Yarn Twists

40 + Lovely Yarn Twists for African American Women

These twists are made with yarn braids. The yarn braiding hairstyles are one of the most used and popular hairstyles among African American black people. The black women are just crazy about these hairstyles. But there is another great creation with these yarn braids and that is yarn twists. These twists are made with the twist of yarn braids. Normally two yarn braids are twisted with one another to make the lovely twists.

Well, let me come to the point now. There are a lot of articles and collections of twists on the internet. But you will hardly find any perfect article that can provide you with 45 images of the lovely yarn braids. Here we have managed to collect these images with intensive internet research and personal experience. Moreover, the images are subdivided into 7 major categories which are furnished with five different and awesome examples. So, let’s start the journey now.

1. Yarn Twists Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Bob hairstyles are one of the most used and popular hairstyles used by women all over the world. You will find the Asian, Arabic, African and American women are using these bob hairstyles with much zeal. The working women are much fond of these hairstyles as these hairstyles are short and smart enough to be handled in all situations and places. We are here to get you some awesome bob hairstyles with the twists. Look at the images below, these are the trendiest bob hairstyles among the black women. You can pick one too for yourself.

2. Twisted Updo

The updo hairstyles are used during the warm seasons. During summer, women and especially black women want a comfortable and enjoyable hairstyle. The heavy and bushy hairstyles create boredom for every woman during the summer. That is why the updo and ponytail hairstyles are worn by them. These hairstyles are smart, stylish and comfortable at the same time. The updo hairstyles can be done with various hair types and locks. So, you can make awesome and seductive updo hairstyles with the twists too. Trust me you will feel great pleasure and have an immense effect on your appearance if you use these hairstyles.

3. Hair Twists with Ponytail

Here is another hairstyle which is used during summer. Women all over the world use these hairstyles both formally and informally. A ponytail hairstyle reduces the burden of hair during summer and gives you a smart and confident look. The beauty conscious corporate is frequently seen using these hairstyles. But have ever tried the ponytail hairstyles with the lovely twists? If not, its time to try it. Pick the best one from the images below and ask your stylist to get that dome for you.

4. Yarn Twists Mohawk

Some of you might like some crazy and wild hairstyles of modern times. The mohawk hairstyles are one of the trendiest and updated hairstyles used by black young women. Here the sides of the head are shaved and the center part of the head is covered with hair and locks. These hairs can be curly, straight and of different patterns and designs. So, if you love these mohawks, you can try it with the twists. Trust me will have a look like ultra-modern women and people around you will turn back twice towards you. The following hairstyles samples are collected for you so that you can choose from the best mohawk hairstyles of the twists.

5. Colorful Twists

Normally the black and blonde colored women are commonly seen in the African American black community. But some of you may be fond of the colorful hairstyles. And sometimes, you need to wear the colorful hairstyles for different purposes like partying, touring, etc. For you, we have something too. We have collected some of the best-colored hairstyles with the twists for you people. With these colorful hairstyles, you can bring some color back to your lives too. The colorful hairstyles attract the attention very quickly too. So, if you like it just do it.

6. Long Twists for Black Women

Most of the men fall in love with the hairstyles of women first. So, you have to be very careful about your hairstyle. The long hairstyles are one of the hairstyles the men love most. The long hairstyles are very popular and the most used form of hairstyles in various parts of the whole world. Any woman with long hair can easily enchant others with the charm of her long hair. That’s why most of the women all over the world try to make a long hairstyle with different types of hair, locks, and braids. Here we suggest the twists for you. If you use the long yarn twist for your long hairstyle, you will have a heavenly charm in your hairstyle and appearance at the same time.

7. Twisted Bun

Though the bun hairstyles are normally used for the wedding, you can use them for your day to day lives too. The bun hairstyles create a profound impression on the mind of the people around you. The bun hairstyles are classic and trending hairstyles at the same time. Till today, bun hairstyles are used with great affection and in the ancient society, the bun hairstyles were also used by the women. Here we have got some yarn twist bun hairstyles to make you beautiful and sexy.

8. More Twisted Hairstyles for You

Here are some uncategorized hairstyles with the twists. These hairstyles are chosen randomly, and you may like any of them.

Now, we have done our job and it’s your turn. You can pick any of the hairstyles presented above and ask your stylist to get that done for you. But be careful about the use and selection of the yarn twists. Be informed about the use and procedure of using form the stylist. And do not forget to let us know about your feedback, suggestion, and experience through the comment box. Thank you for being with us.

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