Silk Wraps | What It Is & How to Style It

Nowadays, African American women are very fond of Silk Wraps. It is trending on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. If you are new to this beauty trend a question can pop up in your head, WHAT IS SILK WRAP? A silk wrap is a way toward straightening, smoothing, and silking your natural hair. This permits natural hair customers to be able to temporarily wear their hair straight without utilizing any chemicals. Silk wrap locks in moisture seal the cuticle and add body and shine to the hair.

silk wrap

Silk wrapping hair is a moderately new strategy of wrapping your hair while dry with a touch of moisturizer and shine spray and sitting under a hooded dryer. The purpose behind this treatment was expected to give hair the flat ironed and silky look without the heat trauma included.

Silk Wrap Natural Hair: Tutorial (At Home!)

Silk Wrap

First, Start on dry hair. If you have natural hair you can follow your usual process to straighten your hair or you can do a roller set first.

• Take a dime-sized measure of your moisturizer (ideally something light) and rub your hands. Apply to your hair focusing on the ends and use a hairbrush to smooth through your strands.

• Brush your hair into a smooth wrap making an effort not to use any pins as they will make wrinkles in the completed look. Whenever wanted, spray your hair delicately with an oil sheen spray.

• Apply the saran wrap (cling film) over the hair immovably guaranteeing you cover the top of your head also.

• Sit under a moderate to the hot hooded dryer for 10-20 minutes.

• Remove the saran wrap and brush out the wrap.

• Silky, smooth, and shiny locks are yours!

Whenever done effectively natural hair won’t return with the silk wrap treatment however, all things considered, the hair will be smoother.

You can easily silk-wrapped your hair at home by following this process. You can take the help of your friend or you can do it by yourself. You can visit a professional hairstylist, but you have to spend an extra penny on this!

Best Flat Iron for Silk Wrapping


BaByliss Pro Straightening Iron

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CHI G2 Straightening Hairstyling Iron

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Remington S5520 1 ¾” Anti-Static Flat Iron Hair Straightener (Purple Color)

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Is Silk Wraps Good for Hair?

Silk wrap is not bad for natural hair. Even it works completely fine on natural hair that has been pressed and/or flat ironed. The treatment will fill a similar need with the additional advantage of diminishing the volume of the hair for a ‘flatter’ look.

How Much Does Silk Wrap Cost?

The cost of silk wrap depends on the country, salon, and the experience of the stylist. But in general, it will cost you anywhere between $50 to $100.

How Long Does A Silk Wrap Last?

It regularly goes on for about two weeks. It can now and then keep going any longer as long as the hair hasn’t been wet down. On the off chance that the hair comes into any contact with dampness from water, humidity, or sweat, it will start to change over back to its natural curl.

Best Silk Wraps Accessories

Carol’s Daughter creme for very dry curly to coily hair


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ORS Olive Oil

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Andis Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer

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How to Maintain Silk Wrapped Hair?

  • You have to keep your hair away from water, steam, or sweat as it will revert back to its natural curl.
  • To protect your hair wrap your hair in a silk/satin scarf each night to keep.
  • Don’t add additional heat to your hair.
  • Avoid adding excessive products.

How to Style Silk Wrapped Hair?

You can style your silk-wrapped hair however you want, but avoid adding any additional heat, hair products.

Silk wrap is one of the easiest hairstyles that anyone can do. This straight style we often want to do from time to time and always look fabulous for dramatic looks for the holidays and special events. Don’t forget to try it, and let us know your experience in the comment section.

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