23 Trendy Box Braids Bun Hairstyles

Box braids bun is the art of making some attractive look. Box Braids are considered a trendy hairstyle for African-American women. And making a bun with box braids is the most aptitude hairstyle for a girl who loves braids. Here are the trendy 23 box braids bun for new ages of women.

Black Braids Bun

Black Box Braids Bun
Image: Black Braids Bun                  Source: Pinterest

Black Braids hairs are a very common practice of the black peoples. Her top bun attracts peoples so much. This hairstyle is very simple to do.

Pretty Girl High Box Braids

 Box Braids Bun
Image: Pretty Girl Box Braids BunSource: Pinterest

Pretty girls like to have high box braids on their scalp. Because with any maintenance problems you can go with this hairstyle. Just make a bun on top of your scalp.

Braids Bun with Glasses

Braids Bun with Glasses
Image: Braids Bun with Glasses       Source: Pinterest

Well if you are going for an outing with your sunglasses then try this hairstyle. This exclusive bun edition will provide you a defined look. It is very suitable for young peoples also.

Box Braid Half up Half Down Bun with Beads

Box Braid with Beads
Image: Box Braid with Beads                    Source: Pinterest

Bead’s attachment adds a new dimension to a new hairstyle. Here you can see the amazing placements of beads with half up and half down bun.

Trendy Girl with Braid Bun

Trendy Girl with Braid Bun
Image: Trendy Girl with Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest

This high hill bun will be suitable for all modern girls. Her front hair layers have made this hairstyle more defining.

Adult Braids Bun

Adult Box Braids Bun
Image: Adult Braids Bun                 Source: Pinterest

Well, bun sets long hair properly. Which helps us to work freely without having any troubles. View that great example of braids bun on an adult woman.

Deep Black Braid Bun

Deep Black Braid Bun
Image: Deep Black Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest

Making bun on the back is an ancient practice. Here this deep bun was properly set back on her scalp. Which has provided it a traditional look.

Box Braids Donut Bun

Source: Pinterest

Some woman searches for donut bun. This example is provided for them only. Overall, the donut bun is an attractive hairstyle for all ages of women.

Braid Bun with Beads

Braid Bun with Beads
Image: Braid Bun with Beads                 Source: Pinterest

Bun with beads is a common practice of the African-American society. Adding beads makes the bun more defined. Youth can also try this amazing hairstyle.

Purple Goddess Box Braids Bun

Purple Box Braids Bun
Image: Purple Box Braids Bun                 Source: Pinterest

Her purple color long hair looking great. And the top bun makes her hairstyle more seductive. It is a rare example of a Goddess bun on purple hair.

Light Braid Bun

Light Braid Bun
Image: Light Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest

As usually makes a heavy hairstyle. Therefore, some woman ignores to have any heavy bun on their head. To them, this light braid will be a great idea.  

Brown Black Mix Braid

Brown Black Mix Braid
Image: Brown Black Mix Braid                 Source: Pinterest

The brown color is a thoughtful choice of peoples. Here the black color mix with brown color generates it very seductive look.

High Braid Bun

High Braid Bun
Image: High Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest

The high bun is for age women. Who don’t wants layers of hairs on their shoulders they can try this hairstyle. Let’s have a try to have the high bun.

Back Side Bun for Dark Skin

Back Side Bun for Dark Skin
Image: Back Side Bun for Dark Skin                 Source: Pinterest

If you want to hide your bun from the front side, then go for this one. Your bun will be visible properly from the backside. Actually, you will get dual looking.

Box Braid with Double Bun for Girls

Top Bun for Girls
Image: Top Bun for Girls                 Source: Pinterest

It is a rare example of a double bun. You can surprise peoples with the rare dual bun on the scalp. Why not try this one now?

Box Braid Bun with Glasses:

Box Braid Bun with Glasses
Image: Box Braid Bun with Glasses                 Source: Pinterest

This is our listed second glass added hairstyle.  On sunny day outings, you can make this hairstyle. Also, that black glass will protect you from the sun.

Red Box Braid Bun:

Red Box Braid Bun
Image: Red Box Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest

Red is the most eye-catching color of all. When you have red-colored bun on the top you will look so attractive from a far distance. Complete your fashion desire with this one.

Bun For Long Hair

Bun For Long Hair
Image: Bun For Long Hair                 Source: Pinterest

Maintaining long hair is not easy. Especially the long synthetic hair braids need high care. Therefore, many women try to maintain their long hair with a bun.

Full Bun Long Hair:

Full Bun Long Hair
Image: Full Bun Long Hair                 Source: Pinterest

Full bun on long hair covers all the layers. Saves you from all kinds of hair fall. Let’s have a try this safe hairstyle.

Smiley Braid Bun

Smiley Braid Bun
Image: Smiley Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest

Look at her face smile. She seems very happy with her smiling face. That top bun will provide you a beautiful smile on your face.

Front Loose Braid Bun

Loose Braid Bun
Image: Loose Braid Bun                 Source: Pinterest

Well, move forward to the example of the front lose bun. Her side’s hairs were nicely cleaned to make the bun visible. You can try this lovely front loose bun.

Loose Back Bun

Loose Back Box Braid Bun
Image: Loose Back Bun                 Source: Pinterest

See this example of the back loose big bun. You can try this one or the alternative previous one. Let us know which one you prefer the most?

Box Braid Bun With Headband

box Box braid bun with headband
Source: Pinterest

Forehead band attachment makes any hairstyle look pretty. Also keeps the hair braids on the right line. So, try this forehead band if you want to keep your braids in the right direction.


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