31 Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Protective hairstyles are used largely by the African American women every day like the cornrows, the crochet braids, the box braids, etc. But in the new era, you must have to try the best and trendy protective hairstyle. Yes, it is a box braiding hairstyle but with a different nature and appeal. It’s the Jumbo box braids. This elegant braiding hairstyle is characterized by copious braids and a projecting parting design. Jumbo braids are popular during warmer months and to the women who don’t have that time to spend much on styling their hair daily. This is quick, easy, and less time-consuming. And, the fun part is that with just a little bit of practice, you yourself can style your hair with the gorgeous jumbo box braids.

Box Braids are designed for the ladies with a strong wish to be smarter, more confident and who wants to add some life to her look and appearance. Life is full of variety and real beauty is concealed under variation. So, you if are tired of your casual and boring hairstyle, you can try something new and astounding. Jumbo box braids can be a great choice for you to avoid monotony in your regular hairstyle. In this article, we are going to present the most beautiful 21 jumbo braids hairstyles which can change your complete appearance and give you extra joy to chill out. SO let’s start.

What Will You Need to Braid?

Before you start styling your hair with Jumbo braids, you must gather these elements as tools and requirements.

01. Boiling water 02. Hair Elastics.
03. Lighter. 04. Sectioning clips.
05. Edge wax. 06. Rattail comb.
07. Sectioning clips. 08. Wide-toothed comb.

How to Braid?

You will get a lot of blogs, YouTube videos, and instructions on the internet on the topic ‘How to make jumbo box braids by yourselves’. But to remind you of the whole process, here’s what we have got for you.

  • A day before, do a hot oil treatment, wash, and condition your hair.
  • Remove all the knots and tangles from your hair with a wide-toothed
  • Section away all the hair at the top of your head, leaving loose the hair from about 3 inches above the nape of your neck.
  • With the tail end of your rat tail comb, create a square-shaped parting about 3” x 3” in size.
  • Smoothen down the edges of the parting with edge wax and tie the hair tightly with a hair elastic.
  • Repeat steps 4 and 5 to divide all your hair and form the foundation of your jumbo braids.
  • Pick up a thick weft of hair extensions and fold it in half to form an upside-down U.
  • Place either side of the U on either side of one section of your natural hair.
  • Re-divide the hair extensions into 3 sections and add you’re natural hair into one of the sections.
  • Braid with these 3 sections right till the end and secure it by burning the ends with a lighter for about 3-5 seconds.
  • Repeat points 7 to 10 on all the sections of hair to create your jumbo braids.
  • Dunk the ends of all your braids in a mug of boiling water to fuse them and secure them completely.

These are the basic process practiced all over the world according to the internet, hairstyle blogs, YouTube, and hairstylists. With these processes, you can get the most perfect jumbo braids with the most trending pattern and texture.

Now, we want to show you some best ways you can style jumbo box braids. Keep scrolling to know more about the styles.

01. Jumbo Box Braids with a Topknot

Let’s start with the lovely jumbo braids with a big topknot. It has mainly two parts; the side braids let free by the two sides of the head and the giant topknot on the top of the head. Wear it for adding some extra life to your look.

Jubmo braids with topknot
Image Source: Pinterest

02. Standard Ginat Box Braids

Here’s another one for the simplicity. It is standard and fits everywhere. The difference is the cornrows inspired design on the top of the head. And the combination looks hot and sexy.

Random beaded Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

03. Random Beaded Box Braids

Now, the next one is a little more modified and polished.  These jumbo braids are presented almost the same way as the previous one. But the beads! Yes, the lovely golden beads have made this hairstyle more perfect and gorgeous.

Random beaded Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

04. Triangle Parted Box Braids

I don’t know whether you like geometry or not, but I am sure you will like this triangle on your head. The jumbo braids are divided into the shape of a triangle. So far I know, this one is one of the most popular hairstyles to the African American beauty conscious ladies.


