Blunt Bob Haircuts

Best 10 Short Blunt Bob Hair Cuts for Your Face Shape

Shorter haircuts for women are being praised more and more in recent times. A blunt bob haircut is such a short haircut where the edges or ends of the hair are cut into a straight line. Besides being a short band comfortable hairstyle, the bobs are great for every type of face shapes like oval, round, and square. The corporate women, the working women and as a whole the women of all ethnicities have the opportunity to try these strongly defined haircuts for both home and work.

Women these days always try to find hairstyles that meet their demands both in-home and work. Bob haircut is such a hairstyle that can give you the following facilities:

  • It gives you flawless beauty and ultimate perfection in your hairstyle.
  • Let you enjoy the hassle-free styling of your hair.
  • Requires low or zero maintenance for your regular hairdo.
  • Available in different colors, designs, and styles.
  • Suits every face shape and ethnicity.

Style Blunt Bob Hair: 

You already know about the bob haircuts as they are tremendously popular among the women of this universe including women. And the blunt bob haircuts are one of the most used, basic and well-known hairdos for the women. Here we are gonna show you some incredible designs of bob haircuts for you. We know, there are a huge number of designs and styles of these haircuts but very few of them are worth wearing from today’s fashion perspective. However, we have selected 10 categories with 40 different designs of short hairstyles for you to try in 2020. So, let’s get started.

Necessary to Know: Golden Rule to Care for Bobs

Whatever hairstyle or cuts you wear, it always maintenance ( more or less). The short hairstyles also need some of the time to stay fresh, bouncy, and glittering. Here are some golden tips by following which you can maintain your hairstyles playful and fresh all the time.

  • Comb it less frequently
  • Use your fingers
  • Invest in a bristle brush
  • Reduce your use of heated products
  • Find a style that doesn’t require a straightener
  • Use a cotton bud to get rid of flyaway strands
  • Tame volume with products
  • Always have a close look at the scalp
  • Trim your hair every three to six weeks
  • Maintain your shape
  • Consider your hair length
  • Wash your hair every day
  • Short hair needs more regular washing
  • Dry shampoo will save the day
  • Rinse in a blast of cold water for extra shine
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Badass Designs10 Blunt Bob Cuts for Your Face Shape:

Blunt Bob Haircut is no doubt an excellent short cut designed for women all over the world. And here, we have arranged as a whole 40 badass designs to inspire you in your next hairdo. Now it’s your turn. Tell us how you enjoyed this whole article? How was the style we have presented in front of you? You have the comment box to let us know about your thoughts about the designs. Moreover, we have Facebook and Pinterest to get more close to our beloved readers. So, bye-bye for now.

10. Bangs for Bob: Fringe and Edgy Haircut By Neckline

Of course, Bangs is one of the great elements of every bob haircut. In this section, we are suggesting the short ( up to neckline) bob haircuts with some fringe on the front of your head. The youngsters and sometimes the aged women amazingly wear these types of hairstyles. Famous celebrities, models, athletes and beauty-conscious women of these days are constantly seen with the blunt bob haircuts. In the below hairstyles you will find different models with classic bob style, side-swept style, and modern style. All of these styles are chosen based on popularity and flexibility.

Bangs for a Great Bob
Bangs for a Great Bob

09. Shoulder-Length Haircuts: The Excellency of Bobs

Sewing hair cut plays an important role while wearing the bob hairstyles. The dark women generally wear the sewing bob as the growing natural hair seems disgusting and frustrating to them. For these type of ladies, the shoulder-length bob haircuts with sewing hair is a great opportunity to avail. However, these hairstyles are larger than the conventional and classic bob haircuts. But still, these designs and styles are widely popular and greatly worn by the women of African American ethnicity. Hereby we have presented four great examples of shoulder-length bob haircuts with sewing hair in front of you to make you amazed. And if you want to talk about the trend, they are the current trends of the present fashion world.

Shoulder-Length Bob Haircuts for dark Women

08. Short Blunt Bob Haircuts: Colorful Bob Hairstyles:

As time passes, each and every haircut and hairstyles of the dark women are being colorized to bring difference, stun, and uniqueness. The bob haircuts are no exception to this trend. From the 2000s, the women have started to color their short hairstyles like the dreadlocks, faux locks, wavy natural hair, and other braided hairstyles. Moreover, some of them like one-color hairstyles with bob and the other group loves multiple colors. However, whatever color you put in your haircuts, you are gonna rock just like the styles in the images below. While selecting these images we have combined the haircuts from natural hair, sewing bob, bob with bangs and shoulder-length bob.

