30 Amazing Triangle Box Braids We Cannot Get Over

If you are looking for a protective hairstyle with a new twist, triangle box braids are good to go. Triangle box braids are an alternative and very similar to regular box braids, where hair is sectioned into a triangle shape instead of a box shape. These braids have a classic geometric pattern. This hairstyle help to shape your face effortlessly and takes the same time to create as regular box braids. This hairstyle is perfect for any season and occasion. You can style your box braids from Jumbo to Micro and rock the style from your work to the weekend. We have picked our top 30 choices for you.

What is Triangle Box Braid?

The triangle box braids are an alternative version of regular box braids where hair will be sectioned in triangle patterns. With triangle box braids you can create jumbo braids, micro braids, buns, ponytails, and more styles as regular braids.

How Much Do Triangle Box Braids Cost?

It depends on the hairstylist and hairstyle you will get. However, it might cost from $200 to $700 (more or less).

How Long Do Triangle Box Braids Take to Create?

It also depends on the stylist. Generally, it takes 4-6 hours to install any triangle box braids look.

How to Take Care of Triangle Box Braids?

You have to regularly moisturize your scalp and hair. To keep the shine on the braids use serum spray. Use shampoo and leave-in conditioner to wash your hair. Wash gently your braids and massage shampoo and conditioner smoothly onto the scalp. Dry your braids with a help of a microfiber towel and hairdryer. Wrap your braids with a silk scarf or use a silk pillowcase while sleeping to protect hair from getting frizzy.

How to Do Triangle Box Braids?

Tools and Products You Will Need:

  1. 2 packs of hair extensions,
  2. Hair gel,
  3. Rat-tail comb,
  4. Rubber bands,
  5. Hair serum spray.


  1. First, prepare your hair for a protective hairstyle. Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and condition your hair with a good conditioner. You can try Amazon’s choice Herbal Essences Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner Kit.
  2. Then, dry your hair with a towel and hairdryer.
  3. Start with your back hairs. With a rat-tail comb section the hair into triangle shapes.
  4. Apply gel and secure them with rubber bands.
  5. After sectioning, all hairs start to make braids like box braids with hair extensions.
  6. After finishing braiding apply serum spray to add an extra shine.

Then, you can style your triangle box braids into buns, ponytails, and more styles and you can add your favorite accessories.

Let’s check the styles out!

  • Triangle Box Braids with Purple and Black

triangle box braids

Our first choice for you is this beautiful jumbo triangle box braids with a hint of purple extensions. If you are looking for a style that will We have to admit that purple extensions have added a whole new dimension to this style. And the best part of it that it does not take much time and turns out unique and stylish. You can add silver beads and make it more pretty.

  • Short Burgundy


Don’t want a long protective hairstyle then make it short. Try a vibrant burgundy color to make it sassy and stylish. This style is perfect for both office wear and party wear. Never hesitate to add some silver beads to give your style an extra kick.

  • Micro-Box Braids


Triangle shape with micro braids creates a great combination. Small triangles create a more mesmerizing and eye-soothing pattern. Give a subtle touch of highlights by adding golden blonde extensions that blend with your natural hair color beautifully.

  • Jumbo Copper Braids


If you are already bored of your natural hair color then feel free to add some color. This copper color easily catches the sunlight and reflects a vibrant look. This type of hairstyle completely perfect for the summer and spring seasons. These jumbo braids are for you if you don’t have time and still, you will look hot and sleek.

  • Triangle Braids Half Knot


Our next idea is another statement-making style that is going to rock your day and night. If you do not prefer to color your whole hair then mix it up with your natural black color. Style your braids into a half knot and add your favorite beads to make it more fashionable.

  • Triangle Box Braids with Curly Ends


You can customize your hairstyle by curling the edges. It is not complicated or time-consuming. You just have to create regular triangle box braids and curl the edges with a hair curler. You can some colorful hair extensions.

  • Black Jumbo Braids


If you are a natural style lover then our next hairstyle idea is for you. That is the less complicated and simple style we have found for you. This type of hairstyle easily compliments anyone. You don’t need to over-style to look glamorous.

  • Box Braids with Strings


You can twist your regular protective hairstyle by adding some accessories. The string is a very popular accessory among African American women. I personally also love this to style up hair. You can use classic golden string to spice up your style effortlessly.

  • Black-Blonde-Brwon Braids


Why don’t you play with three colors to take a rest from regular style? Black, brown, and blonde create a nice pattern of shades. It is not too crazy and easily goes with any outfit. Your stylist might charge some extra penny for this but that is worth it.

  • Golden Braids


Try this hairstyle out without damaging your natural hair with bleach and colors. Use the golden color extension to make pretty jumbo braids. This hairstyle will take half of your time of creating regular-sized braids and still will look good with this promising color.

