As I Am Coconut Cowash Review & Benefits

As I Am Coconut Cowash Review & Benefits 16oz

You may have used different types of cleansing conditioner on your scalp. Some cleansing conditioners come with great results, according to the expectation. Other conditioners are not capable of providing satisfactory results. Here, the As I am coconut Cowash cleansing conditioner is a reliable product. That appears with lots of benefits at a reasonable price. You rather call it a complete package of scalp and hair care. Let’s know the full review of the As I Am coconut co-wash, with our leading expert Adam Cole’s analysis.   

Here we will be focusing on the description, product analysis by providing you knowledge about the pros and cons. Also, all the qualities of this conditioner have been briefly discussed in this post. 

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Coconut Cowash Description

The product dimension is 3 x 3 x 6 inches. And the total weight is only 1 pound. Which is very comfortable for carrying purposes. So anywhere you go you can take the cleansing conditioner with you. Also, the packaging quality is good. The liquid volume of the product is 16 milliliters with a great coconut scent.  


The main formula is made with a chemical and natural ingredients mixer. Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera, fruit powder, castor oil, alcohol, and limonene are the main ingredients used in making the recipe. Overall, it is a great mixer of powerful natural ingredients that contain healthy growth for natural hair. As a consequence, you can use this conditioner for any type of natural hair.

Benefits Of As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

Before going to the qualities of the product, know some quick information. This conditioner is not preferable for childrens. It is mainly used for dried natural hair to add more moistures. That can be a great selection for daily use. Move on to the most spectacular qualities of this coconut co-wash conditioner.    

Cleansing conditioner 

It is one of the best conditioners available on the market. Sometimes specks of dirt create unwanted layers on our scalp. That hampers the supply of the nutrition of the hair. So, cleaning this blockage is very necessary. Unless you have taken any steps, hair growth stops. So, use this cleansing conditioner.  

Easy using method

Well for most users, want an easily usable product. Because bathing time requires normal products. Just gently apply the conditioner to your scalp. Use the formula on your wet hair. Then softly massages the conditioner up to the bottom of yours. Just leave it for 1 minute. After you have done everything, wash your head with normal warm water. After washing your hair, take some time to dry it. Then see the dried wavy natural hair.

Preserves moisture 

Well, this hair product has all the natural ingredients to make your hair nourish. Living in some extreme conditions takes away the real depth of moisture from hair. As a result of that, natural hair becomes dull slowly. So, the supply of moisture is really important for natural hair. Also, lower porosity hair and natural 4c hair require moisture supply. You will get the assistance of moisture from this cleansing conditioner. 

Increases hair growth 

This conditioner not only provides you with healthy natural hair. It also works to increase the growth of your hair. After we cross the age of thirty, hair loses the regular growth rate. An essential supply of nutrition is very important. Well, to some extent it is so natural. However, the powerful mixture adds a supplement to natural hair. As a result, natural hair growth starts even after the age of 30. Also, this conditioner is capable of all types of hair. You can even use it on your hair color.   


  • This coconut co-wash conditioner increases hair growth even after the age of thirty. 
  • It helps to make natural hair stronger from deep inside.
  • You will see a healthy growth of natural hair, by the application of this conditioner 
  • It is very well known for its defining curling ability  
  • To some extent stops hair breakage and hair falling also
  • Some users believe this conditioner kills dandruff and itches natural hair.   


  • Till now, we haven’t received any complaints about this cleansing conditioner. So, we don’t want to add any wrong statements here.     

Frequently Asked Questions About As I Am Coconut Cowash Conditioner 

Question: What does it mean by Cowash?   

Answer: Co-washing means cleaning your natural hair in wet conditions. The coconut conditions don’t create suds as regular hair shampoo does. Generally, you can use this product for daily use.  

Question: Does it dry your natural hair? 

Answer: Yes, this conditioner quickly dries natural hair. Also a great product for providing natural-looking hair. That is suggesting your dry hair will look so natural. It also has great curly natural hair. Because in a quick time you will get defined curly hair.   

Question: Is it safe for color-safe hair? 

Answer: According to the manufacturing brand statement it is suitable for all types of hair. Even suits well for the color hair treatment. But I haven’t used it on my colored hair. So, it is up to your necessity to taste it on your colored hair. 

Question: Is it a silicone-free product? 

Answer: Yes, on that catalog it is clearly mentioned. No parabens, silicons, and other nasty chemical ingredients have been used on this product. So, you can have a taste of it if you want natural hair products. 

Question: Can I use this conditioner after shampooing?  

Answer: Many people do use conditioner after shampooing their hair. Although it is slightly risky for the sensitive scalp it provides extraordinary results. However, you can use this one, after shampooing your natural hair. Mostly it is comfortable for free use. 


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