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07. Knots for Bob: Hybrid in Styling Hair

The more combination your hairstyles have, the more you are cute and the more you are gorgeous. Yes, we are talking about the adjustments of bob haircuts with other elements like knots. Single or multiple Knots are made on the head for styling and relaxing purposes. Among them, Bantu knots are one of the most popular knotted hairstyles of African American women. However, what if you have a knot on the top of the head and a bob haircut by the sides of your head? The images below show how you will look with the knotted bob hairstyle. Besides, you have the option to braid your top hair with knots. So, follow the images and try to find the best for you.

Knots, Braids and Bob
Knots, Braids, and Bob

06. Long Blunt Bob Haircuts: Messy and Blonde

Beauty-conscious women often try to find a messy hairstyle to follow the new trend. Messy hair gives you a wild look and a crazy appearance. That’s why, the ebony women try to find the messy texture in braids, wavy hair and long bob haircuts. For this trend, we have collected these four messy bob haircuts with blonde color. If you look carefully, you will find these bobs are prepared with blonde hair and messy texture. And the straight cut at the edges has made it blunt bob. So, if you are trying to find a haircut to get an appearance like a cowgirl, here’s the one you are searching for.

Short and Messy Versions of Bob
Short and Messy Versions of Bob

05. Bangs with Blunt Bob Cuts: Rihanna

The dark women always follow ebony celebrities for different hairstyles and fashions. And to be true, Rihanna is one of the role models among the dark celebrities with here extraordinary hairdos, costumes, and appearance. And that’s why she is the crush of millions of dark men. However, you might want to see her, how she looks like with the blunt bob haircuts. And here you go. In these 4 styles, Rihanna has 4 designs and styles of Bob Haircuts to inspire your next hairdo. She wears bangs, she wears curly edges and shoulder-length hairstyles with bobs. And to be honest, her excellent hairstyles are one of the reasons for her reputation also. So, if you are looking for celeb hairstyles, Rihanna can be your idol in picking the right short hairstyle for your next hairdo.

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Rihanna with Short Hairstyles
Rihanna with Short Hairstyles

04. Center-Parted Bob Haircuts: The Sew In Hair

Bobs have thousands of variations and Styles: Some are popular some are not. And of course, you want to try some popular designs of the bobs. The center-parted blunt bob is that fine style that you can consider. Well, all these hairstyles sew in a bob. But you can try them with your natural hair too. Look carefully, a slight yellowish color has been applied with these bobs to add some extra stun and cuteness to your hairstyle and appearance. These bobs are also of shoulder-length to make you feel young and trendy. However, you can try these bobs to get the ultimate charm with the short hairstyles.

Center-Parted Bob Haircuts
Center-Parted Bob Haircuts

03. Synthetic Wig: Effortless Short Hairstyle for Women

Using wigs is the most effortless way to decorate yourself. Like Afro, Straight hair and crochet braids, you have the option to wear the wigs of bob haircuts. The wigs are of synthetic hair and human hair. But here we have chosen synthetic bob wigs to discuss and display in front of you. When you will choose these wigs, you will have the opportunity to pick numerous colors, shapes, lengths, and designs. Women who lead a busy life can wear these wigs to save time and gain eternal beauty at the same time. Below and in the images, we have managed to collect some of the lovely styles of bob wigs for your consideration. We suggest you must consider these wigs before picking a hairdo next time.

Synthetic Wigs with Color
Synthetic Wigs with Color

02. Waves with Bob Haircuts: Feel the Tranquility

Since the dawn of civilization, weaves have been a great element for styling hair of the women. Even the dark women of Africa would do waves besides braids, beads and other styles. Over the period, the pattern and textures of these weaves have been modified and adjusted with different hairstyles. As a part of that, the weaves have put their presence in the bob haircuts too. Below there, we have selected four wavy bob haircuts for you which are basically the blunt bob haircuts. These waves give you a messy look and wild appearance.  The models in this image have chosen the wavy bobs to impress you and their surroundings. So why don’t you try this style in 2020?

Wavy Bob Haircuts for Ebony Girls
Wavy Bob Haircuts for Ebony Girls

01. Follow the Trend: On-Trend Blunt Bob Haircuts

You know we can not enframe or categorize the whole lot bob haircuts. So, there is a lot more outside which we can not cover in a single post. But we do have tried to pick some of them as a recent trend. As you know hairstyles require accessories like beads to get more flourishment. Moreover, there are thousands of designers who are a generation of newer designs and styles every day to impress the beauty-conscious women. So, we got these four styles for you to inspire for your upcoming hairdo.

Trendy Short hairstyles for dark Women
Trendy Short Hairstyles for dark Women


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