Hairstyles for African American Ladies

Modern Hairstyles for African American Birthday Ladies

A birthday is a special event irrespective of caste creed and color. Parallelly, the birthday hairstyles are similarly important to the birthday ladies of all ethnicity. But choosing the right hairstyle for the birthday girl is not an easy job. Different girls have different tastes and preferences. So, while selecting a hairstyle for the birthday girl, we have to choose the best one from the category she loves most. That’s why we have decided to make an elaborated discussion on hairstyles for black birthday girls today.

If you are going to be a birthday girl soon and searching for a great and mind-blowing hairstyle to wear at the birthday party, you are welcome to this article. This article is written for your convenience. Here you will get the best African American birthday girl hairstyles of different categories in the form of images. So let’s start the discussion.

1. Blonde Bob

Bob hairstyles are popular on birthday parties as a hairstyle. The African American black women love to wear special kind of bob hairstyles during different occasions like birthday parties. In your birthday, you can wear awesome blonde bob cut hairstyles. These bob hairstyles are lovely in look and glamorous in effect.  With this hairstyle, you will be able o enchant the whole crowd for the whole time of the party.

2. Box Braids

Box braids are sometimes called as poetic justice braids. These royal braids create a poetic effect on your hairstyles. The box braids are flexible, available, affordable and gorgeous. You can make any kind of hairstyle with the royal box braids. In birthday parties, your box braided hairstyle will make others fall in love with you and your hairstyle. If you want to create a perpetual enchantment in your hairstyle, you have this awesome option left.

3. Mohawk for Birthday

Mohawk is an ultra-modern hairstyle especially worn by the young women to look wild and crazy. More and more youngsters, models and athletes are being seen to use the Mohawk hairstyles with different types of braids, straight hair, and curls. Moreover, in wedding, birthday parties and different social gatherings, the Mohawk is being used with great passion. These glamorous hairstyles will be a wise choice for you as your birthday hairstyle too. See the images below to realize, how lovely, the Mohawk hairstyles can make you during your birthday event.

4. Pin Curl Updo

Pin curl updo hairstyles are developed and designed mainly for the wedding. Besides being wedding hairstyles, these curly updo hairstyles are being used in a wide range in the day to day life and on different occasions. Pin curl updo is basically an updo hairstyle which is made with the pin curls. These curls make an unavoidable beauty an effect on your hairstyle and appearance. Everyone in your birthday party will just keep looking at you if you use this super sexy hairstyle. You can pick one the pin curl updo from the images below.

5. Bob with Bangs

Here is another bob hairstyle. These bob hairstyles include the bangs or fringes on the forehead to create some marvelous effect on your hairstyle. During your birthday, you will want to be attractive and glamorous. The bob hairstyles with bangs will give you that opportunity. The bangs, as well as the bob hairstyles, will make you look like a heavenly angel to the guests of the birthday party.

6. Cornrows

Wherever you are, whatever hairstyle you do, you can not ignore the classic cornrows hairstyles. Cornrows are called classic and up to date hairstyle at the same time. It is royal, gorgeous and glamorous at the same time. And most importantly, these hairstyles are mainly designed and developed for the African American black people. So, for your birthday you can choose these cornrows hairstyles without any hesitation. Trust me, everyone in the party will just be enchanted after seeing your lovely cornrows hairstyles.

7. Faux Locks

Faux locks is a recent invention of the hairstyles industry of the African American black people. These locks are made with synthetic elements and affordable in price. These locks are smooth and dazzling in nature. Nowadays, these locks are used in a wide range like a wedding, birthday party, modeling, etc. You can also use these locks as your birthday hairstyle. Additionally, you are allowed to use lovely beads with the faux locks. And as a whole, the beaded faux locks hairstyles will give you a princess looking appearance and charm on your birthday occasion.

8. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks simply rock. These locks are perfect for everything. From wedding to birthday, you can use the dreadlocks without any hesitation. Moreover, the dreadlocks are used casually too. But, there is some basic difference between the dreadlocks hairstyles of normal use and social occasion. If you look at the images, you can easily understand the difference. With dreadlocks lovely, glorious and glamorous hairstyles are possible to be made for different types of social gathering, parties and get together. Now, pick one form the below images and get your favorite dreadlocks hairstyle done.

9. More Birthday hairstyles for Black Girls

Here some more hairstyles for you to make use at your birthday party. These hairstyles are also popular and most used by the African American black omen for their birthdays and for different social occasions.

Now, it’s your turn. Pick the best hairstyles from the images presented above and ask your hairstylist to get that done for you. Remember, a birthday is important to you so you have to be careful while selecting hairstyles. We advise you to choose one in accordance with your face shape, eye color, and other preference.

And do not forget to let us know about your feedback, suggestion, recommendation, and experience.  The comment box below is all yours. Put your valuable opinion in it and directly send it to us. Your feedback inspires us to write something new and interesting for you. Stay beautiful, keep beautiful. Thank you.

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