05. Poetic Justice Braids

Design your hair like the poetic beauty with justice braids. Your long thick jumbo braids will take away the breath of others at first glance. Poetic justice braids are easy to wear and gorgeous to look at.

Poetic Justice braids
Image Source: Pinterest

06. Inspirational Box Braids

Now, look at the girl in the picture, she has worn a very super cool hairstyle. These inspirational braids can give you heavenly beauty and a stunning look. So, if you want to look hot try it now.

Inspirational Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

07. Short jumbo braids

However, the jumbo braids are available in a short version too. As always, the variation is beauty and beauty is variable. These short braids can make you more different. Use some beautiful beads and be ready to make your surrounding charmed.

Short jumbo braids
Image Source: Pinterest

08. Jumbo into a High Bun

Jumbo Braids are not always to look like braids. They can be shaped otherwise. A bun? Yes, Jumbo braids can make a giant high bun on the top of your head. See the picture, you will be able to realize this. This braided bun can bring eternal beauty to your hair and body.

Box Braids into a High Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

09. Super Stylish Box Braids

There is nothing new in this hairstyle but it is a combination of cornrows and jumbo braids which are called box braids otherwise. This hairstyle is super stylish and worthy of any season and place.

Super stylish boxbraids
Image Source: Pinterest

10. Beautiful Box Braids and Beaded Bun

This is the side knot style with the jumbo braids. The beautiful braids are divided into four parts; two parts are let free by the two sides of the head and the other parts are designed as knots and placed on the two sides of the top of the head. And the whole of it is decorated with the golden beads.

Beautiful Boxbraids with beaded Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

11. Jumbo Yarn Twists

Can you compare this one with the previous one? I think you can. The whole design matches with each other but the elements are a little bit different. These twists are made with the yarn and called Jumbo Yarn Twists. The bead is also present here like the previous one.

Jumbo yarn twists
Image Source: Pinterest

12. Super Cool Giant Braids

It’s time to put some colors on your braids. The colorful braids introduce the inner you with the others. The glittering beads reflect the beauty of inner you. And the total combination implies heavenly beauty to the others.

Super Cool gainr braids
Image Source: Pinterest

13. Box Braids; Sunglasses – Cachet More

In this stage, we are going to be dependent on some accessories like sunglasses.  The braids are as always beautiful and sexy. They are tied like ponytails and spread around the head. And the sunglasses on your eye add some extraordinary effect on your appearance.

Jumbo Braids ; Sunglasses - Cache't More
Image Source: Pinterest

14. Boom Box Braids

Boom! Scared?  You don’t need to be.  But certainly, your surrounding will be astounded to see this Boom Box Braids. The colorful braids are piled up like a bun on the top of the head and the leftovers of the braids are let free to hang in the back. Boom!

Boom Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

15. Blond Jumbo Box Braids

If we can use different colored jumbo braids, what about the white? Who doesn’t like the braids to be blonde? The white braids on the ebony body of the African American people will dazzle like pearls on the beach.

Blonde Box Braids

16. Jumbo Box Braids Large

Normally the jumbo box braids are large in shape, but this one is extra-large. Moreover, they are colored golden. To make you shine, you have no other option rather wear these wonderful braids.

Golden Giant Box Braids

17. Giant Red Box Braids

Now, you can see that color is really an important fact about hairstyles. The same hairstyle looks different and the level of attractiveness also changes with the color range. A sexy bred colored jumbo box braids with sunglasses can make you different than the others.

Cute and Sexy
Image Source: Pinterest

18. Cute and Sexy

The color is the same but the style is different. Here the red colored jumbo box braids are shaped like a big beautiful bun. Do it now and start looking sexy and cute.

Cute and Sexy
Image Source: Pinterest

19. Jumbo Rope Twists

I think I should not make a single comment about the beauty of this hairstyle. Because this hairstyle is really fun.  Now you are the one to make decisions.

