25 Blonde Box Braids Hairstyles You Should Choose

Braids are a wonderful creation of the primitive African people. And Blonde Box Braids are the most magnificent addition of hairstyles for women of all ages. Especially stylish women love to have the box braids hairstyle because of its extraordinary effect and heavenly beauty. Normally the box braids are beautiful, but when you use the blonde color, you look just like an angel. Let’s see the effects of these styles on an African American woman.

  • Red and Blonde Box Braids

This Redish and Bundle color combination looks so fabulous all the time. Especially it a perfectly suited box braids style for daily outings. With jeans and simple t-shirt outfits these color combinations always a top choice.


  • Blue and Blonde Cornrows

Using blue color is a great choice of being highlighted. Because from a long distance this stylish hair color combination gets easily visible. Furthermore, the lovely-looking cornrows have added another dimension to this highly anticipated hairstyle.


  • Blonde Box Braids with Bun

The braided bun is almost a common hairstyle among females, But when you try this box braided giant bun, you are super cool among the other stylish women.

Blond Box Braided Bun
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Blonde Crochet Box Braids

You can do whatever you do with the normal box braids with box braids. Here the lovely little pixie braids are pulled up and made an updo. The updo, as you can see, is super sexy and gorgeous.

Blond Box Braided Updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Box Braids for Chilling Out

Do you like hanging out around? Go for fun to the sea beach? Try his sexy braids as your next hairstyle. Whether you are at a party or a hangout, you will rock. This sexy babe is a great example of the effects of the blonde box braids hairstyles.

Box Braids for Chilling Out
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Dark Blonde Braids with white Mixed

No other hairstyles can give you this type of effect like the box braids. African American Women with these blonde braids can make the whole crowd look at her twice.

Thick Blond Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Platinum Blonde Hill Knot Box Braids

If you choose these blonde braids, you are a beauty-conscious woman. These braids are knotted like a ponytail and the leftover of the braids are divided into two parts and let them hang around the head.

Blond TOp Knor Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Big Bun Dark Blonde Box Braids

Braids make the most beautiful buns. And when there is a combination of braids and bun in a single hairstyle, the effects are just breathtaking. The thin braids have done the same thing for the African American woman in the picture.

Bug Bun with Blond Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Knots at the Front with Blonde Box Braids

Wow!! Did you do the same after seeing this braided hairstyle? This beautiful African American girl has worn the box braids with a front knot and lets the leftover braids hanging by the backside of the head.

Knots at the Front with Blond Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Blonde and Black Box Braids

Well, this one is the box braids highlighted with a few blonde braids. Whoever designed this combination, is a genius. This is an example of playing with colo0rs in the African American braids.

Blond and Black Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Yes, you can make a giant ponytail with the box braids. The girl in the picture is proof. And this type of ponytail has a more charming effect than regular ponytails for women.

Blond and Black Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Ponytail with Blonde Pixie (Box) Braids

Here is another ponytail example of blonde box braids. The difference is the thin braids. Here the pixies-sized braids are pulled up to make a ponytail. Make yourself gorgeous with this brilliant hairstyle.

Ponytail with Blond Pixie (Box) Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Blonde Box Braids for Long Hair

Blonde long box braids are very much suitable for the sexy effect in you. This hairstyle best suits bikinis and other sexy dresses like the picture.

Ponytail with Blond Pixie (Box) Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Blonde & Brown Ponytail

Here the braids are made with natural and blonde color. And the natural colored braids are insignificant in number. The divided ponytail is the attractive part of this hairstyle. Try this hairstyle for adding extra fun to your day-to-day life.

Mixed and Divided Ponytail with Blonde Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

When you are styling your hair, you can never ignore the cornrows hairstyle. Especially the African American people cannot even imagine any hairstyle without the cornrows. In the picture below, you can see the combination of box braids and cornrows in the same hairstyle.

Cornrows Inspired Blond Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  •  Mini Triangle Braids Protective Style

Hey girl, Are you confused about choosing a hairstyle this summer? Well, this hairstyle can be a solution to your problem, these thin blonde braids can give you great relief this summer.

Mini Triangle blonde brown box briads protective style for summer
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Long Blonde Box and Bun Combined

The bun is the classic and trendiest hairstyle among all other hairstyles. This African American lady has made a beautiful bun with the blonde box braids and lets the leftover of the hair hanging by the sides of the shoulder. All these arrangements have made her look like a princess.

Trendy Bun and Blond Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Blonde Box Braided Topknot

Box braids are flexible enough to make an updo and topknot like the African American girl in the picture. This hairstyle is like a gift during the summer. But at the same time, this hairstyle can make you up to date every season.

Blond Box Braided Topknot
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Half Black & Some Blonde Cornrows Style

This is an excellent combination of blonde braids with cornrow hairstyle. The thick braids are decorated in cornrows-inspired hairstyle. And you yourself can see the tremendous effect of it.

Hair #BoxBraid Blonde Cornrows For Black
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Dual Knots Blonde Highlight

What about two beautiful knots with lovely box braids? This girl tied that. And what about you?

Side Knots with Blonde Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Bob Blonde Box Braids

Box Braids are generally seen in long length form. But you can try the box braids as a bob hairstyle. Bob’s hairstyles are always cute and sexy. And from my point of view, the bob box braids are the most differentiated use of blonde box braids.

Bob Blond Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Bob cut with Black and Short Blonde Hair

Here is another example of bob braids. The front part of the head is decorated with colorful blonde box braids and the leftover is decorated with natural-colored braids. And the combination of these two is super cool just like the picture.

Combined Bob Blond Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  •  Blonde Cornrows Bun

This hairstyle is made with every effect in the world of hairstyles. The golden color, the cornrows, the bun, and the sexy blonde braids have made this impossible to possible.

Image Source: Pinterest
  • Cornrows Inspired Box Braided Topknot

Should I say anything about this super sexy hairstyle? I think no. Just wear this hairstyle and let the world fall in love with your hairstyle.

Cornrows Inspired Box Braided Topknot
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Featuring Big Box Braids

This is the most simple as well as the most beautiful braiding hairstyle among box braided hairstyles. This hairstyle is suitable for any place, any time.

Featuring Big Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  •  Multidirectional Blond Box Braids

This cutie has made her cute braids directed randomly and lets them hang freely. Additionally, she has worn glasses to bring out the ultimate effect of this hairstyle. I hope every woman will love this super simple hairstyle.

MultiDirectional Blond Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Blonde Crown with Box Braids

Look like, we have reached the last and best one. As you have scrolled to this, this beautiful crown is for you. Wear a blond crown at the top of the head with just the box braids. You do not have to care what season it is or what time it is or what place is it. You are fit for every place, everything, and every time.

Blond Crown with Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Bonde and Pink Box Braids

Especially independent girls tend to have blonde and pink box braids. Though it is only slightly pink shaded, you can add color combinations according to your desire. Looks so amazing and polite with this particular haircut.

Image Source: Pinterest

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