Trendy 23 Box Braids Bun Hairstyles

Box Braids are the trendy hairstyles right now. And box braids bun are the most aptitude hairstyle to a Black girl who loves box braids. Here are the trendy 23 box braids bun for new age women.


  • Black Braids Bun:
Black Box Braids Bun
Image: Black Braids Bun                  Source: Pinterest
  • Pretty Girl Box Braids:
 Box Braids Bun
Image: Pretty Girl Box Braids BunSource: Pinterest
  • Braids Bun with Glasses:
Braids Bun with Glasses
Image: Braids Bun with Glasses       Source: Pinterest
  • Box Braid of Beads:
Box Braid with Beads
Imae: Box Braid with Beads                    Source: Pinterest
  • Trendy Girl with Braid Bun:
Trendy Girl with Braid Bun
Image: Trendy Girl with Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest
  • Adult Braids Bun:
Adult Box Braids Bun
Image: Adult Braids Bun                 Source: Pinterest
  • Deep Black Braid Bun:
Deep Black Braid Bun
Image: Deep Black Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest
                Source: Pinterest
  • Braid Bun with Beads:
Braid Bun with Beads
Image: Braid Bun with Beads                 Source: Pinterest
  • Purple Braids Bun:
Purple Box Braids Bun
Image: Purple Box Braids Bun                 Source: Pinterest
  • Light Braid Bun:
Light Braid Bun
Image: Light Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest
  • Brown Black Mix Braid:
Brown Black Mix Braid
Image: Brown Black Mix Braid                 Source: Pinterest
  • High Braid Bun:
High Braid Bun
Image: High Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest
  • Back Side Bun for Dark Skin:
Back Side Bun for Dark Skin
Image: Back Side Bun for Dark Skin                 Source: Pinterest
  • Top Bun for Girls:
Top Bun for Girls
Image: Top Bun for Girls                 Source: Pinterest
  • Box Braid Bun with Glasses:
Box Braid Bun with Glasses
Image: Box Braid Bun with Glasses                 Source: Pinterest
  • Red Box Braid Bun:
Red Box Braid Bun
Image: Red Box Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest
  • Bun For Long Hair:
Bun For Long Hair
Image: Bun For Long Hair                 Source: Pinterest
  • Full Bun Long Hair:
Full Bun Long Hair
Image: Full Bun Long Hair                 Source: Pinterest
  • Smiley Braid Bun:
Smiley Braid Bun
Image: Smiley Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest
  • Loose Braid Bun:
Loose Braid Bun
Image: Loose Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest
  • Loose Back Bun:
Loose Back Box Braid Bun
Image: Loose Back Bun                 Source: Pinterest

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