My Journey With Butterfly Locs Hairstyle And Maintenance Tips For You

For the last couple of months, I have applied different butterfly locs styles to my hair. My journey with this style is very fascinating. As I have 4c natural hair curly hair, this butterfly style suits me very well. But sometimes I get confused about choosing the right locs hairstyle, from all those similar styles. Like me most of the users of butterfly locs also get into hesitation to choose the right style. So, let’s share my fascinating journey of butterfly locs style with you, to give some important information and ideas about this hairstyle.   

What Is A Butterfly Lock Hairstyle?

It is a slightly wavy faux locs braid hairstyle. Which is the real eye, looks like a flying butterfly. These butterfly locs and braids can be many types. All those variants look so amazing and easily maintainable. But the downfall of the braid texture is its variant types of techniques. Even some users get confused about distinguishing between butterfly locs and Bohemian locs. 

How To Do Butterfly Locs?

Are you passionate to have butterfly locs on your naturally curly hair? Yes, I am showing you to achieve the butterfly locs in a very simple way. Let’s have a look at these steps. 

Step 1: First of all you need to clip up each portion of hair to have different twisting braids. All the twisted braids lengths will be up to the bottom. 

Step 2: Completely twisted down all different portions of your hair. Make some straight fade lines to provide proper looks on your twisted hairs.  

Step 3: To achieve proper braid, you can use an individual central braid, with cornrows style on the backside of the head.  

Step 4: Then attach all the freestyle hairs with your original hair with the help of your hand. Or you can use some tools to attach the extra hair properly. 

Step 5: Use short loops to attach hair properly. Measure the perfect size of the hair according to your desire. Twist all the extra hair from top to bottom by maintaining the proper length. 

Step 6: Do the same thing with all the previously made braid hairs. Then finally you will get the butterfly look. Some people use hairpins or gel types products to get the perfect holding.   

List of Butterfly Locs Hairstyle

Now we will see some special butterfly locs styles. I have tried some of those and got impressive enough results. Let’s see these amazing ideas of butterfly styles with me.  

  • Butterfly locs in longer hair 
Source: Pinterest

When you properly make up the twisted hair, then you can apply this style. A very well-defined style looks so fabulous on longer hair. To get the proper style, just attach some longer hair with your original hair. Then fly in the sky like a long feather butterfly. 

  • Bob faux butterfly locs style
Source: Pinterest

Yes, the style is preferable for a bob-cut hairstyle. Some have short natural hair. They just need to add some extra hair, to make the perfect bob faux style. Here, the main thing you must maintain is the same shorter length or bob-type length. 

  • Butterfly faux locs bun
Source: Pinterest

It is confusing to get the difference between bob faux and faux locs style. You can easily identify the style by the length of the faux cut. When the hair length goes over the actual length of the bob haircut and gets slightly smaller than the bob size, they will be called simple butterfly faux locs. 

  • Red-colored Goddess butterfly
Source: Pinterest

This style is usually seen on the celebrated face. For more attraction, a young woman makes a reddish eyebrow and with reddish hair. A simple and always prepared style that goes along with any outfit. 

  • Brown dual bun butterfly
Source: Pinterest

Wow, something so mind-blowing. Impress color attraction with two little upper head buns. Any glamorous girl will be a crazy butterfly that independently flies in the sky. Especially on a sunny day, the butterfly becomes more attractive. 

  • Beautiful blue butterfly style
Source: Pinterest

It is not so similar to the previous one. The butterfly legs will be slightly larger. With blue-colored matching hair and eyebrow, make your journey to the blue moon. Jeans and any blue-colored outfits are suitable for this style. 

  • Crochet hair butterfly locs
Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is possible with crochet hairs. You need to attach the crochet hair up to the bottom to get this stylish look. The hair length will be your choice. You can apply any size of length and color with this for a more attractive look.

  • Butterfly with 3c curly hair
Source: Pinterest

Many natural 3c hair users struggle to find the actual hairstyle for them. Just look at this impressive thing, and it yours. A highly recommended style for 3c curly hairs.

