17 Short Curly Hairstyles You Must See

Curls are great for hairstyles and shortness creates a mesmerizing effect on the hairstyles. Short curly hairstyles are nowadays a trendy hairstyle for the African American black people. Especially the women working out of home is much more attracted to these hairstyles. Moreover, the other stylist and beauty conscious African American women also love these super cool hairstyles. Actually, this next level hairstyle has that effect to make the ultimate charming and gorgeous. That’s why more and more women today are using these curly hairstyles. In this article, we are going to discuss the best 17 black curly hairstyles for you only. Keep reading this article to know the ultimate hairstyles.

  1. Short Curly Blonde Coils

The first one is the coil hairstyle. Here, the head is covered with beautiful curls with blonde highlights.  This short hairstyle is on the top of the list of short hairstyles for the African American black women this year. Use this hairstyle to discover the most beautiful you.

SHort Blonde COils

  1. Coils with Red Highlights

This one is also a coil hairstyle for the black women. But here, the coils are short enough to give you an extraordinary effect. Moreover, the red highlights on the hair will bound anyone to look back twice to you. So use this hairstyle and be the queen of beauty among all other African American women.

COils with Red Highlights

  1. Simple Short

This is a simple curly hairstyle. If you want a hassle-free hairstyle with no or lowest maintenance, use this chunky hairstyle to have a great effect. Among all other hairstyles, this one is most common and conventional.

Simple Short

  1. Curly Twist Out

Here comes the curly twist out. The lovely shot curls are twisted out beautifully with a slight red color. The smarter women nowadays use this hairstyle for both home and work. Moreover, you can use this hairstyle for a tour or travels too. I assure your beauty and stun while using this hairstyle.

Curly Twist Out

  1. Black Coils with Blonde Highlights

Well, this one is a little bit different than the previous ones. Here the short black hair is curled effectively. And the fun part is the blonde highlights directed to the front of the head. This hairstyle gives you the charm of a princess and cuteness like an angel.

Black coils with Blonde Highlights

  1. Natural Short Curls

Now, it’s time to discuss the natural curls. The hair is cut medium short and the only effect applied to it is the weaves. With the waves, this beauty has been created and implemented. I recommend this hairstyle for your next hairdo strongly if you are a short black curly hair lover.

Black coils with Blonde Highlights

  1. Side Cornrows with Highlighted Short Curls

When you are using black short curls, you can use the classic cornrows hairstyles with it too. The cornrows braids are prepared on the side of the head and the leftover of the hair is curled with highlights. This is one of the most used hairstyle s by the African American women in modern times.

Side COrnrows with Highlighted Short Curls

  1. Curly Afro

The Afro hairstyle can be a great example of curly black hairstyle. This thousand-year-old hairstyle is still on the top of the list of African American hairstyle and being used by millions today. You can use this afro curls to get the extension on your hair than any time before.

SHort Curly Afro

  1. Shoulder Length Coils

We have previously discussed the coils hairstyle in this article. Here, we are going to present the same coils with medium short hair. This shoulder length hairstyle will make you look like a princess, adorable and cute to the others.

SHort Curly Afro

  1. Solange Natural Hairstyle

Solange natural hairstyle is not a new hairstyle idea at all. In the 90s this hairstyle was on the top of the demand list. Still, this hairstyle is used by many of the African American women to get natural beauty with natural hair. This chunky hairstyle fits everywhere including the party, gathering or tour.

Solange natural hairstyle

  1. Curly Weave Hairstyle

This hairstyle more or less matches with the number 9 hairstyle discussed in this article. The main difference between this hairstyle with the previous one is the direction of the hair and the highlights. Here the coils are directed out and the coils are highlighted with blonde color.

Solange natural hairstyle

  1. Prem Rod Set

Among all other hairstyles, this one is most preferable to me as a hairstylist. This hairstyle is sharp, sexy, cute and smart. The short black coils on the head are just shining and heavenly. This cute look can enchant anyone at the time and in any place. So be careful.



  1. Hot Tapered Curly Hairstyle

Hot Tapered Short Natural Hairstyle also makes a sharp and smart look. But here, the beauty is multiplied many times with the honeycomb looking hair texture. The base of the hair curled and black colored but the top of the head is highlighted and tapered.

Hot Tapered Short curly hairstyles

  1. Harlem Hair

Every African American woman is much familiar with this Harlem Hair. In the world of fashion, this is an extraordinary addition for the African American black people. The Curly medium coils are colored black and red. The design, the colors, the decorations, and shape are the elements have implemented this impossible.

Hot Tapered Short Natural Hairstyle

  1. Freetress Equal Drawstring Ponytail

Freetress Equal Drawstring Ponytail hairstyle is a wonderful artificial addition to to the hairstyle industry. This hairstyle is based on crochet braids. This sexy and cute hairstyle will enchant anyone at the first glance. Wear this hairstyle and be the queen of the style world.

Freetress Equal Drawstring Ponytail

  1. Short Crochet Braids

Here is another example of crochet braiding hairstyle. This hairstyle can also be enlisted to the black curly hairstyles for its super cool curly braids. These curls are puffed and positioned by the sides of the head and shoulders. This new trendy hairstyle makes every African American women gorgeous and stunning irrespective of face shapes and hair pattern.

short curly hairstyles

  1. Perfectly Curly

We have reached the last item of this article. Here we present the perfect curly short hairstyle in the following picture. The girl in the picture is wearing the short curls directed to the front part of the head and the backside is even shorter. This flawless hairstyle will give the stun to attract anyone around you.

Perfectly Curly


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