Best 6 Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Black women frequently face some puzzle for their natural hair. During the hot summer season, they can try short hairstyle for natural hair. And there are some extra advantages of short hairstyles. Like easy to braids, need less care and simple to style. The article continues some of the best short natural hairstyles for black women. If you are busy women and worry about your hair. So these 6 short natural hairstyles for you.

#1. Short 4c Hair: Generally 4c and 4b are similar to looking. There is some little difference between them. 4c is more compactly coiled from 4b. So short haircut is surely comfortable with 4c types hair.

Short Natural Hairstyles 4c Hair
IMG:  Short Natural Hairstyles 4c Hair            Source: Instagram

#2. Extremely Short Hair with Brown Color: Short hair women can try this as the picture below.  you colored (brown) some portion of your black hair and cut hair short. The extremely short hairstyle is easier than others.

extremely Short Hair with Brown Colo
IMG: Extremely Short Hair with Brown Color                      Source: Instagram

#3. Short Braids:  A large number of women like braid hairstyles. If you braid you short hair like as picture then your appearance will be more pretty and beautiful.

Short Natural Hairstyles with Braids
IMG: Short Hairstyles with Braids                     Source: Instagram

#4. Protective Hairstyles: At present pollution increasing strongly. And the busy black women faced a difficult problem. They need to wash hair every day. That is really time-consuming for working women.  The protective short natural hairstyle help you protected your hair from pollution and any damages.

Protective Short Natural Hairstyles
IMG: Protective Hairstyles               Source: Instagram

#5.Shortcut for Round Faces: Short Natural Hairstyles for Round Faces Some hairstyles or haircut set with specific types of face. Here is a picture of short natural hairstyles for round faces women.

short natural hairstyles,
Source: Instagram

#6. Hairstyles for Thin Hair: Thin hair love can try this short natural hairstyle for home.

Short Natural Hairstyles for Thin Hair
IMG: Short Hairstyles for Thin Hair            Source: Instagram

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