Complete Guide to Micro Braids Hairstyles with Human Hair in 2020

Micro Braids have been a very popular hairstyle since 1980. Gradually, people are experimenting with different styles, accessories, and colors to modify old hairstyles. The style and fashion of micro braids have changed a lot. People are doing new styles along with old styles. You can do different hairstyles with micro braids like buns, ponytail, curl the edges, and many more. Today, we will learn every detail about micro braids and how to do different styles with them.

Micro braids are small and tight braided braids. As these braids last for a long time, you have the opportunity to do many hairstyles with them. You can wear them as they are. You can style them into buns. You can make a ponytail. You can straighten or curl the edges.

Micro Braids
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Best Hair for Micro Braids

You can use both human or synthetic hair for braids. It is your choice. Some stylish love human hair as it gives a natural finish. Some stylish choose synthetic hair because it makes it easy to hold when you braid the hair.

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Natural human hair is best for micro braids. 100% of human hairs do the best micro braids. Nowadays, there are lots of brands that claim to be real but they are not. So, you have to be careful before shopping for human hair. Go through labels of the packaging, reviews, and try to buy top-rated products.

What is The Best Human Hair for Micro Braids?

A good choice of hair is very important for styling micro braids. European human hair goes well with braids. You will have to do the research that you are using the right hair for your hairstyle.

European human hair is very smooth, shiny, and silky. It looks good with almost every braiding style. European human hair is a little bit costly, that is why people don’t usually use it for braiding hair. But, if you can afford it will give you the nicest look and finest finish.

Russian human hair is another acceptable quality human hair that you can rely on. This hair is collected and treated in the utmost consideration. That is why it is turning out to be increasingly more famous that can be the ideal human hair for most stylish braids.

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You can choose any other human hair of your choice. There are many options in the market. You just have to keep in mind that, you cannot compromise with your hairstyle. Don’t go for any cheap products, that will never give you your desire look. If you want to look good with your braids, you have to spend a little more.

How to Do Micro Braids?

Doing micro braids may take a long time as you will have to create tiny braids, but it is an easy process. It can take several hours. So, it is better to have 5-6 hours of free time in hand before you start braiding. You can do it by yourself or can take the help of others. By following some easy steps you can do your braids.

You will be needed-

  • 6-10 packs of natural human hair or synthetic hair.
  • Rattail comb.
  • Hair gel or cream.
  • Water spray.
  • Clips.
  • Strings, beads, or other accessories ( if you want).
  1. Use a comb to section your hair. Hold 1/4 hair and clip the rest of the hair and secure it.
  2. Hold a tiny portion of hair and start braiding. Don’t make it too tight, otherwise it may hurt your scalp.
  3. Use hair gel to make the braids perfect and clean.
  4. Continue braiding until you reach your desired end.
  5. Tie the ends with a small strand of hair.
  6. Repeat the process to braid the rest of the hair.

How Much Micro Braids Cost?

Different parlors may ask different amounts of money for braids. The cost will depend on hair thickness, length, and quality. If you use hair extensions then this will be also added on the total cost. Micro braids services may start at $180 and can go upwards to $400.

How Long Micro Braids Should be Kept?

Try to keep braids no longer than two months. It is the ideal amount of time to keep your hair in braids. If you keep it for a long time your scalp would not get time to breathe. Your hair will become fragile and brittle.

Are Micro Braids Good for Natural Hair?

Micro braids are undoubtedly very tiny but these are not should be too small. It can cause damage to your hair for having small braids. It is not harmful to natural hair, you just have to take good take care of them.

What Should be Done before Having Braids?

Before having braids you will have to prepare your hair. Have a hot oil treatment to moisturize your hair. It will repair the damaged hair. Use deep conditioner several times and trim all the dead ends. Clean your hair with shampoo thoroughly before having braids.

Breathtaking Top 40 Micro Braids Hairstyle


  • Beautiful Beyonce

This hairstyle is done very beautifully. Beyonce is looking like a goddess with half-done braids with laired blonde hair.  Flowers has added a cool summer look.

  • Twisted Braids


Another Beyonce look! It is a bold and classy hair look. At first, it seems a little bit complicated but it is not. You have to do half cornrow micro braids, then make a ponytail. Finally, make a braid out of a ponytail. See, not so hard!

  • Short Bob Style

You can style your braids also in a short bob style. Make one side upward half cornrow. Add some string on your braids to make it more eye-catchy.

  • Half Braid Curl
Source: Pinterest

This is one of the favorite looks. You can braid your hairs half then simply curl the edges. This looks messy yet gorgeous.

  • Half Cornrow with Golden Extensions
Source: Pinterest

Half cornrow and golden extensions with long braids is an amazing choice of style if you don’t wanna go all black.

  • It’s Blues
Source: Pinterest

Wanna try some colors? Why not? You can use colorful hair extensions to create mini braids. Blue can be a good choice for any day!

  • Red and Rings
Source: Pinterest

There are so many options for hair accessories. You can choose strings and rings. A glimpse of red has made them look unique.

  • Short Layered Bob
Source: Pinterest

It’s not necessary to do all medium or long hairstyles. You can go too short if you want. Short layered bob looks nice with black and golden extensions.

  • Side Shaved White Hair
Source: Pinterest

A fierce and bold look. If you want to try something different and wild, try this out. Side shaved, with half micro braids, and wavy curls, it’s nothing but magnificent.

