19 Yarn Braids Hairstyles You Must See

Well, they are just what they say they are—braids, made out of yarn. Yarn hair is excellently thick, and you can naturally leave these braids in for a week or two before they start to get itchy. The goal here is to have a low-key style that requires little take care. You can wash these yarn braids along with the hair they’re attached to if you use a natural, low-suds shampoo like Terressentials, but you can usually just wear them for a week, take them out, give your hair a good wash, and then braid them in again. However, you may be confused about selecting the best fitting braids for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the best 19 braided yarn hairstyles for African American women.

1. Yarn Hairstyle with Updo

Yarn Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

Let’s start with an updo. Yarn hairstyles are flexible like all another braiding hairstyle. As a result, you can make an updo with this braids easily with the least possible time. In this yarn updo hairstyle, nice beads have been used to make the hairstyle perfect. The dazzling beads and the thick natural colored yarns will make you look like this beauty.

2. Yarn Twist

YARN Twist
Image Source: Pinterest

The previous hairstyle was also a twist hairstyle like this one. Here, the braids which are originally made of yarn is twisted. And its effect is unimaginable. These thick braids give you the opportunity to present the most gorgeous you in front of the others.

3. Yarn Box Braids

yarn box braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Yarn hairstyles can be decorated with the box braiding hairstyle. Look at the girl in the picture. She has worn beautiful reddish colored yarns as box braids. Among all other braiding hairstyles, this hairstyle is one of the most used and popular hairstyles among the African American black women.

4. Pumpkin Spice Yarn Twists

Image Source: Pinterest

Well, you do not need to be astonished so much because you can make this hairstyle in a short span of time. This twist hairstyle is designed as the pumpkin by its unique color application. There is a mixture of multiple colors including the natural color. Try this awesome hairstyle to be noticeable to anyone at the first glance.

5. Faux Locks with Yarn (Yarn Dreads) Dope Hairstyle

aux Locs With Yarn (Yarn Dreads) Dope Hairstyle
Image Source: Pinterest

Some hairstyles do not need any recommendation or explanation and this one is one of them. Faux Locks with Yarns give you a hassle-free look and make you the most beautiful women among the other African American people. Wear this hairstyle and be ready to rule the world of beauty.

6. Jumbo Yarn Twists

Jumbo yarn twists
Image Source: Pinterest

The thicker the braids are, the more beautiful you are. Here, the girl in the picture has used thick jumbo twisted braids as her hairstyle. This is simply gorgeous. Her look is tremendously sexy and stunning with this hairstyle.

7. Jumbo Yarn Twists

Jumbo yarn twists
Image Source: Pinterest

Okay, now its time to make knots with jumbo yarn twists. And don’t worry, it will not get messy. She has made two beautiful and giant knots with thick yarns. This twisted braiding hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles designed with the yarn twists. The knots are positioned by the two sides of the head and the leftover of the braids are let hang freely by the backside. How beautiful this hairstyle is!

8. Yarn Cornrows

Yarn Cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest

You can play around with the yarn hairstyles and make shapes according to your will. In this phase, you can see cornrows inspired hairstyle made with yarns. The braids have been decorated as cornrows and pulled up to make a floral bun with the colorful braids. You can try this hairstyle for any kind of party or occasion.

9. Gray Yarn Dreadlocks

Image Source: Pinterest

Gray Yarn Dreadlocks is a great option for the African American beauty conscious women. These dreadlocks are simply cute and unique. At the same time, this updo hairstyle with the Gray Yarn Dreadlocks is suitable for any kind of face shapes and age range. So, use this hairstyle and rock.

10. Multicolored Yarn Twisted Yarns

Gray Yarn Dreadlocks
Image Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is hardly different than the yarn hairstyle. But the color is the main factor here to distinguish this one from the others. Here, a wide range of colors has been used to the braids to make a glittering effect on the hair. If you want to get a look like a princess, try this for at least once.

11. Electric Pink Mohawk Yarn Locks

Electric Pink Mohawk Yarn Locs
Image Source: Pinterest

Hello African Americans, this is a hairstyle designed with the combination of Mohawk and yarn locks. The side of the head is shaved as usual like a Mohawk hairstyle and the top of the head is decorated with lovely pink colored yarns. And the total combination is a super sexy hairstyle for the black women.

12. Curly Blue Yarn

Curly yarn
Image Source: Pinterest

Missing the curls in the above hairstyles? Okay, let’s do this hairstyle to get the curly one. Here, the soft yarns are colored blue and the braids are designed as curls. As a result, the braids themselves act like individual curls.

13. Faux Lock yarn Braids; The Second Look

Faux Lock Yarn Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

This is Faux Lock yarn Braids; The Second Look. The first faux lock hairstyle was colorful and an updo. Here we present you the curly natural colored faux lock. The Same hairstyle with different braiding color can make this impossible to possible.

14. Afro Natural Curled Faux Locks

Afri-Naptural Curled Faux Locs 18
Image Source: Pinterest

Afro Natural Curled Faux Locks is an afro inspired hairstyle with the curls. Here the yarns are designed as thin and curly. And the presentation and positioning of the braids are super cool. Wear this hairstyle to get a goddess look and to compel anyone to turns back twice you.

15. Lavender Locks

lavender locs
Image Source: Pinterest

Most of you African American people are well known for this perfect yarn braiding hairstyle. This is a hairdo with thin and tiny yarn braids. Moreover, the lavender braids are colored with a wide range of colors. Try this hairstyle to enchant anyone of your surroundings.

16. Yarn Bob

Yarn bob
Image Source: Pinterest

Yarn hairstyles are flexible and perfect enough to let you make a bob hairstyle with them. Just use some shoulder touch length braids of yarn and beautify yourself within a blink. To get the ultimate effect, try highlighting one or two of them.

17. Bun for Yarn Locks

Bun For Yarn Locs
Image Source: Pinterest

I know, many of you are missing the bun hairstyle with the yarns. And here comes the bun hairstyle with the yarns. Yarn braided hairstyles are thick and giant, as a result, the bun becomes gigantic and seductive at the same time.

18. Undercut and Ponytail with Yarn Locks

undercut - natural hair
Image Source: Pinterest

This is also a Mohawk inspired hairstyle where the sides of the head are shaved and the top of the head is covered with colored yarns. Additionally, there is a ponytail made with the braids.

19. Yarn Ponytail

Yarn Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest

The last one is also a ponytail hairstyle with the yarns. Here the full head is covered with the blonde highlighted thick yarn braids and the braids are mobilized into a ponytail in updo nature.

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