are also popular in the whole world. Various types of brads and locks can be used to make the up-do hairstyles. Here we come with the up-do hairdos with the small braids. This up-do hairstyle will provide great comfort during the summer and warmer seasons. The side shaved is designed in a very unique and creative way. If you are brave enough then you can try this look. 

Braided Updo

Red Hot Up-do:

In summer you can try colorful braided up-do. The red color will be a great choice. Red always spice up the look and catch anyone’s attention easily. The hair would look fabulous with just the red color and the baby hair is making the face look more innocent. 

Braided Updo

Two Cute Buns:

You can make two cute buns with your braids. Like girls, women can also wear this look. You will feel comfortable to wear this look during a hot sunny day. This is a very protective hairstyle and you can wear them while sleeping.

Braided Updo

Golden Up-do with Single Beads:

Make golden up-do like this. Up-do hairstyles are a great choice for any kind of party, social gatherings, and get together. The up-do hairstyles are also seen to be used by the brides during the wedding ceremony. These braids are made of golden hair extensions and one single bead.

Braided Updo

Colorful Mohawk:

Do you love Mohawk? I think young women are crazy about Mohawk hairstyles. Most of the time, it is seen that the Mohawk hairstyles are made with curls or dreadlocks. But we are here to talk about the Mohawk hairdos with the small braids. Wear short box braids in a Mohawk style. Use colorful extensions to create your braids. 

Braided Updo

Sexy Side Shaved:

You know the rule, these sides of the head are faded, shaved, or tapered in Mohawk. And the top portion of the head is covered with locks, curls, or braids. Here the covered part is braided with the small braids. The side is shaved in a sexy way. You can also try it.

Braided Mohawk

Tiny Braids Side Shaved:

You can also wear a Mohawk style with your tiny box braids. This fashionable and comfortable at the same time. As you can see, the braids look amazing in the bun and a hairstyle like this will suit every face shape.

Braided Mohawk

Jumbo Mohawk:

This hair is styled into jumbo box braids. Make jumbo half cornrow braids and wear it in a Mohawk style. A cozy style for any woman- perfect for spring and summer season.

Braided Mohawk

Mohawk with Golden Extensions:

In this look, some of the braids are braided with golden extensions. This a very safe color because it looks good on anyone. You can also choose different colors.

Braided Mohawk

Glam Short Box Braids:

Want to try something glamorous? Check out our next look. Braids are decorated with beads and strings. Braids are a bit thick, if you are not a fan of thick braids you can go for a tiny one.

Beads for Hair

Extra Short Box Braids:

Love short hairstyle? This is the extra short box braids with multicolor beads. This is a very funky way to style your hair. Every girl may not go for this look but I am sure some of you are going to rock this. 

Beads for Hair


Tiny Braids with Curly Edges:

Many of you love the curly edged hairstyles. The box braids are a great option for having curls in the edges of the hairstyle. Make tiny braids with a help of a hairstylist and use curly extensions to achieve this look. 

 Curly Edges

Maroon Braids with Curly Ends:

In this look, you will find a lovely short braid with the curly edges. Many of the celebrities and modes are now seen with this type of hairstyle to gain the ultimate glamour and seduction in their appearance. Go for this maroon braids to look most beautiful in the crowd.

Curly Edges


Jumbo Blonde Short Box Braids:

Many women love to wear blonde hair. The blonde color adds perfection to the black women’s hairstyle and appearance. You can wear short length blonde jumbo braids just like this one.

African American Hairdos

Orange Extensions with Beads:

Beads are an in-attachable part of the box braiding hairstyles. These accessories increase the perfection and enhance the beauty and effect of the braiding hairstyles like box braids. The bead’s hairstyle adds the real charm and enchantment to your hairstyle and your appearance. Wherever you go with the braids with beads, you will be the center of attraction to everyone around you. Choose hair extensions like this to stand out more.

new Hairstyles

Short Box Braids with Golden hair Cuffs:

Actually, there is nothing a lot to say about this hairstyle. This is royal, lovely, and enchanting. If you watch your surroundings carefully, you may find someone with box braiding hairstyles with cuffs. It is a cool and easy way to style your hair. you can recreate this style with different types of cuffs.  

natural Hairstyles

Rainbow Jumbo Short Box Braids:

make your short braids extraordinary to the next level. Check out this ultimate colorful jumbo braids. It is not an everyday look but you can wear it once in a while. Don’t forget to use accessories like strings and beads. 

Orange Short Box Braids:

Color plays an important role while making the selection of hairstyles. Because the right color symbolizes the personality and weight of a person. Many of you have color preferences, but how about this one? This beautiful shade of orange and bob style is perfect for someone who has been bored with their hair and wants to try something new.


Bobs with Short Box Braids:

It’s a very simple and beautiful look that fits every woman. In this style braids end below your cheeks, so, you can wear necklaces. You can wear this style in any function. You can also use temporary hair colors or beads in your hair to add more fun.

Source: Pinterest

Braided Hairstyles Require Beads as Accessories:

Dress up your braids with your favorite beads. This is an adorable style. You can wear this at your school or college. This style will give you a very lovely look for the whole day.

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Braided Bun, The Greatest Fun:

This is a pretty and cute style. You can wear it with any dress. It also will give you a secure hair day. Just make a bun with your braids and you are ready to go.

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Gray Topknots with Poetic Justice Braids:

If you are feeling extra and want to do something funky with your braids then it is a perfect hairstyle for you. Braids your hair with gray hair extensions and make two top knots like this picture.

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Braided Hairstyles with Colorful Highlights:

Purple is my all-time favorite color. It is a color that is not very childish or very moody. To me, it’s one of the classiest colors. You can color your short hairs with purple hair color or just can use purple hair extensions.

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Side Shaved Colorful Box Braided Bun:

Girl, you have to be brave enough to carry this look. Undoubtedly this is not an everyday look. The girl in the image is outstandingly carrying these two sides shaved pink and blue bun with this metal thorn jacket.

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Electric Blue Braids with Beads:

These deep blue poetic justice braids with beads are giving a very electro vibe. You can wear this look with very minimal makeup in any night party.

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Yellow-Pink Ponytail, The Protective Hairstyle:

Oh, I just love this look that I cannot keep my eyes away from this look. It will be a very appropriate look for the upcoming spring. For being extra cute add a pink bow in your ponytail like this picture.


Source: Pinterest

Mustard Yellow: The Royal Color for Braided Hairstyles:

This is a very stunning hair look. If you go for a day party with this hair look people will look at you at least once for this fabulous color. Braids your hairs with mustard yellow hair extensions and don’t forget to use colorful rubber bands.

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Burgundy Braids:

Last but not least. Red is all time edgy color. This shade of red just suits anyone. It’s a scorching style and so pretty alone that you don’t need to add other accessories to make it prettier.

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Now it’s your turn. Pick the right hairstyle and ask your stylist to get it done for you. And do not forget to send us the feedback through the comment box. Besides, you can follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter to get regular updates about our new posts, tips, and tricks.  Stay beautiful and keep others beautiful. Thank you.

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