Jumbo rope twists
Image Source: Pinterest

20. Thick Braided Bob Hairstyles

Hello bob lovers, I know you are upset till now, but I promise you do not need to be any longer. You can wear a bob shaped jumbo braids and look beautiful too.

 Box braid bob
Image Source: Pinterest

21. Decorated Jumbo Braids

The last one Is really really simple but gorgeous in effect. The white hair guarder and the lovely giant box braids have turned this impossible into possible.

Decorated Jumbo Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

 22. Blonde, Long, and Spiky Jumbo Braids

Going somewhere like parties, gatherings, or tours? You must need an attractive and glamorous hairstyle to beautify you. In this situation, you have a golden option to manipulate. You can use a golden long jumbo box braid with the spiky edges.

23. Red Accented Jumbo Box Braids with Beads and Cornrows

With the nature and style of occasions and seasons, your jumbo braids will be different. When you are at a party or wedding, you need to take special care of your hair and hairstyle. In this case, you may have a headache of choosing the right hairstyle. But what else can give you such glamour and attractiveness except for this red-accented jumbo box braided beads and cornrows?

24. Criss Cross Accented Jumbo Braids

Criss Cross Accented Jumbo Box Braids are very much popular among the young African American women. In this hairstyle, you will need the jumbo box braids and some Criss cross-hair guarder and metal beads. That’s all, and now you are all set.

25. Floral Bun with The Giant Jumbo Braids

Now, this one is a little bit different and gorgeous. Most of the time, the jumbo braids are used with the conventional forms of hairstyles. But here, the braids are colored blonde in the edges and the edges are mobilized beautifully to make a floral look in the backside of the head. How sexy and cute this is!

26. Criss Cross Hair Guarders, Beads, Red Highlights

Want to add a touch of glamour to your plain jet-black jumbo braids? Try to play around with some colorful thread to accent them. To get this royal touch, accent some of your braids with gold and copper threads wrapped in a zigzag pattern around them.

27. Jumbo Box Braided Giant Topknot

We are now going to introduce you to the most popular form of hairstyle made by the jumbo braiding hairstyles. And that’s the topknot hairstyle with these lovely braids. You can select any of the hairstyles from the below as a topknot hairstyle with the Jumbo braids. The Topknot can be pink, natural colored or the whole hairstyle can be full blonde. You choose the best fit for you.

28. Bob, Knot, and Beads

Bob is a modern hairstyle mostly used by African American women. And I know, you have tried different types of braids to make beautiful bob hairstyles. Hereby, I will suggest you make a bob hairstyle with the Jumbo braids. Additionally, a topknot with the bob braids will make you look like a living princess.

29. Jumbo Braids Ponytail

Ponytail hairstyle is a great relief when you are passing the hot summer season and working out. To keep the braids off your face, you can try the jumbo braided ponytail hairstyle. This will let you enjoy a hassle-free environment during the work session. Additionally, you will get a sharp and sexy look at the others.

30. Bob and Jumbo Braids

Well, this one is almost like the number 7 bob hairstyle with topknot with the sexy jumbo box braids. Here, we will exclude the topknot only. And believe me, anyone will fall in love with your cute hairstyle after seeing this hairdo.

31. Some Other Categories of Jumbo Box Braids

For the variety of choice and providing a wide range of options, we have arranged some other jumbo box braids hairstyles which are also used widely by the African American people across the world you can try these styles too as per your choice and demand.

Finally, we expect something from you too. How were this article and the hairstyles we have provided? Do you like them? Or do you have any suggestions? Write to us in the comments box. We will be glad to hear from you. Moreover, you can follow us on social media to get updated. So, you have enjoyed the finest box braids hairstyles in our above discussion and display. Moreover, we have displayed you a bunch of giant braids hairstyle which is dominating the present hairstyle industry of the African American black women. For more information, please follow us on Facebook and stay tuned.

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