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Whatever hairstyle you use, you have to admit that the shoulder length weave bob hairdos are one of the most charming and mesmerizing hairstyles used by the African American women around the world. Bob hairstyles are naturally beautiful and fit for all face shapes and ethnicity. But the gifted African American black women look best with the shoulder touch bob hairstyle. From a recent study, we have come to know that the shoulder-length bob hairstyles are in top 3 lists of preference of the African American people. In this article, we will drive to a tour of 25+ bob hairstyles which will certainly satisfy your quest for new and popular designs of shoulder-length bob hairstyles.

# Blonde Shoulder-Length Weave Bob

Blonde shoulder length
Image Source: Pinterest

The first one is a blonde Weave bob hairstyle. This hairstyle is beautifully designed for women of all age range. The locks are beautifully colored and wavy in nature. And the length is touching the shoulder. This hairstyle is a commonly used hairstyle among African American black people.

# Crochet Braids in Weave Bob Shape

Crochet Braids Bob Shape
Image Source: Pinterest

This is a curly braiding hairstyle with the crochet braids. This braiding hairstyle is so much popular among the teenagers along with women of other age range. The red curly braids are shaped as bob here by letting them touch the shoulder.

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# Straight Hair Bob Hairstyle


Straight Hair Bob Hairstyle
Image Source: Pinterest

Among all other shoulder touching weave bob hairstyles, this one is so common and on the top of the popularity list. Along with African American black women, this hairstyle is used by all kinds of women all over the world. Here the straight hair is shaped as bob and the hair is designed as a little wavy.

# Blonde Curls for Bob

Blonde Curls for Bob
Image Source: Pinterest

Bond curls may be a great choice to make a shoulder-length bob hairstyle. Here the beautiful curly blonde hair is shaped as bob hairdo. This hairstyle gives you a princess looking charmed and a heavenly beauty to enchant the world.

# Natural Curls for Weave Bob

Natural Curls for Bob
Image Source: Pinterest

This bob hairstyle has a very little difference with the previous one. The main difference here is the color of curls. But the effect of this hairstyle is super cool and heavenly. Try this beautiful hairstyle to be the center of attraction at any party or occasion.

# Puffy Blonde Curls

Puffy Blonde Curls
Image Source: Pinterest

When your goal is to touch the shoulder with your lovely locks, why don’t you try this super sexy puffy hairstyle? The short curls are colored blonde here and let free to the downward to touch the shoulder. This hairstyle is very much common among the rock stars and film heroines.

# Puffy Curls with Natural Colored Locks

Puffy Curls with Natural colored Locks
Image Source: Pinterest

Here is another one. There is no much difference between this one and the previous one. The main difference is the color of locks and the alignment. This bob also gives you a stunning look along with the tremendous dazzle.

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# Light Reddish Curls

Light Reddish Curls
Image Source: Pinterest

Shoulder length bob hairstyles can be beautifully implemented with the curly natural hair. The girl in the picture has colored her hair with reddish light color and made a bob shape with her short curls. Make this hairstyle for home and outdoor or chill out or party.

# Gorgeous Bob

GOrgrous Bob
Image Source: Pinterest

Hey, you want a gorgeous and sexy look with a shoulder-length bob hairstyle? Try this one for your next hairdo. This ultra-gorgeous hairstyle will give you a princess looking look and an angelic beauty at the same time.

# Straight Haired Red Bob

Straight Haired Red Bob
Image Source: Pinterest

All of you certainly know this African American Popstar for her wonderful voice and acting skills. Her hairstyles are also imitable to the other black women too. Her simple straight hair with red color is simply awesome and stunning. This bob hairdo is one of the most popular hairstyles among the African American Black women.

# Curly Cutie

Curly Cuty
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, this one maybe not so much different than the previous hairstyles. Here the main part is t5he alignment. This hairstyle is being presented before you to let you know about this hairstyle.

# Straight and Black

Straight and Black
Image Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is just the same as the hairstyle Rihanna wears. The difference is the color. This shoulder length black colored bob hairstyle is on the top of the demand among the African American black women.

# Blonde shoulder length

Blonde shoulder length
Image Source: Pinterest

If you are corporate women, try this one for your next hairdo. This dazzling hairstyle will make you presentable in front of the clients and other related authorities.

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# Highlighted Black Locks as Bob

Highlighted Black Locks as Bob
Image Source: Pinterest

Many of you like blond highlights on the natural colored hair. For those, this hairstyle is a perfect one. The lovely locks are shaped as a bob with blonde highlights.

# Puffy Black and Blond

Puffy Black and Blond
Image Source: Pinterest

Puffy hair is often used to make the shoulder length bob hairstyles by the African Americans. The girl in the picture has combined the curls, the natural color, the blonde color and the bob shape at the same time to create this unique hairstyle.

# Wavy Highlighted Bob

Wavy Highkighted Bob
Image Source: Pinterest

Straight and Short hair with blonde highlight can be a great element for your shoulder-length bob hairstyle. This straight hair is also shaped as a little bit wavy. As a result, you will get the ultimate effect on your hair.

# Medium Side Parting Color-Mix Fluffy Curl

Medium Side Parting Colormix Fluffy Curly Synthetic Wig - BLACKGREY
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, you are the one to judge the beauty and effect of this hairstyle. I have hardly anything to explain or recommend regarding this super cute hairstyle. In one word, this is one of the most heavily-looking hairstyles I have ever seen.

# Medium Side Parting Color-Mix Fluffy Curl 2

Medium Side Parting Colormix Fluffy Curly Synthetic Wig
This is the last one and probably the best one in this article. I think it is hardly necessary why this hairstyle has been chosen as the best shoulder length bob hairstyle. For any place, time, season or age this hairstyle is a good fit for all.

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