  • Top slighted butterfly
Source: Pinterest

Sometimes, external hair provides us with an impressive style. That is a proper example of using external hair, as a well-developed butterfly. Maintenance of this style is somewhere problematic. 

  • Boho hair butterfly
butterfly locks
Source: Pinterest

This hair design is a perfect example of Long boho hair proper fit butterfly style. I did apply this style for two weeks. And got a good crowd attraction. The main thing is it is very easily maintainable. 

List Of Synthetic Hair

Although you have a good idea of some fabulous butterfly styles, finding the best synthetic hair is not that easy. That’s why I have added some top synthetic hair descriptions for your convenience. 


This hair is made with soft synthetic fiber hair. It has no smell, itch-free and long-lasting ability. According to the provider, it is 100% handmade hair. The actual length of this product is 12 inches. For easy and quick installation it is pre-looped. It will be a great money-saving product for your convenience. 


This product is lightweight and breathable enough. No itching, no chances of skin harm, and no smell. It adds a spiral to your hair and the rotating curly hair can be used for micro braids. It comes with a longer length of 14 inches. 


It is a low-temperature synthetic colorful fiber hair. This softshell hair is suitable for daily use. Hassle-free and problem-free synthetic hair comes in two different lengths. This bomb twist hair is 14 inches and 18 inches different in size.  


This synthetic hair is mainly used to make bob butterfly styles. Rather than that, you can use it for daily and occasional use. Looks so natural and fully smells like the free product. Easily maintainable and the fluffy and bouncy nature has made it so natural. It is preferable for all types of styles.  

Easily Maintain Process Of Butterfly Hair 

My friend, I am sharing these processes with you. During the first couple of weeks of applying the butterfly style, I struggled to maintain my hairstyle. Then I have learned some great ways of maintaining my hairstyle. I think all these easy methods will help you the most.  

  • Clean foundation 

Always clean your locs hair. As this style is somewhere difficult to hide for the windy situations, you may clean the hair every night before sleeping. With due respect to curly hair, they easily get uncleaned. That’s why proper cleaning can save your hair.  

  • Provide UV protection 

You can use some natural hair oils to save your hair, from unwanted heat and dried situations of the sun. UV rays can burn your hair, making them unhealthy. Using a hair cap or mask is a great alternative way of saving your hair from sun heat. 

  • Back on normal hair 

It is very important not to maintain an extended hairstyle for a longer period. According to the expert’s suggestions, every 7/8 weeks, users must go back to the original hair. Either that can cause braid bums, itching, and major scalp problems. 

  • Avoid Tight hair locks 

Some of us have already fallen into this problem. A tight hairstyle is very dangerous for any type of scalp. That can lead you to braid bumps and another major scalp damaging problem. Also, tight holding makes the natural hair so unhealthy, uprooting them from the scalp.

  • Excessive color use 

Stop doing any excessive color or chemicals on your hair. Before applying any color, consult with a hair specialist to avoid all the risks. Another problem is people apply unwanted hairstyles, which is very dangerous for natural 3c hair.   

Frequently Asked Questions About Butterfly Locs?

  • Question: What kind of hair is suitable for the butterfly style? 
  • Answer: Butterfly locs are a preferred style for curly hairs. It is especially suited with natural 3c curly hairs. Because some people use 22-27 inches long curly hairs to get the proper butterfly look. And that look comes from that curly and bouncy hair type. 
  • Question:  Can I use the passionate twist of synthetic hair in my butterfly style? 
  • Answer: Yes, this synthetic hair is very soft and curly. It has a pre-looped attachment system, which is easily insatiable. That’s why it can hold the texture very well and it will be a great money-saving choice for you.
  • Question: Can I dip butterfly hair in hot water to seal great locs?
  • Answer: Yes, warm water can provide more effective locs than gel or other products. But it is only suitable for Kanekalon hair, not good for Marley’s hair.
  • Question: How to sleep with butterfly locs?
  • Answer: You can use soft sleeping hair caps to save your butterfly hair during sleeping time. In the market, some other sleeping butterfly holding is also available.
  • Question: Are butterfly locs a protective style? 
  • Answer: Yes, Butterfly locs are protective because this is a hairstyle that comes from synthetic or unreal hairs. 

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