Travis Scott Braids

13 Inspiring Travis Scott Braids Styles to Try

Travis Scott’s braids are very attractive for the young generation. In today’s world Travis Scott has established himself as a leading rapper, singer, and songwriter. However, he has a very unique appearance. That has been a long talking point. So today we are going to focus on some of Travis Scott’s most iconic hairstyles Travis Scott. Which are mostly known as Travis Scott braids. 

Why Are Travis Scott Braids So Attractive? 

Actually, all forms of Travis Scott hairstyles are in braids categories. Braids are the common practice of African-American peoples. This hairstyle continuously grows up generation by generation. Braids styles show respect and truthfulness with your ancestors. All these conditions have made braids styles the most wanted hairstyle.  

However, that is not only the cause of making Travis Scott’s hairstyle so famous. His braids’ hairstyles are so attractive because maintaining these styles is easy. His hairstyle has a unique look compared with other braids styles. These causes have made Travis Scott’s braids so attractive.   

Travis Scott Blonde Braids

Travis Scott Blonde Braids

Look at this picture to see his blonde hair braids. These rounded braids have come out with blonde color to provide a fascinating look. The size of these blonde-colored braids is medium. With this beautiful outfit, he was spotted outside his house. You can try this hairstyle if you want to have blonde-colored braids on your black scalp.  

Travis Scott Braids Out

Travis Scott Braids Out

After a long period, we have found some recent changes to his hairstyles. However, the core value has remained the same. His signature box patterns have always been a great attraction for his fans. A real jam of a hairstyle that will blow your mind. So, why not try Travis Scott braids out of new hair linings?  

Asap Rocky Travis Braids

Asap Rocky Travis Scott Braids

Asap rocky braids are very popular with braids stylers. Therefore, Travis Scott has appeared with this outrageous hairstyle. Whereas Asap Rocky braids mainly a celebrity’s signature hairstyle, it is practiced by the rapper and some black western singers. As a prominent rapper, Travis Scott’s hairstyles can be considered as a part of Asap rocky braids. 

Short Braided Hairstyle

Short Braided Hairstyle

Only a few times he was spotted with these iconic short braids. The reason is unknown why he is not practicing it in full spirit. However, his fans have loved this hairstyle very much. Even in the Asian territory people continuously practice this hairstyle. Because maintaining short braids is very easy. And the expense rate is low. So, don’t bother with long braids. 

Travis Scott Braids with Dreads

Travis Scott braids with dreads

People who have braids must have tried a dread hairstyle at some point in their life. Dread hairstyles are a common practice of some African societies. It is one kind of appreciation to our ancestors. So, practicing this hairstyle is a symbol of providing respect to the old generation. However, maintaining dreadlocks is not that easy. Therefore, you can take the risk if you have the ability to maintain this one. 

Travis Scott Braids White Guy

Travis Scott Braids White Guy

Generally, Travis Scott’s braids are a signature hairstyle of his. However, his fan followers including black guys and white guys follow his braids. This common braid style of his has been loved all over the world. Especially, the hype of practicing this style on his white fans is increasing day by day.  

Travis Scott Two Box Braids

Travis Scott two box braids

Travis Scott’s two braids are another form of traditional box braids. Here it is quite similar to the traditional box braids style. But the central fade line and unconventional box make it more eye-catching. Fans from around the world have tried this hairstyle. Particular white gays have taken this style on a more top level. 

Travis Scott Hair Without Braids

Travis Scott hair without braids

Here you can see a nice example of short hairs without braids. Actually, he does have braids. But the braids have come out with different side brushes. His side hairs were very cleanly uprooted to add a new dimension with traditional braids style. Therefore, the overall look seems like he doesn’t have braids. Rather you can call it a hidden braid hairstyle. 

Travis Scott Plain Box Braids

Travis Scott plain box Braids

Sideway fades were drawn like a leaf. Which has made his box braids more attractive. Also, his braid’s hairs are longer than previous styles. Overall the box on the scalp looks so plain. I can call it long hair braids with sideways leaf fades. This haircut can be a dream beginning of any rock and rapper. Anyone can come out with this hairstyle, to have an alarming appearance.  

Travis Scott Signature Braids

Travis Scott signature braids

Lastly, I am focusing on Travis Scott’s common braids style. Although he has been seen with braids hairs in the past years. But in recent years he has appeared on many talk shows, music award shows, concerts with this common box braids style. Sometimes he was spotted with short braids with beads. Sometimes he was spotted with long braids with beads. But most of the time, he was seen with medium braids with a box hairstyle.  

Travis Scott Hairstyle Inspirations 

Actually, Travis Scott is the influential hairstyle for the new generations of peoples. Especially, white younger people who copy hairstyles most of the time. Here have provided some of the most inspired Travis Scott hairstyle examples for you.   

Travis Scott Braids on Little Girl

Travis Scott braids on Little Girl

Many people have been inspired by his signature look. Here his little girl is doing braids style. The only difference is that you can identify the beads in that style. Overall it is quite similar to Travis Scott’s actual braids style. Let’s try this hair lining on your kids also for a defining look.  

Travis Scott and Rocky Braids Inspired braids For Woman

Travis Scott and Rocky Braids Inspired braids For Woman

When you think about the popularity these two are the most leading positions. People have found out a hybrid formula of Travis braids and rocky asap braids to get a new defining look. See this girl’s mixed braids styles. She is looking so lovely with her new initiative? 

Travis Scott Inspired Braids For Man

Travis Scott Inspired Braids For Man

Many male followers can be found around the world. See this style many men try in today’s time. Actually, two advantages can be found with this braids style. One is the defining look and another one is the easy gentility.  

Difference Between Asap Rocky Braids and Travis Scott Braids 

Specifications  Asap Rocky Braids  Travis Scott Braids 
Definitions  Asap rocky braids are the common hairstyle practice of rappers and singers.  Travis Scott’s braids are sets of hairstyles that are the signature form of Travis Scott only. 
Look Rocky braids can be of various types. Like rubber band folded, colorful braids, short braids, braids with beads.  Travis braids are very common in terms of look. These come with medium-sized spider braids. 
Maintenance  Rocky braids need high maintenance costs. Because you will get a versatile style option with this one.  People love this hairstyle, because of its low maintenance costing. 

How to Get Travis Scott Knotless Braids Style?

So many women fans of him try to get the style of the knotless braid. They want long braids but don’t want knots of their braids. Here you can follow the tips we are providing to get the knotless braids of Travis Scott. 

  • Firstly, you need to separate hair lining for making different braids. To make your procedure easy you can take the assistance of some rubber bands. When you have done the first step then move forward for the second step.  
  • Just politely make twists on your braids. When done twisting your braids then move forward to completing the third part. You can allow any kid to twist according to your convenience. 
  • Making separate braids, then you can use hair gel spray for complete work. Hair gel will hold your braids separately. Which will provide you a knotless braids style. Then you can grow your braids according to your necessity. 

Here we have provided full overviews of Travis Scott’s braids hairstyle. If you are inspired by his hairstyles, then move forward with Travis Scott’s braids. But I need to have a consultation with a hair expert before doing any braids. Because some sensitive scalp is not prepared for braids style. If you can overcome this little problem, then try your favorite celebrity style. 

Actually, you can fearlessly try Travis Scott’s hairstyles. Because the easy maintenance and attractive look will take your styling appearance on to the next stage. 

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