  • Braids and Long Messy Curls
Source: Pinterest

You can do this style without extensions if you have naturally long hair. It takes less time as you don’t have to braid whole hair. This girly look goes nice with any house party.

  • Blonde Barbie
Source: Pinterest

I know some of you love blonde hair so much. Style your blonde mini braids just like the picture, you will look like a blonde barbie.

  • Two Buns
Source: Pinterest

You can also do buns with your braids. These two buns are beautifully done with half cornrow micro braids.

  • Black and White Giant Braid
Source: Pinterest

This look is just another level of fashion. Braids are nicely done with white shiny synthetic hairs. It is very hard to look away from this half-giant braid.

  • One Side Short Bob
Source: Pinterest

Style your braided bob in many ways. Set them like bangs on one side. Use colorful extensions.

  • Hint of Blue
Source: Pinterest

This is a very subtle blue color. If you want something colorful but don’t want to go too vibrant then you can try this out.

  • It’s All Yellow
Source: Pinterest

Yellow is the color of happiness. And what could be happier than having an awesome hairstyle? A perfect look for your summer and spring.

  • Layered Braids
Source: Pinterest

This look is even so good to even look at. It may take you 6-7 hours to do. But, it will be worth it.

  • Long Black Braids
Source: Pinterest

A very classic look. If you don’t want to try colors or different styles, then this is perfect for you.

  • One Big Bun
Source: Pinterest

Try out a different style of buns with your micro braids. This look is perfect for festivals.

  • Twisted Bun with Side Trim
Source: Pinterest

Check this cool twisted bun out. Side trimming has made this look extraordinary.

  • Red Twisted Ponytail
Source: Pinterest

You can do so much with your micro braids. How about this red braids twisted in a ponytail?

  • Black Blonde Ombre

    Source: Pinterest

Ombre is a very classy hair look. You can do ombre with any colors. This black blonde ombre is safe to play with.

  • High Ponytail
Source: Pinterest

Do your ponytail with big bands or scrunchies. Don’t forget to set your baby hair with gel.

  • Black Purple Blonde Ombre
Source: Pinterest

Already told you that you can do so many styles with ombre. this is another ombre style. This look is done with black, purple, and ombre hair.

  • Braids with Loose Ends

    Source: Pinterest

It is so simple and easy to do look. Do your micro braids like usual and loosen the ends.

  • Ultimate Messy Bun with Colorful Bands
Source: Pinterest

This a carefully careless look! Colorful thread and rubber bands helped to stand it out.

  • Electric Blue
Source: Pinterest

Another blue braided hairstyle but it’s more vibrant. This is colorful enough to take the breath away.

  • Ball Bun

    Source: Pinterest

Can you get enough buns? I don’t! I always prefer buns on a sunny day. So, I always need a different style of buns. This ball bun is simply marvelous.

  • Red Hot Bun

    Source: Pinterest

A red hot bun in a hot summer day is an ideal look. This look goes with any day or night festival.

  • Micro Braids with Slightly Curls

    Source: Pinterest

With slightly curls with a shiny finish, this is a very soft and natural look.

  • Maggie Curls

    Source: Pinterest

Style your braids with bushy maggie curls. You can also tie some of the hair highs.

  • Black-Blue Rock Buns
Source: Pinterest

This is my other favorite style. It is not just two usual buns, loosen the hair in the edge, cool sunglass gives the ultimate swag look.

  • Patterned Cornrow Ponytail
Source: Pinterest

This could be a simple braids’ ponytail but the patterned cornrow has made this elegant and glamorous.

  • Colorful Braids

    Source: Pinterest

Don’t want to braid whole hairs still want a beautiful look? Check this one out. Few hairs from one side are braided. Then make a braid with them. Secure it with hair bands and clips.

  • Long Copper Braids
Source: Pinterest

Copper color hair always compliments the skin tone of African American women. This look will suit any African American women.

  • Half High Bun
Source: Pinterest

Do half-bun top of your head with blonde braids. This suits any age.

  • Mystic Ponytail

    Source: Pinterest

A subtle ponytail with nice braids. Set baby hair on the forehead to have an innocent look.

  • Rolling Curls

    Source: Pinterest

Try out different types of curls with braids’ edges. Rolling curls can be one of your choices.

  • Rainbow Micro Braids
Source: Pinterest

This last one is so pretty. Bring out all the colors of your heart and show them with your hairstyle.

How to Take Care of Micro Braids?

Taking care of braids is very important. When you braid your hairs your scalp hardly can breathe. So, it needs more love and care at that time. Oiling the scalp is very important. After moisturizing your scalp with a spritz, oil your scalp. Do this a few times a week. It keeps the root healthy and hairs do not fall easily. You can also use aloe vera gel.

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Always make sure that your braids are not too tight. It will cause a headache and hair loss. Use a good shampoo to wash your braids and condition your braids regularly. Wait for four weeks to wash your braids for the first time, then do it once in a week. Always remember to spray a light leave-in conditioner. Apply braid spray or oil to keep braids moisturized.

Never sleep with wet braids. It will cause mildew-smell on hair and breakage. Cover your head with satin or silk scarf. It will keep your braids neat.

How to Remove Micro Braids?

It may take a long time to create micro braids, but you can easily remove braids within a very short time. First, cut the braids, but be careful, don’t cut your natural hair. After removing the extensions, apply braid removal cream or spray on your hair. It is very necessary for removing braids. It makes it easy to remove the braids and keeps the hair from tangling.

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