  • Thick Braids


Thick braids are always my first choice if I run out of time and want to create a fabulous look. This style would be my go-to look on a busy day. Choose a color that is brighter than your natural hair to pop the style and will compliment your skin tone.

  • Black Copper Triangle Braids


Use black and copper in both colors to create this look. If you want to stand out more with this edgy style add some hair rings, strings, and cowries into your look. This will give you a boho-chic look and it is appropriate for a tropical look.

  • Knotless Triangle Box Braids


This hairstyle is my personal favorite because it does not create any tension on the scalp. Many celebrities have tried this style and make it a trendy style. Knotless box braids are started with natural hair then after a few twists, you have to feed in hair extensions. It might take more time to create but if you have sensitive hair roots then this is a perfect option for you.

  • Bob Box Braids


Box braids into bob style is a classic hairstyle. This type of style suits any age perfectly. If a long hairstyle is not your thing then you will love this style. It also will take less time to create. You can add hair rings, cowries to make your style more fascinating.

  • Rainbow Triangle Box Braids


Your hair is a canvas where you can play with a lot of colors. As you are using colorful extensions you will not be worried about hair damage. In this style, you can use all of your favorite colors or you can choose all the shades of the rainbow. This style will help you to stand out in a crowd.

  • Red Triangle Box Braids


Whenever I have a boring day I go to the parlor and try some new hairstyle to boost my mood. Colors are my #1 preference to style hair. A few months ago I tried this style and honestly, it turned out so good! The red color is enough to spice up any hairstyle. The triangle shapes are creating a nice geometrical pattern with this color.

  • Mint Triangle Box Braids


We have another colorful hairstyle idea for you. This lovely mint is something that you should try once in life. This is a very wild hairstyle that will go very well with monochrome dresses. So, if you pick this hairstyle you don’t have to panic about choosing dresses!

  • Small Triangle Box Braids


Small box braids take time to create but they look very fascinating in real life. If you have time to sit in the parlor for 4-5 hours then you can try this style out. This brownish blonde will look stunning with small braids.

  • Black-Burgundy Box Braids with Faux Locs


The best way to make a look creative is by combining different styles. In this style, the stylist has combined triangle box braids and faux locs together. The stylist has styled box braids with natural black extensions and faux locs with burgundy hair extensions. You can style it as a half bun and add beads and strings.

  • Braids with Hint of Red


If you don’t want to go crazy with colors and don’t want to have plain black braids then have a look at this style.

  • Neon Pink Box Braids


You can have a funky vibe to your look by adding neon pink extensions. It will help you to get out of some boring styles. Here the patterns are not perfectly symmetrical rather more complex. It is okay because in styling hair you don’t need to follow any rules.

  • Black-Blue Ombre

This is one of those out of ordinary hairstyles. If you desire to try ombre ever then try this one. The shades of blue have created a very nice combination with black. You will be going to rock the road with this hairstyle.

  • Purple-Pink Ombre


It is great to wake up and having this type of style in your hair. This is another ombre idea. This one is purple and pink. If you are fond of these colors you can try this style. With these colors and patterns, this style has turned out super cute. By using hair extensions you will not have any damage.

  • Silver Box Braids Triangle Shape


If you want to try a lighter color then this style can be your option. Silver box braids are not very common but it looks good as a hairstyle. Moreover, it surprisingly suits kids and grownups as well.

  • Half Bun with Strings


Braids wrap in strings add an extra dimension to a hairstyle. You can style your braids like a half bun and half down style. With the symmetrical patterns of the triangle, your style will look crazy at the party.

  • Top Up-do


A big bun like this is always sleek and sassy. Style your triangle box braids in an up-do. Small braid like this help to create a nice up-do than thick braids. A style like this goes well in a ball dance party.

  • High Twisted Bun


Get a braided bun with a little twist. Buns are very common in hairstyles but twisted buns are not very common. And it looks very good when you create it with a help of a professional. Don’t forget to set your baby hairs with a wax stick.

  • Boho Box Braids


Our next idea is bohemian box braids. In this style, you will be going to have a lot of curls with braids. It is a very popular hairstyle with regular box braids, but you can try it with triangle box braids too.

  • Red-White Half Up-do


You can have bangs with your box braids that will help you to show your uniqueness. White and red braids are major twists here. With a half bun, you can show off your colorful braids properly.

  • Big Triangle Box Braids


It is not necessary to create small triangles always. You can try big triangles like this style. It will probably save more than half of your time and still, you will end up with a pretty hairstyle.

Triangle box braids are very versatile and you can style them in various ways. So soon get an appointment with your favorite stylist and try any of these styles out. We will be glad to hear about your experience, so don’t forget to share it with us. Good Luck!

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