27 Cute Box Braids for Kids You Should Choose

Box braids for Kids are one of the trendy hairstyle and stylish hairstyles for kids as well as women.  If you know how to box braids? Then these are for you and your kids. You can easily do these 27  box braids for your kids.

African American cute kids like box braid most as their hairstyles for different purposes. Box braids can make your kid look smarter and more adorable but with only the perfect one. Box braids differ for faces and ages. In this article, we will discuss some best box braids hairstyles for kids. Through this article, you will come to know about the latest trends and the most beautiful patterns of box braids designed for the little angels. So let’s start.

#1. Purple Long Box Braids: Purple long box braids with black mix make kids happy.

Soft Braids for Black Hair
IMG: Soft Braids for Black Hair             Source: Instagram

#2. Soft Braids for Black Hair: Medium length braids with end loose box braids for kids.

Soft Braids for Black Hair
IMG: Soft Braids for Black Hair                                                                                         Source: Instagram

#3. Medium Length Hair with Color Hair Ban: Pretty girl wears a red color hair ban with side-parted end loose braid hairstyle.

Medium Length Hair with Color Hair Ban
IMG: Medium Length Hair with Color Hair Ban                                                                 Source: Instagram


#4. Long Black Box Braids: If it is time to party then kids can try these unique braids with beads.


Long Black Box Braids
IMG: Long Black Box Braids                                                                                                           Source: Instagram 

#5. Medium Braids for Small child: 

Medium Braids for Small Girls
IMG: Medium Braids for Small Girls                                                   Source: Instagram

#6. Black Long Hair Top Bun :

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Top Bun Black Long Hair
IMG: Top Bun Black Long Hairstyles                           Source: Instagram

#7. Fade in Braids With Color Hair Band:

Fade in Braids With Color Hair Band
IMG: Fade in Braids With Color Hair Band                                                  Source: Instagram

#8. Lite Fade in Braids with Hair Band:

 Lite Fade in Braids with Hair Band
IMG: Lite Fade in Braids with Hair Band                                               Source: Instagram

#9. Long Braids with Hair Clips: Blue-black box braids hairstyles for kids is modern to look.

Long Braids with Hair Clips
IMG: Long Braids with Hair Clips                                          Source: Instagram 

#10. Pure Black Box Braids with Beads: 

 Pure Black Box Braids with Clips
IMG: Pure Box Braids for kids with Clips                                           Source: Instagram

#11. Pretty Box Braids for Pretty Girls: 

Pretty Box Braids for Pretty Girls
IMG: Pretty Box Braids for Pretty Girls Haircut                                                    Source: Instagram

#12. Wrapper Box Braids: Let’s start with the wrapper braids. Here the thick braids are divided into two parts. One part is let hang free and the other part is used to wrap the free braids round and round. Consider the hairstyle in the picture to get the best understanding of the effects and beauty of this hairstyle.


#13. Pixie Box Braids with Ponytail: The second one is the Pixie Box Braided ponytail. This is one of the most popular hairstyles used by African American kids for enhancing their beauty and cuteness. Here the tiny and thin braids are colored blonde and the braids are directed to upward to make a beautiful ponytail. Likely your kid will love this trendy hairstyle.


#14. Box Braids with Beads: Beads are the most wonderful addition in the hairstyles industry. Here, the kids are decorated with lovely thick, and blonde braids with cute and dazzling beads. Every kid will be amused to have this hairstyle for them. Kids will look like a princess for sure with this super cool hairstyle.

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#15. Long Thick Box Braids: Now let’s try this viral hairstyle. This style is common and popular in society. The braids are prepared thick and long and positioned beautifully on the head. This effect will enchant anyone at any place.


#16. Box Braided Topknot: This hairstyle is much simpler than the previous hairstyles. Here the medium-sized box braids are used to make a beautiful topknot. This hairstyle is hassle-free and less time-consuming in preparing your kid. So your kid will certainly rock with this awesome hairstyle.

#17. Hair Bands Pixie Braids: Here is an excellent model of kid’s hairstyle with lovely pixie braids. The braids are simply used to make a ponytail. The bottom of the ponytail is beautifully decorated with some glittering beads and the fun part is the curly extensions positioned on the edges of the braids.


#18. Box Braids with Curly Edges: Box Braids can be modified with this Curly Edges also. The braids are as usual thick and natural colored. Conventionally the braids are positioned by the two sides of the shoulder. And the fun part is the curls at the end of each braid. Cute and gorgeous huh?

#19. Thick and Spiky Box Braids for Kids: Spiky long Thick braids can be a great choice for you if you want to have a box braiding hairstyle for your lovely little angel. Here the braids are wrapped by colored ribbon and the edges are made spiky to give this sharp look. Try this one for your kid to have an angelic look.


#20. Highlighted Box Braids for Kids: 

Here comes the masterpiece. These braids are box braids with blonde highlights. No one can specify the perfect adjective for this cool hairstyle. No doubt your kid will rock wherever she will go. This hairstyle is highly recommended by us for your lovely little kids.

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#21. Ponytails and Extensions: Here is another example of a ponytail hairstyle for the Kids. This super cool, the hairstyle is simple and cute enough to make your kid smarter and cuter.

#22. Ponytail with Red Highlights: This is a hairstyle of multiple elements of hairstyling. The red highlights, the cornrows inspired box braiding hairstyle and the long cute ponytail. All these elements have made this possible. If you like this use this for your kids. Don’t worry your kid will look a heavenly angel for sure with this perfect hairstyle.

#23. Simple Ponytails: We are going through the ponytails hairstyles for kid. And we have pivoted on these types of hairstyles most because the kids look best in the ponytail styles than any other hairstyles designed for the kids. This simple ponytail hairstyle with lovely box braids can be the next hairdo for your kid.

#24.Box Braids with Blonde Highlights: Another box braiding hairstyle which is much more popular among the kids as well as the parents of African American ethnicity. Here the hairstyle is modified as the semi updo and some blonde highlights have been used to make this hairstyle perfect for your kid. She can go anywhere at any time on any occasion with this great hairdo.

#25. Twisted Box Braids with Spiky Edges: Meet Miss Cutie and her hairstyle. Her cuteness depends much on her hairstyle. The twisted box braids have made this possible. Her head is covered with this thick twisted and natural colored braids to give her this charming look. DO not forget the spiky edges also while judging its effect.

#26. Long Box Braids with Red Highlights: These types of hairstyles are commonly used by the adults but why the kids should be deprived of this beauty? This multicolored and highlighted box braids can make an African American kid this beautiful

#27. Blue Braids for Kids:

We have reached the end of our discussion. The discussion will be ended with this hairstyle. This hairstyle is no different than the previous ones in patterns, textures, and thicknesses. The thick that make this hairstyle different is the blue color. Yes, the blue color of this thick braids can make your kid look like a real princess of modern times.

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